More clarity and detail

Clarity requires somewhat more detail on My part on the complex situation that Rome and Babylon have recently broached. It’s the complexity of this situation which had been the primary reason I’d been avoiding it thus far. Also from the vantage of Divine Will, True Nature and the interests of the People, its comparative irrelevancy. But more on that anon.

Literal ‘training’ in Divine Will principles provided to Me on a non-overt basis from the telepaths and propheciers has made available to Me the genuine desires of the telepaths and propheciers some while ago, although in My estimation that has comparatively little to do with their various manifest efforts, investments and agendas. They want manifest Divine Will and True Nature. They’ve been manifestly behaving in conflict with that sincere desire. This includes investing in the manifestation of the franchises Rome and Babylon, in a sense roughly analogous to what the latter systems would most likely reference with their symbol: “vo█ce”. And then using these franchises as a supposed justification and rationalization for ‘big seekrit maneuvers’ which are at odds with a manifest position of alignment with Divine Will and True Nature. Which is of course “absurd”, and for perhaps a decade now I’ve been having none of it.

That part of the situation is not dissimilar to Rome and Babylons’ own ‘faux-revolution’ franchise, and for essentially the same reasons. Both instances of it are quite unworthy, and not within the standards of My “house”, let alone the prerequisite I’d stipulated to the telepaths and propheciers when they’d ostensibly ‘sought My help’ on a non-overt basis: that I was good with that, provided that they did so [and remained] on a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis.

So despite knowing and wanting full well better, they manifestly opted to act on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and sought to blame duress caused by what I can only assess as their own franchises, Rome and Babylon. I started to encounter faint but increasing, and then systematic, disrespect and grotesquery always accompanied by a counter-Divine Will basis. This was literally before I began these communiques and became aware of Rome and Babylon’s system of counter-Divine Will symbols; the concept had been non-overtly communicated to Me instead by instances of ‘suckage’ and disappointment for no apparent reason. I gave them ‘grace’ for error for quite a few years, as there had seemed to be no reason for it to be deliberate. However, it manifestly became increasingly systematic, and I’d had to reluctantly expel them from My “house” merely to maintain our Divine Will and True Nature alignment, and the standards that this required. Then I began these communiques, and eventually became aware of the counter-Divine Will symbolism of Rome and Babylon, which is when the standards of My “house” instantly and summarily deprecated those as well, in addition to the ‘suckage’, etc.. It was at this juncture that I went back through older media that the telepaths and propheciers had used, and noticed the counter-Divine Will symbolism of Rome and Babylon systematically placed within them. This manifestly demonstrated that their counter-Divine Will investments had been quite deliberate and intentional.

So while they genuinely want a manifestation of Divine Will and True Nature, they currently occupy the status of ‘renegades’ and ‘friendlies in potentia’ only. Not unlike the status of personnel self-identifying with Rome and Babylon.

Clarity requires that I make a clear distinction here; the manifest position of the apostate telepaths and propheciers, and the manifest position of members, in good order, of My “house” are very different things.

The capabilities of the telepaths and propheciers are vast and certainly useful. But while they’re manifestly Choosing a counter-Divine Will basis, they’re something I must reject in order to retain a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis. It’s for the same essential [and vital] reason I must reject the same from Rome and Babylon. Also because that which is presented on a counter-Divine Will basis is, as per Divine Will principles, inherently non-credible and untrustworthy. Which is manifestly less than useful. Particularly when the purpose of the whole thing is to Choose to align with, uphold and manifest Divine Will and True Nature. For a “house” or even an individual operating on that basis, a counter-Divine Will basis is essentially antithetical.

With the telepaths and propheciers manifestly ‘AWOL’ on a counter-Divine Will basis and the figurative clock still ticking, I sought around in the non-overt “neighborhood” to ‘word up’ a certain other group on the matter of Divine Will principles, only to manifestly find them acting out some kind of a basic sales approach. When they’d found their repeated efforts in that regard ineffective, they non-overtly notified Me that they were ‘escalating My complaint’ and I found they were a franchise of Rome; I then rapidly noticed that Rome was manifestly a franchise of Babylon. Regardless of however many intermediary franchises I’d encountered however, My familiarity with the capabilities of the manifestly apostate telepaths and propheciers made it self-evident to Me that they were controlling them all.

They’d done it before, specific to Me, during their ‘training’ span. For a week, a few weeks, perhaps a month, they’d shift the non-overt symbolism emphasis of the People immediately around Me in public, and the national and international media as well, to present the appearance that everything had supposedly been taken over by this or that non-overt organization which I later found did not actually exist. [This would’ve been in about a span between roughly fourteen years ago and eight years ago, if personnel self-identifying with Rome and Babylon feel so inclined to examine the national and international ‘news’ media during that interval. There ought to be inexplicable patterns of non-overt symbolic emphasis throughout that duration, which would help to corroborate this for them.] When I eventually ‘bought into’ the seeming existence of these spurious non-overt organizations which were being misrepresented to Me, they’d eventually abandon their non-overt pretense of them, non-overtly mock Me for having ‘bought into them’ and penalize Me non-overtly and overtly for having accepted as genuine the implied existence of these things which had been presented on a counter-Divine Will basis. Whatever else they were doing to Me [much of it criminal], they were ‘teaching’ Me through repetition that what was presented on a counter-Divine Will basis was intrinsically non-credible and spurious. Despite their manifest methods being reprehensible [and themselves implementations of a counter-Divine Will basis], the system of principles they’d shown Me have demonstrated themselves to be accurate, consistent and indeed self-evident in retrospect. So despite the manifest accumulated resentment, I just can’t bring Myself to knowingly discard something that I’ve found to be, despite it all, fundamental truths.

So we manifestly have telepaths and propheciers with the capabilities I’ve described [and more], who know and accept Divine Will principles, acting inexplicably on a basis which is counter to Divine Will and True Nature, and spuriously generating derivative franchises such as Rome and Babylon which do so as well. Thus, understand that when I reference Babylon and Rome, etc., I’m using them as terms of convenience and tangibility for the purposes of good mutual understanding. Though manifest, I don’t genuinely accept the existence of Rome and Babylon [at least, not in the counter-Divine Will sense that we manifestly know them right now], and ultimately the manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature Choice of the telepaths and propheciers is an “absurd” ‘crime without a motive’ as well.

They’ve systematically implied that the ‘disrespect’ they issue to Me is commensurate with Choices I make in terms of Divine Will principles and True Nature. I’m not sure how much I can accept that as credible; their manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is inherently non-credible, as they themselves would surely agree if only they weren’t manifestly adopting it. Nevertheless, it’s self-evident to Me that what the People urgently and greatly need is someone to Choose to live in alignment with and uphold Divine Will and True Nature. And regardless of what the telepaths and propheciers manifestly do or don’t do, that still makes good sense on a personal level. ‘Automatic win’, essentially, whatever the metapolitical outcome is.

Here it might become helpful for readers to consider what they might do in My position with all this. You’re in an unworthy environment which has been manifested as the result of investments by others in counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature agendas. The telepaths and propheciers are manifestly ‘AWOL’, and actively investing in spurious counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature efforts several layers deep for literally no good reason, and doing so is in violation of every principle they exist to uphold. ‘Something’s got to give’, as they say. What do you do?

The more of a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position into which you invest yourself, the less clear they’ll make their position and the less genuinely assistive they’ll make themselves. Align with and uphold Divine Will and True Nature to the best of your ability, and the less manifest cause for a schism there will be. [Divine Will and True Nature are prerequisites for genuine ‘unity’, a concept which would seem to be of great interest to personnel self-identifying as Roman and Babylonian personnel.]

What’s more, and this is crucial, their entire system depends on Divine Will as its basis. So when they manifestly invest in an inferior and thus necessarily subordinate counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, and I make sure to align with and uphold a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis, it makes the disparity of My manifest position and theirs ever more distinct and pronounced for them. I’m relying on their True Nature to remain in alignment with Divine Will [as of course it must]. Though not privy Myself to their internal telepathic communiques, I know that they’ll find it less and less easy to justify maintaining their manifestly counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position when I manifestly hold a greatly superior Divine Will-aligned position, and thus a greatly superior Divine Will-derived authority. Their continued manifest refusal to ‘unite’ with My Divine Will-aligned position and -derived authority will become impossible for them to justify. As will their manifest continued investment into franchises such as Rome and Babylon.

Every moment they manifestly continue to invest in rejecting a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position represents a ‘net loss’. For themselves, for the People generally, and for Me [who, for the purposes of this situation we can presumably categorize as ‘an innocent’]. This includes the results of some of the actions, and vastly more of their lack of actions due to misprioritization, of the various franchises like Rome and Babylon as well. These manifest detriments only serve to make the manifest distinction between My position and theirs increasingly clear and distinct. ‘Every little helps’, and probably more aptly, ‘Turning the other cheek’.

It’s in nobody’s True Nature to do this for long. And I don’t think My Choices have earned less than their True Nature. As I’d said, ‘I miss Us’. ‘Us’, in our Divinely-aligned, True Nature-affirming capacity.

And let’s suppose that personnel who currently manifestly self-identify with Rome and Babylon Choose themselves to align with, uphold and affirm a basis consistent with Divine Will and True Nature, shifting their perceived or implied allegiances. Let’s suppose they all do. Even better in the interim; the majority make a better Choice, and the telepaths and propheciers surely revert to a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position. The Divine Will principles they’ve ‘taught’ Me will have overcome erroneous Choices and we’ll all have a system that fundamentally works and is vastly more reverent, internally-consistent and worthwhile. Everybody succeeds.

They’ve shown Me that Divine Will principles are ‘embedded’ into the structure of Creation, and that they can overcome any unworthy manifest scenario. I’m merely Choosing in alignment with those Divine Will principles and the True Nature conferred by our shared Creator, knowing that the telepaths and propheciers will Choose to ‘get real’ eventually. They’ve never had any sincere motive not to in the first place. So either there’s an amicable Choice to yield to a manifestly greater Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned authority, or else the disparity between our manifest positions continues to amass and build up, and *then* there’s an amicable Choice to yield to a manifestly greater Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned authority. I don’t appear to get to pick which they Choose, but Divine Will principles make it clear that those are their manifest options. That’s one of the perks of Choosing a Divine Will-aligned system rather than a system predicated on arbitrary ego-derived objectives: since Divine Will is the basis of all Creation, the ultimate outcome is a certainty from the beginning.

Meanwhile, that means eschewing as manifestly non-credible personnel who knowingly, Willfully and avoidably Choose a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. Occasionally someone I know to be a manifestly apostate telepath and prophecier will make a non-overt remark of empathy or truth, and I’ll tend to feel affinity and affection for them because I recognize the truth of their remark and the commonality of our Divine Will-aligned True Nature. But that doesn’t mean I can rely on their manifest basis, still absent the Choice to align with and uphold Divine Will and their own True Nature on a consistent basis, as credible or deem it within the Divine Will-aligned and -affirming standards of My “house”.

It’s less than an ideal, convenient or worthy situation, but you know. Priorities.

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