Re: “Rerun”

‘The other guys’’ most recent approach has been a “rerun” to which I’ve already responded on a number of occasions. Namely, an effort which has the form and appearance of My effort while lacking the substance. An effort to affirm and manifest Divine Will is mutually-exclusive with a basis which rejects of Divine Will. I’ve already rejected that basis, yet from their manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position they appear reluctant to acknowledge that as a constant on My part.

I’m almost reluctant to issue this unnecessary reiteration of that. While they and ‘their’ personnel manifestly retain a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position they’re just wasting their time both literally and symbolically. Restating this less-than-acceptable offer they’ve manifestly presented again and again is at least a more inconsequential investment of their “time”, effort, Will, attention and resources from that position, so it seems a pity to have to issue a clarification on that.

Presumably this type of presentment will be deprecated completely once I’ve publicly exposed their counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and its symbolism to the general public. At that juncture they’ll likely have more urgent priorities requiring their attention regardless.

At present they would appear to be Working on a multilayered public fraud involving literal Iran. That hasn’t escaped My notice, and I’ll remind them that Working ‘globalization’ strategies has already been clearly and distinctly gainsaid by My Divine Will-aligned authority, and of course remains so. All that remains is for them to decide how much they’re going to manifestly and blatantly invest themselves in efforts which are in direct defiance of Divine Will.

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