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On a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis the telepaths and propheciers have used various symbols and callsigns only they and I would know to imply, non-credibly, the following: ‘Now you’ve done it, Satori. Now you’ve said too much about us, to the wrong people, and we’re downgrading you for it.’


That isn’t their True Nature, of course, nor their sincere position on the matter as a direct result. While they manifestly continue to Choose a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, *they* are for all intents and purposes ‘the wrong people’, along with ‘their’ various bogus franchises like Rome, Babylon, et al..

Such an implied determination lacks validity, and even a manifestly-superior Divine Will-aligned authority to determine it. They’re still manifestly on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis [either directly, by condoning franchises on such a basis, or both] and I’m rather confident that I didn’t authorize that supposed determination.

It would of course be easy for Me to speculate that, ultimately, all ‘penalties’ are counter to our True Nature, and as such in their actual, Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned capacity, their assemblage truly has no penalties for that reason. For the manifest now however, they remain invested in a counter-True Nature basis and ‘their’ bogus franchises like Rome and Babylon are penalties for the refusal to uphold Divine Will and True Nature. As a manifest resultant of first they, and then the People, not upholding Divine Will and True Nature the only alternative seems to be systems like Rome, Babylon, or something very much like them. Manifestly, their system appears to be effectively all penalties at this juncture.

Even to Me, throughout My ‘training’. They appear to have provided accurate information regarding Divine Will principles [or perhaps more accurately, they provided scenarios designed to enable Me to deduce Divine Will principles by careful reasoning and evaluation], but in manifestly being so horrid and rights-violating all along they certainly weren’t demonstrating their True Nature. All along.

They did seem to provide better-quality near-demonstrations of their True Nature on literal ‘holidays’ [sometimes even civic holidays], something that I’ve noticed the Roman and Babylonian systems appear to have inherited from them. I’d immediately asked them why they seemed to infer that some times were ‘more sacred’ than others, without an intelligible reply. It’s likely that My query was outside the scope of their metaphor; on occasions in which our manifest Choices are more in alignment with Divine Will and our Divinely-conferred True Nature, our behavior is obviously going to be vastly more worthy. I think My inquiry to them remains if anything more relevant than ever, for if we evaluate carefully, ‘vastly more worthy than what?’, it’s obvious we mean ‘those manifest scenarios when we’re not so Divine Will-aligned’. But of course, there was never any genuine reason to sincerely Choose not to be, so the premise of this manifestly-misaligned realm falls to bits for reason of a definite lack of credibility. The reviews for this manifest realm, and the manifestly counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis of the telepaths and propheciers et al., will presumably read, ‘A definite must-avoid.’ until they revise and correct the thing.

Meanwhile, here I am still Choosing to align with, uphold and affirm Divine Will and the True Nature conferred by it. Still literally waiting for them to uphold and affirm Divine Will and their own True Nature, while Divinely-conferred rights and quality of life continued to be manifestly violated and detrimented as the results of their “absurd” disinclination to do so just yet. Not exactly the value-added experience that we should quite naturally expect from their benevolent and Divinely-conferred True Nature.

Perhaps it’s simply My comparative inexperience, but it doesn’t seem to do humanity much good to have an assemblage of telepaths and propheciers to ‘teach’ it to uphold Divine Will and its own True Nature while the telepaths and propheciers refuse to do so for their own part. [I’d generally ask, but as they manifestly remain on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis the matter must presumably remain rhetorical. And even if it were credible, I wouldn’t want it on a basis that precludes their True Nature regardless. As I’d said, I miss ‘Us’.]

In man’s overt system of laws, the decree of the sovereign is considered to make the law. More truly, alignment with Divine Will confers a sort of derivative sovereignty under that Divine Will, in which one is able to more effectively interpret these principles and concepts of fairness into applicable precepts of man’s law. But I suppose that’s what ‘common law’ is all about. And via Rome and Babylon, the telepaths and propheciers have manifestly been removing it from humanity on a systematic basis, only to promote these concepts through someone like Myself. Vaguely interesting from a prosecutorial vantage, but then nothing on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is particularly interesting.

More of that manifestly 'value-added experience', I suppose.

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