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The nature of Rome and Babylon's implied concerns is somewhat clearer.  'Do you or your "house" practice subversion, infiltration etc. of our efforts by adopting counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature symbolism and striving to present as our personnel?'  Presented itself on a counter-Divine Will basis, however I'll certainly provide that information.

I and Mine necessarily must Choose a position of aligning with, upholding and affirming Divine Will, and True Nature as best we're able.  The methodology the apostate system appears to have suggested is distinctly counter to what I and My "house" seek to manifest, and is even precluded by our standards.  Individuals and groups of them practicing such a methodology are by definition manifestly dissociate, and recognized as such by My personnel.  They are however often in need of better information as to why such methods are precluded, and this is something with which we frequently attempt to provide them.

Such a basis would make our manifest position little better than that of any component of the apostates' system.  It would also find us manifestly in direct, abject conflict with our core values of Divine Will and True Nature.

Refreshingly, there's also no need for it.  When a thing is spurious ab initio, maintaining a legitimate, benevolent and sincere basis, and distinctly so, is of course the superior method of displacing it.

The apostate 'Jesuit' franchise have manifestly provided a long-term demonstration as to why the other method is lacking.  For the benefit of readers less familiar with the situation, they [often by 'their' Freemasonic franchise] non-overtly encouraged the People to adopt first a non-overt method of resistance to Rome, and then very gradually a non-overt position fraught with counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position.  The position of those who did so became increasingly lacking in assertiveness, and eventually fundamentally indistinguishable from that which they'd sought to oppose.  Many were then eventually manifestly co-opted by the apostates' Roman franchise.

By now the apostate system has manifestly encouraged a distinctly limited sense of prevalent outrage over specific areas of its efforts, and sought to control the reaction in the process including the means of response by the general public.  These have typically included accepting a counter-Divine Will basis or being substantively influenced and directed by those who manifestly have.  Thus far the outrage and reaction they've managed to foment among the general public has been primarily on a political, social and economic basis, although there manifestly appear to be new efforts to institute a sense of faux-morality and faux-spirituality there as well.

But what the general public don't yet appear to be getting yet is that the response needs to be on a solid foundation of moral principles; 'social justice' narratives have thus far been the mainstay, concocted bits of social engineering sophistry calculated to direct the response, opinions and attitudes of the general public.  I suppose if this trend were to continue it wouldn't be too long until we'd encounter Catholicism added in as well.

The general public appear used to responding on an unstable basis of opinions and personal emotion; 'I feel'.  They don't seem to have yet made the mental association between social, political, economic, moral and emotional responses and the stable foundation of Divine Will principles from which, if they're to succeed and to be any better in their result than the present manifest scenario, their responses and evaluations must derive.

This manifestly appears to be a direct result of the efforts and agendas of the apostate system.  They systematically took them away from the People, typically via organizing on a counter-Divine Will, non-overt basis, and via Myself they appear to be implementing an agenda to supply them again.  This manifest unnecessary rigmarole of course could and should have been avoided if they'd simply adopted, maintained, affirmed and upheld a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis all along.

As they'd had every reason to do so, the manifest need for My effort and involvement is clearly the result of the Choices of the apostate system.  Which, as described, I'm manifestly addressing not only with regard to franchises like Babylon and Rome, but also more importantly the telepaths and propheciers themselves.

That is what I'd meant by My specific methodology with regard to Babylon and Rome being of limited relevance, of which I'd said I'd provide more about anon.

A principal is manifestly no better than the efforts, agendas and methodologies of the most unworthy franchise that it accepts, utilizes and condones.  Thus, just as Babylon and Rome are no better than, say, 'their' 'Knights of Malta' franchise and the practices it has manifestly enacted, neither is the manifest position of the telepaths and propheciers substantively better than any of those things.  They have My sympathies for that position they've manifestly Chosen, but these are manifestly limited by their manifest, knowing, Willful, avoidable, ongoing and systematic Choice to retain a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.

I can of course best support the True Natures of all involved by 'holding the fort' in terms of manifestly retaining a stable basis of Divine Will and True Nature, and encouraging all personnel self-identifying with whatever franchise, as well as the general public, to realign with that, uphold it, and reaffirm it.

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