Re: Distinction

Recently it appears as if the apostates have been investing in an effort, still on a counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature basis, to present a message to Me roughly as follows:

‘Goodness! We’d had no idea you and your “house” were making every reasonable best effort to eschew counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature imagery and symbolism. Your recent notice that you’d instantly and summarily deprecated that sort of symbolism has alerted us to that fact, and we’ve correspondingly upgraded our evaluation of you and your “house” accordingly. It appears that you genuinely are doing your best to actually uphold Divine Will and True Nature just as you’d said. Apologies, we were simply unable to recognize that distinction.’

If this intimation were true it would appear to explain a few things, including the ‘U.K’ Prime Minister ‘getting f█nky’ in various public appearances and the subsequent derision with which it had been received, and an apparent context for various covert intimations here and there to the same general effect. For My part, I’d lacked a context into which to evaluate them and still do; I’ve stated clearly throughout that what’s said on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is necessarily inherently non-credible.

It would ordinarily be My preference to recognize and acknowledge courtesy and civility, but My handbook on etiquette does not address situations in which that’s being presented in an inherently non-credible context founded on knowing, Willful and systematic blasphemies. Essentially by definition, whatever is said from a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position is automatically spurious ab initio. As such, I’m at a loss for a valid response.

This does at least appear to be the second time, at minimum, that My cause has been disregarded by the apostates due to their having assessed My position as not being an intentional best-effort Choice to uphold Divine Will and True Nature, when that in fact hasn’t been the case. Since everything done on the counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis that they’ve manifestly been Choosing has been essentially spurious and a waste of literal and symbolic “time”, I can at least reassure them that I’m no more bothered about it than, all else being equal, any other investment of their efforts on such a basis. Perhaps they’ll find that as reassuring as it’s intended.

As I’d mentioned before, we tend to use Divine Will principles augmented with maxims of common law, as are found in the old versions of Bouvier’s, as a reference guide to resolving situations using principles of integrity and fairness. Where applicable, we also tend to use basic principles of older commercial law [at least where they’d remain integrous and intact despite later centuries of misuse]. Among those is the tenet, ‘Matters must be expressed to be resolved.’ The apostates might find this maxim assistive in averting a recurrence of such a scenario, particularly given the less-than-clement public perception which would quite naturally result from prematurely dismissing or disregarding an individual, group or cause for merely strategic purposes.

The authenticity of whatever’s said on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is of course suspect at best, and this appears to be corroborated by the fact that the telepaths and propheciers of course knew My intended position and Choices all along. Thus My confidence in the apparently implied message is less than good, and it appears to be yet another rationalization for ‘suckage’ from those manifestly, knowingly, Willfully and avoidably Choosing a spurious basis.

While I’m on the subject, it would probably be helpful to add that I’m likely still not aware of every symbol the apostate system has assigned a counter-Divine Will or counter-True Nature alternate definition to. As common law tells us, ‘The law does not require that which is impossible’, and I and Mine can hardly be held accountable for inadvertently using symbolism which has become, through the manifest efforts of the apostates, associated with such a meaning. Additionally, they’ve managed to assign symbolic meanings not only to some very basic things like shapes, ‘colors’ and so on that even the most vigorous effort to keep a clear distinction of Chosen position comes to naught. Our manifest circumstances make avoiding these symbols on an ongoing basis effectively impossible, and it should be remembered that there are very few intrinsically unworthy words, concepts and symbols; the purpose of all the effort is merely to keep a clear and meaningful distinction of Choice and position for the benefit of others. Then still is the matter of presenting criminal evidence which necessarily must include the apostates’ symbolism, or else this Choice for distinction would invariably become a Choice for injustice. Then there are some definite quality-of-life detriments which would necessarily result from attempting to avoid totally all instances of things to which the apostates have ascribed a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature symbolic definitions. That loss of quality of life would quite naturally constitute a violation of their rights, which are of course Divinely-conferred.

In individual evaluation and assessment of all this, there encouragingly is plenty of opportunity for individuals to continually apply and better refine their understanding of Divine Will principles and common law maxims. Philosophy and rules of fairness become for these individuals urgent and directly-applicable matters, and the improvement in their standards results in a qualitative distinction by those around them which is noticed and eventually trusted, respected and esteemed.

Suffice it to say that those still in the ‘good graces’ of My “house” have been making a ‘good faith’, best effort Choice to uphold Divine Will principles and their own True Nature, as well as fairness to all they encounter. This is just a basic expectation among those in My “house”, and the distinction between that and what’s found elsewhere demonstrates its inherent value, worthwhile nature and its necessity to all who learn of it. We’ve tended to rely on that for its promotional advertising. I understand that legit Christianity used much the same method when it began its expansion. Value is quite naturally desirable. So we make, among other things, a best effort Choice to maintain a distinction in symbolism and imagery for so long as the apostate system on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis continues to manifestly persist.

Incidentally, while upholding these standards with distinction we’ve occasionally felt free to utilize the non-overt communication methods and formats used by various apostate franchises for the purposes of conveying a concept, idea or information. This has occasionally resulted in some inadvertent misunderstandings on an individual basis from outsiders, who suppose that we genuinely self-identify as some group or other, so we’ve tended to do this only rarely in order to preclude that. But our reasoning is this: Are not all things ultimately franchises and property of Divine Will, and so long as we Choose to align, uphold and affirm that Will, are we not also representatives of that Divine Will? Even moreso given the manifest circumstances, inasmuch as the apostate principals and franchises both persist merely on an illegitimate basis absent Divine Will and True Nature alignment, the superior and indeed only manifest, earthly authority certainly seems to be ours. Would that we could restore the situation, and return these nations and organizations to their own sovereignty under a sincere allegiance to the Divine Will of our shared Creator and the True Nature of their own People and their representatives! That is of course our sincerest organizational intent. Obviously much instruction and exposure among the People will be required on our part to achieve that, and all in a context that’s consistent with the Choice to uphold Divine Will and True Nature ourselves.

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