The nature of recent investments of effort by those manifestly Choosing a position which is apostate with regard to Divine Will and True Nature have, with regard to My situation, become rather clearer. I’ll present My best understanding of that aspect of their their recent manifest efforts.

They’ve recently begun, or more accurately resumed, their efforts to present non-overtly using the symbolism of both their manifestly apostatical position and of My “house” simultaneously. While nonstandard, and hardly establishing credibility from their manifestly-Chosen non-credible position which rejects both Divine Will and True Nature, this is of little or no concern given that the distinction between their Chosen position, and that of Me and My personnel, is clearly made by not only the overt and non-overt agendas being implemented and the standards and practices being kept or rejected, but particularly by the standards of non-overt symbolism and imagery being used. My personnel make every reasonable effort to make a clear distinction, avoiding counter-Divine Will imagery and symbolism enough to make their distinguished Choice of a Divine Will-and True Nature-aligned position evident.

‘But no!’, the apostates seem to have manifestly invested themselves into an effort to imply non-overtly. ‘You haven’t! You’ve lapsed your standards there recently, and used counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature symbolism! Now we can avoid a clear distinction!’

To the best of My knowledge I haven’t there, of course. They appear to be citing a recent comment on my part which neatly observed and upheld all My existing standards and practices in that department. It was, however, part of a larger conversation between other people which referenced something that someone else had said, which appears to have utilized some counter-Divine Will symbolism. Numerous degrees of separation there. If we’re going to all start evaluating each other for something which, through however many degrees of dissociation, have something to do with something which presents something else which could be interpreted symbolically as an indication of a counter-Divine Will or counter-True Nature position, then we’ve reduced the intent component of communication into meaninglessness and anything can be interpreted as anything else. In such a scenario there’s hardly a need to interact with others; we can simply make our own inferences about their responses and assume we’re correct. And there’d be essentially no means of Choosing to apply or reject counter-Divine Will symbolism, given that we’re just going to assume it regardless of however many degrees of dissociation is required to form that conclusion.
At the first sign that my remark could have been so disconcertingly misconstrued, I of course withdrew it so as to make it plain that it had been a misinterpretation. Still the implied concern from them though, on however a non-credible basis.

I was left to conclude that this was simply an investment in calumny by them, due to their manifestly continuing to Choose a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position.

Still, ‘good faith’ and a sense of duty prompted Me to review their various non-overt signals propagated via the media recently. And of course, I noticed their pattern of signals planning exactly that: an effort to attempt to gain My acceptance of personnel as being simultaneously either apostates or valid under My authority and standards, while they demonstrated a manifestly counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis Chosen, and planning an effort to imply that it was that I’ve recently done something reprehensible.

In sum, exactly what we’ve started with: Less than sincere implied concerns from them intended to cause a lot of fuss and concern on My part, merely as yet another manifest resultant of the apostacy’s investment in a Choice to reject Divine Will and True Nature both. Through application of Divine Will principles, I’d appear to have yet again reduced the manifest scenario they’ve presented to its most fundamental essence: “absurdity”. It would of course have saved all involved a lot of literal time and effort if they’d just been investing themselves into a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned Choice to begin with.

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