Dispelling another trope

A trope is a recurring theme or motif, and since I encounter a lot of them from the apostate system on a non-overt [and non-credible, counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature] basis I’m going to start calling them that as I expose and displace them. They’re non-overtly-delivered fallacies or sophistries designed to influence the behavior or thinking of the recipient, if the recipient doesn’t know better. Or does know better, yet isn’t integrous enough to reject and expose them. Since by all evidence they’ve recently been investing themselves into efforts to imply that they’re still not clear on My Chosen position of alignment with Divine Will, My exposing and rejecting an apparently-intended trope from them ought to better enable clarity for all concerned.

I noticed the trope being presented on yesterday’s ‘Newshour’, and of course on a counter-Divine Will basis. Interpreted one way, it appeared to be an investment in an effort to present unworthy scenarios, imagery and positions accompanied by the suggestion that, ‘Since you know that isn’t our True Nature and it’s unpleasant to have to even examine, consider and evaluate it, obviously you’re better off just ignoring it.  In fact, by not ignoring it you're investing in these unworthy scenarios and thus the cause of it’.

There are a few fallacies inherent there. ‘Looking the other way’ on various injustices makes one a passive enabler and thus an accomplice to them and their basis in a Choice that’s in conflict with Divine Will and True Nature.

Also, when an organization is systematically acting counter to Divine Will and True Nature, any claims or authority they profess are manifestly spurious and their holdings are forfeit. In the case of the apostates, that’s quite a lot of assets that need to be redistributed [interesting that their own ‘wealth redistribution’ narrative rebounds on them like that, but there you have it] and indeed a significant proportion of the assets on the planet. Ignoring that in favor of ‘looking the other way’ would also be passive enabling what they’ve been doing, so this issue is essentially unavoidable.

More fundamentally, since [just as they’ve correctly implied] presenting unworthy scenarios isn’t their True Nature, consistent with Divine Will, nor worthwhile for themselves and those who must encounter it, the manifest wrongdoing self-evidently falls on the apostates investing in concocting those kinds of scenarios. Implying that the fault is on the part of those who must encounter it is of course not only “absurd” but also a case of ‘blaming the victim’.

Interpreted another way, it’s a combination of a counter-Divine Will symbol alongside a supposed ‘inversion’ symbol. Thus, it can either be read as an invalidated inversion symbol, or an indicator of both a counter-Divine Will position and then an additional symbolic inversion applied to their non-overt, implied messages as well.

But you can’t just invert something non-credible, blasphemous and spurious and reliably end up with something Divine Will-aligned, credible, sincere and worthwhile. If someone tells you something that’s non-credible, blasphemous and spurious, deciding living your life according to the exact opposite of whatever they’ve said is of course no guarantee of success. And if their motivation was to be sincere, Divine Will- and True Nature-affirming, they’d of course have to have been affirming those things instead. The results of those different Choices and investments are not equivalent in their value. The fallacious version would take some unconscionable scenario in human events and still enact it, but merely add an inversion symbol ‘to make it alright’. Which of course it wouldn’t.

The counter-Divine Will-and-inversion-symbol thing appears to be their response to something I’d reposted after careful editing in an effort to bring it up to Divine Will standards. The apostates seem to imply that they took exception to it or were suspicious as to My Divine Will alignment as a result of having posted it. I’ve since removed the item, reaffirmed My Choice to remain Divine Will-aligned, and still they seem to persist in investing themselves into this apparent mild, non-overt harassment.

As I’ve mentioned, the apostates have at or near the top of ‘their’ [forfeit] organization telepaths and propheciers who were well aware of My benevolent intent, so all this is understood to be spurious on their part. It appears more accurately to be a demonstration that their organizational behavior more generally is simply the result of investing into counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature positions rather than any sincere agendas, desires or ambitions. I’ve long been aware of this of course, and have stated as much. My clarifying it for the benefit of the general public is just a free service I provide.

But as an alignment with and upholding of Divine Will and their own True Nature is, of course, merely in keeping with that True Nature, there’s quite a disparity between actually doing that and what they’ve instead been manifestly doing recently. Or for practically all of manifest recorded human history for that matter. That their True Nature is Divinely-aligned, good, sincere, benevolent and worthwhile doesn’t automatically make their current manifest behavior any of those things.

It simply makes it all the more “absurd” and objectionable that it isn’t.

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