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The apostates seem to be making yet another effort to invest in a non-overt scenario on a counter-Divine Will basis.  Specifically, My pattern recognition suggests that they're attempting to present some kind of scenario, like a non-overt protest or a voluntary internal acknowledgement of authority to Me, using a confluence of both 'their' symbolism and that of My "house" on a counter-Divine Will basis, and then attempting to imply an inversion of that via My "house's" symbolism.
This of course doesn't work and is a known unacceptable practice that's below standard.  The inherent authority of the principle of inversion is inferior to the authority of Divine Will, so the metaphysical equivalent would be something that is a rejection of Divine Will and unacceptable to our Creator, but which insists on the lesser authority of the individual using it that it is in fact quite legitimate and valid.  I intentionally established the symbolic format and rules of grammar of My "house" to be consistent with, and demonstrative of, Divine Will principles.

So an overt demonstration of the metaphysical fallacy being implemented by the apostates would be error made by people who for example accept literal Christianity and conclude that they're now 'saved', and thus have no need to bring their behavior and prioritization into compliance with its standards.  'I've got Jesus now, I'm saved!  I can't wait to go to Heaven!', say the throngs of people churning out of the apostate megachurches.  'If ye love Me, keep My commandments', says Jesus.

It's true, the manifest quasi-organizations involved are franchises of the telepaths and propheciers who both know and want to live in alignment with, and uphold, Divine Will and True Nature.  Manifestly however, they've been Choosing otherwise and when anyone seeks to 'invert' Divine Will as they might invert a non-overt symbol, the results are more than a little unsatisfactory and often quite unconscionable as well.

It's true also, that throughout My experience with them I've noticed them attempting to use a non-overt protocol which has consistently used counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature imagery and symbolism as if it were a sort of inverter symbol or modifier.  Since Divine Will principles themselves show us that this is inconsistent and inappropriate, we can know it's invalid and below standards.  Presenting such a consistent context as they manifestly have appears to be simply a long-plan effort with the payoff being that they can seem to make their manifest Choice of a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis make some kind of sense, provided the recipient doesn't correlate it against Divine Will principles carefully enough.

So when My cause involves the realignment with, and the upholding of, Divine Will principles and True Nature, how manifestly disappointing to encounter an effort out there that people are investing themselves in which is so close, and yet completely fundamentally incompatible and mutually-exclusive with the basis of My "house" and its cause.  Just another case of people manifestly investing in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and in the process, rejecting Divine Will and their own True Nature.  If they were manifestly sincere, and provided they knew better, affirming Divine Will and their True Nature would be the first thing they'd do.  And though symbols are ultimately only symbols, clarity, integrity and duty require making at least a best-effort to demonstrate their position clearly to those around them, which includes striving to refrain from using counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature symbolism.

As for the telepaths and propheciers 'really being on My side, and the side of Divine Will', I've known that for years and have said as much here frequently.  Their manifest Choices just haven't been in alignment with that, with disappointing results for all involved and for many who aren't.  Everything their manifest Choices have produced, including the systems of Rome and Babylon, are up for retroactive renegotiation when they actually do get around to realigning with Divine Will, though the Christian mythos states that the span of Probation is closing for all soon and when it does, so does their opportunity to correct their Choice.  Whatever the actuating mechanism, metaphysical principles tell us that literal time is short.  And ultimately nonexistent, of course.

So when they make manifest efforts to imply to Me that their manifest Choices 'aren't who they really are', I do already know this.  And that these various franchise quasi-organizations 'aren't who they really are', I know that too.  If someone manifestly commits a crime spree, that they've done it under an assumed name hardly indemnifies them.  If anything, it's only relevant inasmuch as it adds to the charges against them.

In sum, this is all stuff we've already addressed.  My People uphold the Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned standards and practices of My "house" and while they manifestly Choose not to, they reject Divine Will and live on the basis of an untruth.  That manifest Choice is also the Choice to jettison the credibility that Divine Will- and True Nature-alignment provides, and the rights with which Divine Will imbues us.  A lesser Will cannot successfully 'invert' a counter-Divine Will basis into becoming acceptable to a Greater Authority.  And with every literal moment that manifestly ticks by, continuing to invest themselves in a counter-Divine Will basis which is mutually-exclusive with a Divine Will- and True Nature-affirming basis is the Choice to manifest a very unworthy situation for all involved, particularly themselves.

I again meekly advise them to correct their manifest Choices.

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