This is primarily just a clear reaffirmation of My Choice for a manifest position aligned with Divine Will and True Nature.

I've noticed an off chance that the apostates perhaps implying less than total certainty on that, albeit it expressed a manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.

I've noticed a manifest tendency for their behavior to suggest that they're intensely eager to interpret the slightest possibility that My Chosen position has remained less than constant on that matter.  Although this is in character for them, it's not consistent with their True Nature.  I'm left to infer that such character, presented by them on a basis that's less than credible, is itself knowingly not sincere.  Colloquially, that 'they know better, they don't even want that, and they're just being silly about this'.

I've mentioned the maxim that, 'Matters must be expressed to be resolved'.  Communication requires credibility, the absence of which [that's inherent in their manifestly Chosen counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position] has been making providing clarity for them increasingly untenable.  I'm attempting to address what they seem to imply are their concerns, but Divine Will principles suggest that these aren't their genuine and sincere concerns.

Additionally, their manifest Choice for a combination of a spurious counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and their insistence on less than clear and overt methods of communication as has we've just seen left Me lacking a context with which to form a mental image of their concerns and implied inferences, and as such the most reasonable inference I could make from it was that the whole thing was completely, knowingly and Willfully spurious.  Nevertheless, I'm providing clarity just in case.

I also find it interesting in a logistical sense that the apostates seem to have made an especial effort not to tempt Me with anything that I'd have a reasonable chance of actually finding tempting.  Consider: they've presented the usual menagerie of inherently flawed no-option options which I've already demonstrated that I find thoroughly unacceptable, a few major offers of things which with My own applied efforts of public education, exposure, organization and assembling I could eventually achieve without their aid [and free of their terms], but all things considered nothing especially huge and vasty, given what 'their' [usurped] manifest resources are capable of.  Given the social, political, media and economic clout they currently have at their disposal, not to mention the scads of beyond-classified R&D funded with purloined taxes and other monies skimmed off the People by now, and I find it procedurally interesting that what they've been presenting has been so underwhelming.  I fully expect they'd find it just as ineffective given how vital Divine Will and True Nature are, but I do find it rather telling.  It seems to reaffirm what Divine Will principles tell us already: that they don't truly want Me Choosing anything but a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position.

Consider also: From an inherently non-credible counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position, they claim to want My support while knowingly, avoidable, Willfully and systematically manifestly refusing to Choose an alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature which I've made abundantly clear is a prerequisite to gaining that.  So it's a matter of claiming baselessly and continuously that they want something, while making carefully and scrupulously certain not to do anything which would risk actually accomplishing that.  Despite it being wholly within their means.

So it's not so much curious as telling.  Given the manifest circumstances, I've learned to accept evidence of their benevolent and Divine Will-aligned True Nature, which I already know is a fact, where I find it.

Which might help provide a clear understanding of why, when My efforts at resolving matters result in complications, their appearance of assuming less than worthy values on My part, the manifest results of their various plans and strategies [don't even get Me started], their demonstrated 'characters' and manifestly-Chosen positions are at such variance and inherent conflict with their Divinely-conferred True Natures that 'suspension of disbelief' quite simply tanks.

It hearkens back to what I'd mentioned earlier with regard to what's said on a counter-Divine Will basis adding up to nothing more than blasphemies that nobody sincerely means and which inherently are non-credible.  The telepaths and propheciers have manifestly presented a multi-level marketing scheme along with that as though it were a language and an authority structure, but those familiar with Divine Will principles know full well better.

So that could help explain why I'm finding the apostates' variously-implied this-and-thats not only unworthy but not sincerely meant in the first place, quite by definition.  Quite recently I heard a 'newscaster' use the term 'an existential threat' and it sounded a bit like a less-than-mild effort by anti-Establishment philosophers.  Perhaps intentionally, given the recent scenarios the apostates have been investing their efforts towards implying.  But the concept of an 'existential' concern seems vastly more applicable to the 'suspension of disbelief' 'crash' I've just described.

Presented for consideration, that's all.  Understanding My position enables better clarity for the rank-and-file; the telepaths and propheciers of course know it quite well already.  It's fairly self-evident that it's an unjust and unworthy situation that I or anyone else should encounter less than worthy interactions, situations and experiences as a result of the manifest, knowing, Willful and avoidable Choices for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position on the part of others.  So there's a sort of value deficit or disparity accruing here, and it's probably in the apostates' interest to find some means of resolving that.

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