I’m reaffirming My Choice to remain aligned with Divine Will and True Nature.

‘The other guys’ appear to have been investing recently in an implied request for clarity. The telepaths and propheciers of course already knew My position remains the same. And both they and the quasi-franchises and rank-and-file manifestly continue to Choose a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position which is inherently non-credible. I have no reassurance that the implied concern was in fact sincere. Even so, there could be people out there on a manifestly credible basis with genuine concern about it, especially now that so much publicity has been invested, so clarity has once again been provided.

I’ve been trying to educate someone, and in the process perhaps restore a situation of great personal value to Me which I’d entered into literally before I’d put out any of these public communiques. I’d entered into that situation in what man’s law terms ‘good faith’, and currently manifestly lack it in part due to the counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature Choices of the telepaths and propheciers and the various scenarios which have manifested as a result of it. Obliquely, while still honoring standards and protocols maintaining a distinction, I attempted to direct their attention to a specific ‘point’, roughly translatable as: ‘Yes, they have certain methods and techniques but that isn’t so much the issue here. Look at what it is they’re manifesting. They put so much emphasis on various misprioritizations that the actual resultants are unworthy, undesirable, untenable and unsustainable. How could you want that?’ I presented it obliquely in order to make the argument while still observing and upholding existing standards and protocols. By all appearances, My effort was misinterpreted as a desire to ‘say without saying’ certain things as part of a Choice not to retain a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position. I can’t know whether that apparent misinterpretation was genuine or strategic. I’ve encountered quasi-franchise personnel who’ve strategically alleged misinterpretations specifically to make any interactions unfeasible, a sort of non-overt calumny used to apply social pressure as a recruiting tactic. It appears to be standard practice within a certain quasi-franchise, and of course how unworthy that is. But as a single instance doesn’t a pattern of behavior make, I’ll let it go for the nonce.

While I’m drafting a communique anyway, I’ve been processing and evaluating the scenario in the interim. As stated I’ve managed to establish that these various quasi-franchises, Rome and Babylon included, are derived from, quasi-franchises of, and controlled by, the general assemblage of telepaths and propheciers who are manifestly Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. This is the same general assemblage of telepaths and propheciers who conveyed to Me that their basis was to assert, uphold and maintain Divine Will and True Nature. And of course, the same general assemblage of telepaths and propheciers who agreed to Work with Me to do so after receiving My stipulation that the prerequisite was that they consistently Choose and uphold a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned and -affirming basis.

So while they manifestly are not, that affects their position in a few ways. For starters, they’ve manifestly defaulted on their commitment to Me and are manifestly liable for the resultants of that Choice, kharmically, morally and socially. Next and more importantly, in doing this they’ve managed to manifestly jettison the intrinsic value of their assemblage and their raison d'etre as well. What’s the figurative point of an organization or assemblage which exists to uphold Divine Will and True Nature if it doesn’t do the one thing it was ostensibly established to do?

I’ve also been reassessing the nature of the comparative positionality between Myself and ‘the other guys’. The various quasi-franchises are manifest but not legitimate, absent an alignment with Divine Will and True Nature as they manifestly are. In conflict and mutually-exclusive with the True State of Creation and the Divine Will principles which cause it to function, they’re manifest-but-metaphysically-unreal as well. This we’ve been over before. The insight though is that not only are the quasi-franchises manifest-yet-not-truly-real, neither is the Choice of the telepaths and propheciers to adopt a position which is mutually exclusive with Divine Will, their own True Nature, and My Will. Manifestly investing in it, yes. Ultimately a real Choice, no.

Consequently they’re still under Divine Will authority, and My Divine Will-derived authority. They just manifestly haven’t been acting like it. So it’s probably more accurate, and healthy, for Me to categorize ‘the other guys’ not as some kind of ‘opposing team’, but as personnel under those same original authorities who’ve been manifestly committing insubordination for literally no sincere reason or desire. In organizational terms they’ve manifestly ‘gone rogue’ yet in truth remain under those same authorities they always were. A viable religious metaphor would perhaps be that they’re like a ‘schism’ whose supposed adherents nevertheless privately retain their same values, beliefs and principles.

That’s My current Working premise. It manages to address the unreality of these quasi-groups which nevertheless have so much invested into manifesting them, the “absurdity” of the telepaths and propheciers manifestly Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position that I already know they don’t want [and which nothing could force them to that wasn’t easily and retroactively negatable], and helps Me evaluate the manifest scenario without ascribing identity and authority to things which, although manifest, don’t ultimately exist.

And to save us all literal time and effort, before they respond, ‘Great! So you can start relaxing your standards now since we’re all really-and-truly part of the same thing!’, I’ll disprove that pre-emptively. While they manifest a faux-duality of Divine Will and some alleged counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position, a distinction must be made between the genuine position and the metaphysically spurious position. A Choice not to maintain such a distinction would be a Choice to perpetuate the same metaphysical “absurdity” they manifestly are; it’s essentially the same baseless Choice. Although not especially convenient, the moral, sociopolitical and metaphysical necessity for the distinction exists for as long as they’re both manifest. The genuine article, Divine Will and True Nature, can of course only remain. But when its spurious alleged opposite position disappears, the necessity for maintaining the distinction between them alleviates too. Things, terms and concepts won’t be regarded to have additional meanings and implications, because the position which had asserted them will have found its ultimate resolution and conclusion. I find that such a refreshing thought.

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