More clarity and distinction

As I’d stated, upon becoming aware of the apostate systems counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, imagery and symbolism My “house” instantly and summarily deprecated it as part of the Choice to maintain distinction of position, along with practically all predominant media. I’d mentioned also that its primary use for us currently is as evidence. This has caused a number of transitions, including a shift of emphasis to a more overt format and more of a disregard for predominant media except for the purpose of gathering evidence. As a direct result of this, it appears I’d managed to miss something that had come out of the apostate corporate media in literal Japan a few months back. A recent new release which I probably should refrain from specifying lest it be misinterpreted as a non-overt reference on My part has alerted Me to it, and I’ve only just now started doing the research on it.

It appears to present itself as the Japanese dynastic rulers offering what would be a conspiratorial form of mutual support, friendship and interest against the apostate system in Japanese non-overt symbolism, while simultaneously using apostate non-overt symbolism including counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature imagery and symbolism. Even if I weren’t aware that the literal Japanese dynastic rulers have been opting into the apostate system and selling their own People out, such a basis would still be unacceptable and on a basis well unworthy of My professional standards.

The proffered “absurdity” also requested that I keep the fraudulent implied offer in My confidence. I of course have no such confidence in anything presented on such a basis.

My not having exposed and denounced the unworthy presentment could of course have resulted in just the same kind of lack of clarity and recognition that the apostate system, again on a non-credible counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, have been implying. Having just become aware of it, providing My assessment and exposure of it seems to Me the fair and right thing to do. Self-evidently, I couldn’t do so with something I hadn’t noticed.

That established, the literal Japanese dynastic leaders are just another franchise of the assemblage of telepaths and propheciers, who of course are manifestly apostate in the extreme. As such, I can know that there wasn’t sincerely any such lack of clarity involved on this. Nevertheless, I’ve now openly, clearly, distinctly and publicly rejected the thing and the significantly less than worthy basis upon which it was manifestly presented.

What manifestly remains of course is the non-overt symbolism in the corporate media presented, useful as part of the accumulation of evidence which is its proper use and purpose given the manifest circumstances.

It would certainly be an interesting and unjust manifest scenario which relies upon a presumption of guilt merely on the basis of inaction on a matter which they might or might not even have awareness of.

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