Re: Their manifest rejection of True Nature

The telepaths and propheciers have manifestly announced, all on their own and on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, that they’re intensifying the effects of Working on that basis. As in, being even less in accordance with their True Nature and being less pleasant, respectful, considerate, and so on. And implying all manner of things which they, and I, know to be “absurd”. From there, they then imply that it’s all being done as some kind of an ‘object lesson’ or explanation, and they’ve been making great efforts to demonstrate how not-sincerely-intended it all is.

This would seem to corroborate the new ‘NPC’ meme that’s manifestly come into common usage. The meme itself certainly is ‘dehumanizing’, and well outside of good standards and practices. As I’d said before, people themselves are never the problem. Manifestly, their behavior, Choices and positionalities so frequently are. The meme attempts to present a quite valid point in quite a less-than-worthy manner.

In essence, we have ‘the other guys’ apparently, manifestly intensifying their investments into a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. I suppose it’s vaguely interprable as some kind of a ‘forfeit’, as in, ‘We’re duly acknowledging our lapse in upholding Divine Will and True Nature standards with unappealing behavior that’s designed and intended to cause the People to dissociate from our position, and in favor of your Divine Will-aligned authority’, but that seems pretty silly from over here. That’s a natural resultant of a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis already. The Choice to reject Divine Will and True Nature is inherently reprehensible as it is, and something which I’ve taken great exception to. So all this manifestly appears to be is an intensification of their manifest Choice to reject “Light”, which is diametrically opposed to My Will.

It could also be interpreted as implying, ‘We’re rejecting Divine Will, our own True Nature and your Divine Will-derived authority even more, which is to say that we’re reiterating how much we don’t genuinely want to reject any of those things’, except that this wouldn’t actually make any sense either. For starters, because nothing on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis can truly be said to ‘mean’ anything; it’s just unpleasantness and blasphemy, and ascribing any reason motivating it would be to accept some kind of error of spurious logical and metaphysical fallacy. And of course because upholding something and manifestly rejecting that same thing are not equivalent Choices. They’re mutually-exclusive.

As such, it doesn’t appear to resolve or explain anything, and to the best of My knowledge it literally cannot. What it does do is leave us with the same concern I’d presented before, only moreso: By what authority do ‘the other guys’ act in direct defiance with My Will and the Divine Will from which it derives? Metaphysical principles tell us with certainty that there truly is no such ‘alternate authority’, but of course it’s only right, polite and proper to have asked. In terms of that authority, we’re manifestly finding ourselves in a scenario in which the position of ‘the other guys’ essentially knowingly, Willfully and avoidably places themselves in a ‘contempt of court’ situation. They don’t sincerely mean it of course, but that hardly indemnifies them or makes their manifest behavior acceptable. To apply the original concern to this specific matter, here we have Rome, Babylon and ‘the other guys’ manifestly investing themselves collectively into a Choice which is directly at odds with all known valid authority, including Divine Will which is the source of all other derivative authority. So it’s not clear who among them would’ve come up with these various award-losing agendas, or why anyone else among them would then have acknowledged and implemented those agendas knowing that to be the case. So we’d appear to have ‘the other guys’ manifestly intensifying their investments into counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature “absurdities”, collectively intensifying and compounding the manifest “absurdity” of the quasi-organizations as a whole.

The manifest existence of these quasi-organizations is, of course, merely a mental convenience. A means of referencing the manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature Choices and positions of the telepaths and propheciers and the systematized, regimented and apparently hierarchical structure of implementation of those Choices. In other words, the core manifest Choice is and has always been for “absurdity” inasmuch as it’s been the Choice to reject Divine Will and True Nature. And since resultants of a Choice tend to represent the nature of that Choice, everything manifestly deriving from that Choice has been some form of “absurdity” as well. Throughout it all, the only thing that’s varied has been the intensity of the “absurdity” made manifest.

So I’ll momentarily set aside the mental convenience of the quasi-organizations, and address the matter in a form the telepaths and propheciers themselves [and perhaps by now, most readers as well] can comprehend and appreciate: Since we know that there’s only “Light” and that faux-duality of ‘“Light” and some alleged opposite force and authority’ is completely spurious, their manifest Choice to invest themselves in a basis of some alleged opposite looks patently ridiculous. It’s unworthy of all of us, and they of course have no sincere motive to Choose to do so. But sincerity of motive is a function of True Nature, and they’ve manifestly been rejecting that for no actual reason.

The Divine Will principles make it clear, and are constant and consistent. Manifest reality is wildly inaccurate, and has been for the vast majority of recorded human history.

It’s been My effort to make that clear to the People generally. Not truly out of any direct attempt to improve the manifest situation, although that would certainly be nice. Rather, simply because doing so is My best understanding of how to express and uphold My own True Nature and the Divine Will which Created it. Anything less would be unworthy of Myself and others, just as the manifest Choices of ‘the other guys’ have been just that. Unworthy of us all, and utterly spurious.

That said, I’m still reviewing some [other] things on the matter of the lapsed grace period. It’s not looking especially optimistic at present, but I do want to make a careful, fair and well-deliberated evaluation.

Not to understand Divine Will principles, and a manifest refusal to act on that basis, are functionally the same position for all intents and purposes. We manifestly have ‘the other guys’, including the assemblage of telepaths and propheciers, knowing full well better and yet manifestly behaving as though they were ‘non compos mentis’. It’s not clear to Me that knowing better yet behaving as if they didn’t indemnifies them from the resultants of their Choices into which they manifestly invest themselves, in any way.

It's manifestly the Choice to knowingly, Willfully and avoidably invest themselves in the rejection of Divine Will, their own True Nature, and all known legitimate authority.  As well as everything they've ever genuinely wanted.

I suppose we'll see whose patience for this situation dissipates first, theirs or Mine.  Or perhaps our shared Creator's.

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