Re: Amicability

For starters, I’d like to compliment the apostate system on their recent shift to a noticeably more amicable ‘tone’. On a non-overt basis, though still a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, they’ve manifestly been emphasizing how much we could achieve together, how both I and they ‘know the score’, and that they’re not really all that bad. These are things I’ve been aware of, and make an effort to remind Myself of frequently, but it’s always refreshing to hear it.

What’s manifestly objectionable is to have personnel figuratively sidling up to Me, gushing about friendship and oozing amicability in an effort to “drain My life essence” because they manifestly continue to Choose to invest themselves in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. I won’t have that from the telepaths and propheciers, insisting on the Divine Will and True Nature -aligned and -affirming criteria I’d stipulated to them at the onset, and neither will I have that from manifest quasi-organizations they’ve been using as franchises on that basis.

The only genuine ‘unity’ comes from a basis that’s in alignment with Divine Will and True Nature, and something that sacred is also something is also vital and quintessential. I must continue to insist upon it, for there’s literally no sincere reason for its manifest absence. We definitely can and should achieve much together, but on a basis of rights, fairness, justice, sincerity, benevolence, Divine Will and our True Natures. Attempting to substitute for that a basis which is mutually-exclusive with it, and copious amounts of ‘glad-handing’, when I so greatly desire ‘Us’, a genuine ‘unity’ on a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis, is manifestly unconscionable. So doing is not indicative of the apostates’ True Nature, but then they manifestly haven’t been Choosing to live in alignment with it. That’s essentially the manifest problem.

The current literal ‘State of the Union address’ exemplifies the apostates’ manifest strategy well, both overtly and non-. It appears the apostate system manifestly continues in its efforts to persuade Me to abandon My insistence on a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned and -affirming basis; to seek to proffer its “dre█mstuff” to Me, as anything manifestly presented on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis invariably is, with the usual success of course. They don’t appear to have made constructive use of the literal time I’ve given them to make corrections and amends, any more than Rome has manifestly done with regard to the objections of the Protestants. Rome manifestly continues to proffer its ‘Indulgences’, and the apostate system manifestly continues to Choose a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. I’m left to infer that in both situations the apostate system has manifestly had plenty of opportunity to amend, correct and restore those affected; it’s thus far demonstrated its manifest refusal. Message received.

We absolutely can and should accomplish much together. Both I and the apostate system ‘know the score’. And their True Nature is Divinely-given and overwhelmingly radiant. So there’s absolutely no reason for them not to abandon their “absurd” manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position. That, and the manifest onus they’ve accrued as the result of their investments in that position, is to My recollection the only manifest incompatibility. The Choice has been theirs to make; as the address urged Me to do, ‘Choose greatness.’ In Choosing Divine Will and True Nature I certainly have, and so can they.

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