Re: Their ‘alert’

‘The other guys’ appear to be investing themselves, on a counter-Divine Will basis, to have some of ‘their’ personnel gain My favor by notifying Me of recent efforts by ‘the other guys’, also on a counter-Divine Will basis, to invest themselves in a covert messaging format designed to be interpreted one way by Me, and another way in their own customary symbolism.

It appears to be the now very familiar attempt to gain My support for a counter-Divine Will basis through concocting strategies and then exposing them, not unlike the ‘limited exposure’ effort they’ve been implementing with the overt ‘U.S.’ patriot effort via the alternative and social media.

The unacceptability of a manifestly counter-Divine Will position, I’d stated already. This applies to both apparent ‘sides’ within ‘the other guys’ manifestly Choosing such a basis.

As for their covert messaging format layering, it had become evident already and has become quite effective in gathering evidence of their activities as they manifestly continue to invest themselves various efforts on a counter-Divine Will basis. Generally speaking, I’m not aware of any requirement to announce everything I’ve noticed as soon as I’ve noticed it.

Getting back to the substance of the matter, I notice they’ve still manifestly not Chosen a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position. I’m underwhelmed.

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