Re: ‘Reasons’

‘The other guys’ manifestly appear to be investing their efforts and resources towards explaining or attempting to legitimatize another reason for a counter-Divine Will basis. On a counter-Divine Will basis, of course. The implication appears to be essentially, ‘We use a counter-Divine Will basis to reference the behavior and activities of other groups. It’s an inversion of Divine Will, indicating that we find their position or actions a degree of separation away from Divine Will, or that we recognize the inherent Divine Will of their True Nature, whatever their manifest position or our manifest distinctions of group identification.’

A policy like that would of course rationalize ‘suckage’, which is precluded per Divine Will principles. An inverted state of Divine Will is not equivalent in value to a manifest state of Divine Will. A basis and position not in alignment with, and affirmation of, True Nature is not equal in value to a position aligning with and affirming it. A manifest absence of value is not equivalent to the manifest presence of value. It puts Me in mind of an old routine mentioning ‘Reagonomics’: ‘We have [so many umpteen billions] in debt. Now, if we invest that [so many umpteen billions] into education…’ I appreciate that this has manifestly been what ‘the other guys’’ financial tycoons have more or less been doing, but ultimately it’s not a particularly sound basis. The value always comes from somewhere else, which ultimately manifests a deficit of value there regardless of whether it ever becomes prevalently noticed or not. Revelantly, it could interest ‘the other guys’ to notice that when, in their symbolic terminology, they decide to “raise” somethings and “cast down” others, the innate physics of the situation tells us that when a literal human literally lifts up something that’s literally heavy, the literal weight of whatever it is is added to their own. That concept doesn’t appear to have quite been ‘clicking’ for them, as they’ve “raised” quite a lot of things which have been favorable to their agendas but contrary to Divine Will principles, and manifest literal history tells us they’ve been “casting down” various proponents of Divine Will principles. That’s been manifestly putting ‘their’ quasi-organization, and those who self-identify as members of it, at odds with [meta]physics. I’m merely clarifying the scenario.

It’s nobody’s True Nature to want to manifest inversions of Divine Will, as our True Nature is respectful and reverential. It’s certainly nobody’s True Nature to want to encounter manifested inversions of it; the intrinsic value is manifestly inverted.

This returns us to where we’d started here, that what is said or implied from a manifestly counter-Divine Will position is inherently non-credible. Alignment with “Light” produces truth, and communication without truth neutralizes the manifest value of the thing. At a guess, I’d estimate that ‘the other guys’ don’t find their implied explanation credible themselves. ‘Their’ principals surely don’t, given their familiarity with Divine Will principles. ‘Their’ rank-and-file? I suppose within a system which accepts a faux-dualism of Divine Will and counter-Divine Will positions, which is just a more comfortable rationalization for accepting a counter-Divine Will position, what goes on within that system is essentially arbitrary from a Divine Will-aligned positionality. There are umpteen permutations of, and rationalizations for, investment of Will into a counter-Divine Will position, all inherently unstable and ultimately undesirable.

Incidentally, I should probably reaffirm at this juncture that it’s everybody’s True Nature to Choose to align with, and invest in a position of affirming, Divine Will. What the symbolism of My “house” references via “healthy masculinity”. Even within the principals among ‘the other guys’, and certainly among ‘their’ rank-and-file. It’s an intrinsic for everyone, it’s just that it’s manifestly been rejected, with less than superior manifest resultants. That’s a large part of why it’s manifestly so disappointing to encounter such Choices to reject Divine Will from them; they have every reason to genuinely want better and to do better, and I [and others] have every reason to quite naturally expect to encounter the results of that. It’s precisely because such “healthy masculinity” is inherent within the principals of ‘the other guys’ that there’s ‘no excuse for’ encountering value-subtracted manifestations of “nonsense” in place of that. If I didn’t know to expect better of them, I wouldn’t consistently be so manifestly disappointed in their Choices.

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