An opportunity for clarity regarding some rather curious oddities

I’ve been encountering some items of mild interest recently.

For starters, the current events section appears to indicate that ‘the other guys’ have been continuing to implement their plans regarding literal ‘Iran’.

And covert evidence I’ve been noticing for months now at last appears to have provided a context for itself. ‘The other guys’ seem to have reactivated ‘their’ ‘Knights of Malta’ faction to resume a certain oppressive German political group within the various common law countries. After having enacted what seemed to be a controlled collapse of that franchise, they seem determined to restore it after a lull of a few years, evidently as part of their sociopolitically-engineered ‘shift back to the political right’ they’ve been implementing. Additionally, they also appear to be covertly intimating to Me, on a counter-Divine Will basis of course, that it’s merely part of an instructional program for ‘their’ personnel which is actually to everyones’ benefit including My own. Even if that intimation were presented on a credible basis, the rationale still wouldn’t be acceptable to Me.

As both of these items appear to directly transgress against My Divine Will and True Nature-aligned and derived authority having countermanded any efforts towards ‘globalism’ until we’ve clearly sorted the matter of Divine Will authority dispute regarding Myself and ‘the other guys’, the only reasonable conclusion I’ve been able to make is that they’ve manifestly defaulted on the matter of Divine Will authority and have decided to plainly demonstrate as much to all personnel, whether Mine or ‘theirs’. It’s not clear to Me what else to make of the situation, given that they clearly reference their manifest position as having a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, I continue to clearly affirm and uphold both Divine Will and the True Nature which it provides, and they now seem to directly defy My Divine Will-aligned authority.  In sum, they appear to be publicly, blatantly and definitively rejecting Divine Will.

I suppose I can afford them the standard duration of seven ‘days’ grace to clarify the nature of their manifest Choice and by what authority they seem to act in direct conflict with Divine Will, or to quash these efforts firmly, definitively and permanently, before formally concluding an open, formal, official, and permanent default on the matter of Divine Will on their part. Were it Me I would surely appreciate the grace period to either explain, correct, or both. I suppose it’s just remotely possible that ‘the other guys’ didn’t recognize the full implications of the Choices they were making. It’s only right of Me to clarify that here, for themselves and for the public at large. Their long-term strategies would appear to rely on manifestly retaining the ability to make at least some moderately convincing argument for their having Chosen to retain a Divine Will-aligned position throughout, so it’s not clear to Me quite how these Choices would have been to their ultimate advantage.

Because 'the other guys' manifestly continue to Choose a counter-Divine Will and -True Nature basis which is by definition less-than-credible, clarifying these items would require more than mere covert or overt explanation.  It would instead presumably require referencing the relevant Divine Will principles and making their application in these matters so clear that Divine Will principles and common sense, rather than their own claims made on a non-credible basis, conclusively establish their case for them.  Somewhat more involved than just stating their case, certainly, but the Choice to manifestly retain a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position has been theirs.  Mine is to afford grace and fairness to all concerned.  I've always said that grace has its place, and this occasion is among the few appropriate opportunities I've had to afford it to 'the other guys'.

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