Re: More “absurdities”

Noticing a recent barrage of “reruns” from ‘the other guys’ in rapid succession. That is, non-overtly-implied intimations and fallacious arguments all made on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. I’ve addressed them individually before. Their most recent seem to have been either, ‘Our manifest behavior is unacceptable, reprehensible, and a plethora of other choice adjectives [many of which are G-rated], but our True Natures are just splendid!’ or, ‘All these counter-Divine Will investments we’ve manifestly been making are just for looks. We’re really getting our act together, it’s just not visible yet. Surely you’ll take our [implied] word [on a non-credible basis] for that, since you know Ultimate Truth, won’t you?’. Those both seem to have reappeared at roughly the same time.

Each manifest investment in something on a counter-Divine Will basis isn’t exactly helping their case of course. It's merely more manifest evidence of wrongdoing.  Just as the overt parallel, that of setting up various public frauds and narratives [regardless of whether they later ‘cancel’ or ‘delay’ them, or not] isn’t. And were they manifestly Choosing to act on a Divine Will-aligned and True Nature-aligned basis, they’d of course both acknowledge that such investments of Will, effort, attention and other resources into overt or non-overt efforts on a counter-Divine Will basis are completely beyond the pale and unacceptable. So it’s quite obvious that they’re manifestly continuing to invest in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position.

Even in the presence of a clear Divine Will-aligned authority. Consider: Manifestly, these non-overt ‘psyche-outs’ [and of course the overt equivalent as well, such as the ‘China election tampering’ narrative] are being enacted by personnel within the quasi-organization. I’m fairly certain the authorization for that didn’t come from Myself, so manifestly they’ve been investing in and enacting agendas in conflict with My Will at the behest of a [non-]authority figure on a counter-Divine Will basis. Manifesting agendas that nobody genuinely wants, and as their illustrious overt manifest history has shown us there’s hardly any limit to how unworthy a situation that can manifest.

The situation isn’t waiting on Me to discover, implement or pronounce anything. This is demonstrable using Divine Will principles; it’s not in their True Nature to pull all of this merely waiting on Me to do something to fix it. Were they acting on the basis of their True Nature, they’d fix it on their own immediately. Or rather, not have anything to fix to begin with.

What is clear to Me is that their manifest behavior continues to be unworthy and unacceptable. And that by investing in it, they manifest an increasing dissonance between their manifest positions and that of their own True Nature. And of My manifest position. It’s a rather peculiar behavior pattern from them: to desire ‘unity’ while simultaneously increasing the metaphorical ‘distance’ between us quite deliberately and systematically.

That grace period to correct or default hasn’t lapsed yet, I’m merely providing feedback. Courteous and constructive, Me.

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