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Despite still manifestly, knowingly, Willfully and avoidably Choosing a counter-Divine Will and counter-True Nature basis, the telepaths and propheciers have recently presented Me with a simplified object demonstration of an application of Divine Will principles. [I say ‘recently’, although it was apparently crafted a number of years ‘before’ My literal birth. It was designed for Me to encounter it recently, and directed specifically to or at Me, at this present juncture.  As usual, it was done by presenting a demonstration of errors which appears to be designed to make forming the conclusion essentially unavoidable.] The application makes a fair amount of sense. It essentially states that a basis on which to be “heard” requires a basis which is consistent and in accordance and compliance with:

  • Divine Will
  • True Nature
  • The Will of authorities’ whose authority derives from Divine Will

Divine Will alignment is necessary in order for the results to be relevant and in harmony with metaphysical principles, and truly worthy.

True Nature is necessary in order to be trustworthy, reliable, and integrous.

And in accordance with Divine Will-derived authority is necessary in order to satisfy the first two requirements [it wouldn’t without it] and to have practical application of same.

I’m still processing the ramifications of this, but freely sharing what’s been presented to Me because it evaluates as valid and should be available to all.

A major and relevant application of this concept would appear to be the reliance on covert forms of communication under most circumstances. This is because it would not satisfy the second criteria.

I didn’t notice this referenced by them, but I’d be inclined to include ‘knowingly, Willfully and avoidably’ as a qualifier for each of these criteria. That seems more fair, and consistent with the common law maxims [’Actus me invito factus, non est meus actus.’ meaning, ‘An act done by me against my will, is not my act.’, and ‘Actus non reum facit, nisi mens sit rea.’, meaning, ‘An act does not make a person guilty, unless the intention be also guilty.’]. It would seem an unfair standard to hold anyone accountable for something they weren’t aware of, or couldn’t reasonably avoid doing. [This of course would have to be assessed in accordance with an inherent duty for ‘due diligence’.]

In terms of qualifying the ‘intention’, or as Willworkers would say, the Choice, the qualifiers ‘knowingly, Willfully and avoidably’ certainly don’t seem to manifestly indemnify the telepaths and propheciers themselves. They certainly know quite well what they’ve manifestly been doing, and why they shouldn’t. They’re not under any meaningful duress. And their manifest Choice has demonstrably been quite Willful. So on their part, this would appear to manifestly be a knowing default on the matter of a valid basis satisfying those criteria. Nevertheless, they manifestly continue to act on a basis for which they’ve acknowledged the default. If nothing else, once the matter has been clearly explained to the People generally it would seem that the telepaths and propheciers have neither complaint nor protest to make on the matter.

I suppose it’s just vaguely possible that some of the personnel manifestly self-identifying with ‘their’ various quasi-organizations, including Rome and Babylon, might not have become aware of this practical application of Divine Will principles. As the basic maxims of commercial law inform us,'A matter must be expressed to be resolved’. So I’m presenting this to the general public and making it available to ‘the other guys’ in accordance with the principles of ‘good faith’ and ‘full disclosure’.

It would hardly be consistent with fairness to expect someone to satisfy criteria they've never been presented with.  So I suppose this missive roughly corresponds with the concept in law known as 'Notice and Demand'.  I'd have softened the wording of course, but the general concept appears to be correct.  To be "heard", 'the other guys' would have to manifestly be on a basis which satisfies those criteria.  Transitioning to such a basis would require quite a bit of divesting, since their present manifest position has a fair amount of 'backstory' going for it which has manifestly been in violation of those criteria for the majority of recorded human 'history'.

At present of course, many among the People appear to be "hearing" them regardless.  A successful presentation of Divine Will principles and a number of other items should correct that nicely, and with plenty of civility.  But even the current manifest scenario is a 'problem' with no sincere 'cause', since the Choice which is its manifest basis had no genuine reason for investment in it in the first place.  It only manifestly continues while the telepaths and propheciers continue to manifestly invest themselves in a spurious and unsound premise.  But it's certainly encouraging to notice that the manifest scenario can find its inevitable resolution in any number of forms: they can divest, others can invest in teaching the People, and of course our shared Creator can intervene and restore a worthy scenario for us all, presumably retroactively.

In the meanwhile, investing in a Choice the Babylonians would presumably reference as "significantly weighty" given the Divine Will principles involved probably wouldn't be advisable.

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