Re: Divine Will fraud, Qasem

A few items to address, the first covert and the latter overt. I’m not too sure about the covert actually being an intentional investment, or whether it was merely something that resembles a covert investment ‘the other guys’ have already used and keep handy for certain situations. I’ve been attempting to ascertain which, but rather than take up more literal time I should probably just provide clarity for the strategy anyway since non-current media suggests that it’s a narrative ‘the other guys’ keep in stock.

Essentially, efforts are made to manifest a covertly-implied narrative as follows. on a counter-Divine Will basis, to whatever individual the narrative is directed to: ‘Individual, join us or we’ll off you. Also, you’re obviously a man of spiritual advancement and metaphysical understanding, so we’ll let you in on a little secret: we are too, and we’re ultimately only Working to provide a spiritual and metaphysical educational regimen to the People. That’s right, it’s a public service that we’re providing here, taking over the world is just a pretext for that. Now you know what Divine Will and True Nature are, so you have a special understanding of where we’re really coming from despite all appearances to the contrary. Don’t you trust us? So just join us, accept our counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis since you’re aware that on a deeper, usually unspoken, un-actuated basis we’re really quite good chaps.’

This is probably an excellent juncture to reaffirm that yes, per Divine Will the True Nature of the personnel self-identifying as ‘the other guys’, even in those what purport to be roles of authority within it, are indeed good people.

When they manifestly Choose to chuck out Divine Will and their own True Nature as their basis and standard, anything can happen and usually does.

So yes, such a narrative is just an investment in an effort to use Divine Will and sophistry to attempt to sell people on accepting a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. A spurious ‘duality’ which does not actually exist. Such a basis is mutually-exclusive with Divine Will, and when such a basis manifestly encroaches against rights, the manifestation of True Nature and of Divine Will, we manifestly have a… less than perfect manifest scenario. As well as a manifestly abundant absence of harmony.

I should probably add that this appears to be accompanied by a recent trend by ‘the other guys’ to use the imagery of My “house” indicating Divine Will alignment via confident masculinity, healthy male role models and healthy male affection [Kanye’s bizarre reference to “big dick enrgy”, along with a plethora of media instances of this sort of thing which I’ll avoid mentioning so as to keep My own Divine Will-aligned position clear] to imply that ‘the other guys’ are acting on a Divine Will-aligned basis despite their manifestly not actually Choosing such a basis. The form and appearance without the substance, in other words. Not only are such efforts unconvincing to say the least, they’re about as disappointing on the covert level as guys are on the overt level who use artificial methods to enhance the apparent size of their male endowments when they intend to go carousing.

Onto the overt investment in apparent Divine Will fraud upon the People.

From My Divine Will-aligned position, I’ve already addressed to ‘the other guys’ the matter of their manifest apparent efforts to overtly faux-fulfill the prophecies of the various major religions. This involves carefully planned overt efforts to fulfill various criteria involving timing and the actions of personages, often miscontextualizing the originally-intended meanings of these prophecies. Sometimes these efforts appear to include plans to supposedly assassinate certain public figures, with the intention of bringing them back in a later season of media propaganda in an apparent ‘miraculous resurrection’. Putin appears to be among these figures, as does Qasem Soleimani. These plans were exposed more than a year ago [with a followup currently on their main page], and yet the international corporate media just this week began to bring him out to the general public apparently to familiarize them with him as part of the setup for their plan.

Implementing that would of course defraud the general public sincerely attempting to Choose what they understand to be a Divine Will-aligned position. I mention this because despite manifestly Choosing a counter-Divine Will-aligned position, ‘the other guys’ have made a careful effort throughout My familiarity with them to at least present their position as being fair, honorable within certain parameters of their own Choosing, integrous on a covert level at least [if that isn’t itself a contradiction in terms], and Willing to let the People make their own Choices either for or against Divine Will and True Nature. Certainly, that’s been the whole purported basis of their covert subversion efforts over the last few hundred years; the implied argument is that they’ve been ‘letting’ the People make their own free will Choices on the matter, despite some amount of covert influencing. To overtly defraud the People regarding matters of Choosing Divine Will would of course usurp from the People their agency to make such a Choice.

They’ve already been doing so in other ways and venues, of course. Their careful revisioning and terraforming of the Bible since they acquired control of the publishing industry for about the last hundred years or so, for example.

Or stealth Jesuits ‘Hort and Westcott’’s co-conspired strategic alterations.

Or going a bit further back, the apparent deliberate invention by the Vatican of an entirely different body of texts as a basis for Scripture intended to supplant the Scripture as it had proliferated historically.

This has been done throughout the span of ‘their’ quasi-organization, but to go through with this particular instance of defrauding the People in their efforts to Choose Divine Will, overtly, would demonstrate publicly that their position is manifestly no more credible nor integrous now than it has ever been. Which would hardly be to My personal or professional disadvantage, of course. But a sense of fairness tells Me I ought to make sure to alert ‘the other guys’ to the manifest PR effects of such a publicly-visible lapse of credibility on the covert level for implementing such plans on the overt level. Not to mention directly defying the Will of someone in a position of Divine Will-aligned authority like Myself in order to implement those plans.

They will of course keep their own counsel. Nevertheless I have clearly told them, now plenty of times, about this and clarified the situation in terms of Divine Will. Their plan was publicly exposed well before they’d started to implement it; more thorough exposure and accountability on this would be a comparatively simple matter.

It would seem that ‘the other guys’, manifestly counter-Divine Will position or not, are going to have to Choose between a more blatant lapse of credibility and direct conflict with Divine Will, or passing on these plans and missing their opportunity to appear to co-opt religious prophecies to throw off the People while seeming to legitimatize their to-be-established overt system on its counter-Divine Will basis. I’ll certainly give them credit for their manifest tendency towards adventurousness and audaciousness… it’s just that those character traits aren’t typically compatible with the humility, either literal or symbolic, that is part of their True Nature.

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