Re: ‘Eventually’

‘The other guys’ appear to have manifestly implied, or intimated, or otherwise directed My attention, to the following concept:

‘We actually do acknowledge that a counter-Divine Will basis is not a valid basis of authority. Not a kingdom, as you’ve put it. Our manifest efforts are merely a means to the end of establishing an all-encompassing empire with no competition. Once that effort has served its purpose and we’ve achieved that, we’ll align with, uphold and affirm Divine Will.’

I’m not entirely certain of My translation. But it’s as if I’ve been presented with an engineering schematic that’s self-evidently defective.

I’m not sure how best to explain this. The simplest approach might be to say that despite attempting to found an empire on “air”, it appears to be founded on quite another of the classical elements which I should probably refrain from naming directly. And that confers its properties to everything they manifest on that basis, including the whole of ‘their’ manifest empire. As usual in a metaphysical context, the nature of the Choice they would manifest for others becomes what they’ve manifestly Chosen for themselves.

Prioritizing their objectives ahead of Divine Will is just another means of rejecting Divine Will, by having invested in the Choice not to regard it as the Most Important Thing.

In the scenario apparently presented, genuinely accepting and upholding actual Divine Will at some later date would mean coming to terms with that. Which would as best I can figure it, require divesting of everything acquired on a counter-Divine Will basis and making sincere atonement and restitution as best they’re able. Meaning they wouldn’t retain their manifest gains regardless. Keeping those gains would be mutually-exclusive with Choosing genuine Divine Will.

Divine Will of course is the originator and source of all Life, both literally and symbolically.

The Judeo-Christian model presents the claim that rejecting Divine Will and retaining “Life” [in either sense] are mutually-exclusive positions. And that the only reason it manifestly appears feasible is because our current manifest state is the result of grace provided by Divine Will, not entirely unlike the grace period I’ve provided. It would be inaccurate to infer from the tangible evidence around us that the current manifest formula is how things actually work, or that this scenario is permanent. I’ve previously demonstrated the same thing using Divine Will principles, without recourse to the Judeo-Christian model. The results were the same. Metaphysically, the Babylonian approach is dependent upon a sort of limited credit which is being provided by Another. And has apparently been spending it as though it were limitless.

Some of ‘their’ major overt financial strategies have relied upon that same kind of formula, only with themselves as the creditors. I can only infer that they’re quite aware of the metaphysical defect, and deliberately modeled their own formulae upon it. If that inference is incorrect, then at least now someone has had the compassion to alert them to the situation in terms they can readily comprehend.

Correlating the manifestly invalidating nature of a counter-Divine Will position against what I’ve gleaned about the telepaths and propheciers, the situation becomes even clearer and more simplified: Rome and Babylon, their models, everything which has manifested from them, and all manifest investment in them, are merely franchises of the telepaths’ and propheciers’ manifest Choice to reject Divine Will while knowing [and desiring] full well better. Self-evidently, any basis for manifestly Choosing a counter-Divine Will position would be as spurious and unreal as a counter-Divine Will position itself; that is, a thing which does not metaphysical truth actually exist. This would account for some rather interesting pieces of Babylonian symbolism, including “not speaking” and symbols which reference “not True Nature”. Yes, they are applications of a concept about how the Will works, but they seem to be discreet indicators admitting a more relevant manifest situation as well. Indeed, that revisits the matter of what would induce people to invest their Will into things which they not only don’t truly desire, but which are in direct conflict with their true Will and True Nature, and even mutually-exclusive with them.

Rome and Babylon appear to be manifestations and resultants of the telepaths’ and propheciers’ manifest Choice to invest in counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature positions.

It seems unlikely that I have the ability to force or to compel them to Choose Divine Will instead. It also seems unnecessary; they’re aware of what I’m aware of, are greatly responsible for My awareness of it, and surely want it at least as much as I do if not moreso. Force required: Negligible to none. While eagerly awaiting them, and those currently self-identifying as affiliates of Rome and Babylon, to Choose Divine Will retroactively, promoting it among the People seems to be the most constructive application of My free time. Including exposing strategies and organizations which are on a manifestly counter-Divine Will basis. Things which exist are no respecters of things which do not; the logistical complexities inherent in attempting to accommodate all the things which do not exist would presumably become insurmountable.

Beyond that, the covert implication seems to be, ‘We’re getting it all sorted out. No more need to dwell on it’, except not presented in quite so respectful and dignified tones. Indeed, a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and an implied deficit of respect and allegiance manifestly seems to have become quite trendy. Of course, inverted-lack-of-respect and actual respect are not manifestations of equivalent value. The former is an investment in debt, the latter natural, healthy, appropriate and respectable. So we’d appear to continue to have an investment in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position from them. Which is just another form of manifestly rejecting Divine Will on an ongoing basis. Were they behaving on a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis, I would hardly have to remind them of this.

As I’d said, a manifest ongoing rejection of Divine Will. The investments in new ‘globalization’ efforts were just a more blatant demonstration of this. I’d countermanded them precisely because implementing a counter-Divine Will agenda in direct defiance of both Divine Will and a specific authority position deriving from it makes their manifestly-Chosen position quite obvious. Recognizing and Choosing to atone, repent, and yield to Divine Will would require just that, and complete open truthfulness as well. That’s been essentially the diametric opposite of what they’ve been manifestly investing their efforts and ‘their’ resources into effecting. Indeed, while manifestly continuing to Choose a counter-Divine Will basis even their non-overt symbolism and carefully-selected imagery makes what ‘their’ personnel do an affront against everyones’ True Nature and against Divine Will, in that overtly, non-overtly, or both ‘their’ personnel end up behaving like advertisements promoting and representing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position. The cumulative effect certainly diminishes manifest quality of life, the value of entertainment and the quality of social interactions. Even for those of us who make the Choice for a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis instead. But truly, the position they hype is unworthy for all concerned.

They must already know that. Doing it regardless is just manifestly demonstrating an ongoing investment in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.

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