Re: ‘We found something!’

The apostate system appears to imply, still on a non-credible counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, that their ‘surveillance’ has found an item of concern. In My private life. As they violate My rights. Their apparent cause: literally My listening to, but deliberately not making symbolic reference of, a literal piece of ‘m█sic’.

Apparently they’re concerned that by doing that, I’m somehow non-overtly organizing something untoward. It’s not clear quite how that would supposedly work. To organize something, a person would need to use symbolism on a non-overt basis with others in an effort to arrange matters.

They’re apparently seeking My clarification about it. So that I can detail My personal motivations for doing something in My private life, and facilitate an outrageous and objectionable violation of My privacy rights. This is getting increasingly “absurd”, and certainly beyond the scope of their original inquiry.

I will strive to keep a number of unwholesome responses in reserve here. As it happens, My behavior is completely ‘aboveboard’. So despite My objections and protests, I’ll again opt to provide clarity for them at My own personal expense.

I’ve mentioned that I’d found the manifest position of the telepaths and propheciers unworthy, due to their counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. I then started these communiqués, and then noticed a whole other layer or layers of non-overt, counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature symbolism that others were using. My Choice was to immediately and summarily deprecate the use of those symbols, and even the symbolism of My “house” which happened to inadvertently reference them. Including ‘m█sic’, due to the propensity for misinterpretation of intent by others. Keeping a clear and distinct position required that, despite the great reliance of My “house” on it. Making clear the Choice for Divine Will is more important than convenience, and if a ‘restructuring’ was necessary in order to do that, then that’s the correct prioritization. As it happened, this merely encouraged the transition to a vastly more overt basis, which seems to Me precisely what’s needed.

Despite the deprecation however, I still tend to think in those terms out of literal habit and familiarity. When I’m sorting out a situation and literally emotionally processing something, I think in terms of mental associations formed, and it helps to have something beyond My own thoughts that I can consider, assess the situation with, and evaluate. They’re unworthy to use in communication as symbols to others, because they’re likely to give the wrong idea. Even literally when we’d still use them as symbols, good practice was to rewatch or relisten to something in order to determine whether it was consistent with our standards before referencing it to others. The deprecation of symbols now makes plain to us that they’re unworthy for use on a non-overt basis; however, we still tend to think in terms of familiar patterns and habits. That’s just basic human nature.

The ‘surveillance’ thing has been a lot to process, both mentally and ‘emotionally’. It’s such a disappointment to encounter a manifest situation in which they reject Divine Will and their own True Nature so much that they’re willing to encroach against the Divinely-conferred rights of someone in a position of authority that manifestly so vastly outranks them. So yes, I’ve been processing it. And doing so using familiar patterns. And doing so on what should be a private basis, making sure not to reference inappropriate symbolism to others. Processing the situation is necessary in order to decide how best to respond to it, and to remain constructive. That’s just healthy.

It would probably help to make it plain that if I were seeking to organize something with the telepaths and propheciers themselves for example, I wouldn’t even need to make a symbolic reference to them. They’d pick it up directly, and only they and I would presumably know about it. But as stated, their manifest Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis precludes that. That’s a lot of why I started these communiqués, and establishing official communication with others in the non-overt “neighborhood”.

This manifest situation is becoming increasingly “absurd” and unworthy. We manifestly have an apostate system functioning knowingly, Willfully and avoidably on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. In gathering manifest evidence about it, I notice investments in efforts to perform ‘surveillance’ upon My person, which transgresses against both Divine Will and their own True Nature as well as My rights. And now we find implied allegations supposedly requiring explanation on My part for doing ordinary things which don’t [or shouldn’t] involve others. How nice. As the saying goes, ‘Gosh!  I didn’t get you anything.’

Meanwhile, we’re supposed to trust a group demonstrably performing on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis to come to accurate conclusions about My practices, while disregarding the manifest atrocities of theirs. As if even in a worst-case scenario Mine could ever compare to those in unconscionability. As I’d said here before many times, ‘This situation is Mine to lose’.

A counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is unworthy to be ‘heard’, but it’s going to somehow presume to judge a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis. While violating Divinely-conferred rights in the process. If it doesn’t manifestly acknowledge the disparity of Divine Will-derived authority already, why would it as a result of this?

And if this investigation is manifestly done with what passes for integrity despite the rights violations [as I’ve acknowledged, they’ve manifestly been pretty consistently truthful about it so far, though that’s not guaranteed by a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and is likely to be more of a mere practical consideration on their part], ‘What do I win’ when their implied concerns are proven unfounded? Do they finally acknowledge their manifest default on claims to authority, and yield to My Divine Will-derived authority?

For a bonus, I’ll even provide them with the mental associations I was forming regarding the item of apparent concern: ‘Everybody’s talking about our relationship, inferring that I don’t have a sincere, Divine Will-aligned position. This is an unearned abuse, and an outrage.  What manifest arrogance they demonstrate; how dare they.  They just don’t seem to get it, or seem to appreciate why someone would Choose that. Whatever. They’re manifestly not on the same qualitative basis; their Chosen basis is unworthy. Their unworthy basis, and their Choices based on it, are going to cause them to lose this whole thing.’

I trust it’s clear when I put the concept into an overt format.

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