Increasing clarity

Careful research into ‘the other guys’’ recent non-overt messaging has made their apparent efforts a little more clear.

Interpreted in the symbolism of My “house”, they’ve evidently been attempting to negate plenty of counter-Divine Will symbolism and lapses of standards with ‘negation’ symbols and in this manner seeking to demonstrate a position of ‘yielding’ to My Divine Will-aligned and -derived authority. Interpreted in ‘theirs’, the situation appears to remain as manifest usual: efforts to try to induce Me to accept a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, including a “dre█m”, a planned, prolonged untruthful scenario or mini-context to that effect. The effort appears to have started to be non-overtly promoted on their part with the corporate media items regarding the ‘Russians’ found in a less-than-healthy condition in Salisbury a number of months ago now. Before more details about the situation were promulgated, before the general public had any other data or context [credible or otherwise] about it, we were all presented with a rather unsettling scenario regarding a couple of people discovered in a less-than-conscious state, eerily paralleling Christianity’s ‘original sin’ depiction. Even if the situation were to be interpreted using the symbolism of My “house”, chucking aside symbolic and behavioral standards [which of course is never a good idea], we’d appear to be left with that initial basis to establish the general context and premise.

I should probably add that I’ve been noticing even the telepaths and propheciers getting in on this as well, presenting multiple references via numerous sources which appear to have been intended to direct My attention to ‘Us’, that is, the spiritual and metaphysical unity of our True Natures within Divine Will regardless of the current manifest scenario. They also seem to have intentionally included references to unworthy manifest separation, in some instances as a result of transgressions against Divine Will and True Nature, irresponsibility, or misprioritization on the part of others.

All of these things were manifestly presented on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature symbolic basis. The Divine Will principles standards of course apply to the telepaths and propheciers just as much as they apply to the quasi-organizations self-identifying as Rome and Babylon. That is, sans a basis of Divine Will and True Nature, credibility is manifestly lacking and the manifest result is unworthy and undeserving of trust or confidence.

I present these things as part of a Divine Will-aligned effort on My part to be constructive and assistive where appropriate. Having fairly provided an opportunity for clarity, it seems only right to provide ‘the other guys’ with the information and context I’m aware of and My interpretation of and reaction to it. This better equips them to respond with clarity; the covert means of communication they appear manifestly to insist on is necessarily a venue in which context becomes rather significant, and their having the context of interpretation from which I’m working better enables them to use their grace period more effectively.

The non-credibility of a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis has been illustrated so many times that I’ll take it as read they understand it. Additionally, ‘the other guys’ use of a lack of distinction between mutually-exclusive positions, one legitimate and valid, the other not, for practically all of manifest recorded human ‘history’, makes trusting such a position untenable. Even with the use of My “house”’s symbolism-negating symbols, here. Given that the telepaths and propheciers have Chosen to demonstrate their direct attention to this matter, a sincere and dedicated Choice to affirm Divine Will and True Nature would surely involve a revision of manifest events which would preclude ‘the other guys’ from establishing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature symbolic definition to such a plethora of basic concepts. Particularly given that it now makes completely avoiding that meaning practically impossible.

This addresses what ‘the other guys’ appear to have been manifestly investing their efforts in recently with regard to Myself. It does not, however, seem to address the apparent contravention of My gainsaying efforts towards ‘globalization’ in the meantime, by what authority they appear to manifestly act in direct conflict with Divine Will-derived and -aligned authority, and their apparent open default on any claim to Divine Will-derived authority on the part of their quasi-organizations. Surely this will become more clear still during their ongoing grace period.

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