“Life”, rights and Divine Will

Just going over a few things here.  And reaffirming My Choice for Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position, not that anyone actually needs Me to reiterate it.

The covert subtext of the Trump summit appeared to be a whole lot of counter-Divine Will symbolism and worrying, concerning stuff. The eventual outcome also featured counter-Divine Will symbolism, with what would have been an inversion symbol were it being ‘spoken’ in the covert language of My “House”, and a basic ‘commitment’ symbol of ‘the other guys’. As if, after all the buildup, they were making a Choice to express and affirm True Nature and a Divine Will-aligned position… which of course they manifestly weren’t, and no amount of inversion symbolism would appear to correct a counter-Divine Will basis either logistically or symbolically. But the implied ‘message’, inasmuch as anything on a counter-Divine Will basis can be said to have a legitimate, trustworthy ‘message’ was that, ‘Don’t you know that whatever happens, we’re upholding Divine Will and True Nature because we know it just as you do?’.

If only that had manifestly been the case.

More recently, I got a more direct bit of covert messaging from the telepaths and propheciers, also on a manifestly counter-Divine Will basis which invalidates it, through multiple sources. Very briefly, I was literally half-awoken by the cold. I then noticed a minor, immediate situation that I should probably attend to which resulted from this. Covert messaging from the telepaths and propheciers kept directing My attention to it after that. Given that they’re manifestly on a counter-Divine Will basis, I decided not to act on their messaging, and go back to literal sleep. Between the cold and the messaging, My mind kept dwelling on the matter until I was literally quite awake just from processing it all. Since I was awake, I decided to go attend to it. Not because of their messaging, but simply because it was enough to affect me, and that meant it was enough to need to go and attend to with the other matter.

What followed for a bit was a brief covert inundation of stern admonishment from the telepaths and propheciers over the next few literal days. “The world is watching, they’d said - yes, the telepaths and propheciers have indeed manifestly been investing in a counter-Divine Will NWO basis, though that’s hardly to their benefit for them to mention - and a few other choice bits of messaging apparently intended to disturb. The implication seemed to be intended to read, ‘Aha! You’ve opted into a counter-Divine Will position, in accepting the value of what we’d proffered on it.’ But as I and they know, that isn’t quite what happened. Nor is such ominous admonishment and harassment quite their True Nature, nor is their proffering anything from such a basis to start with. They were supposed to be Working with Me to uphold and affirm a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis, remember? The disparity between that scenario and what they’ve manifestly invested in bringing about is quite a deficit of value for Myself, them, and the People collectively.

Since both I and they knew what had actually happened, I could see no reason to get into a superfluous explanation when clarity wasn’t actually needed. After all, My private life is - or at least should be - My own, for all their manifest telepathic encroachment into it. Since I knew the harassment wasn’t indicative of their True Nature, there wasn’t a need to mention it unnecessarily unless they manifestly Chose to make a major issue out of it. The covert implied commentary on it seemed to pass after a brief span, and there I would’ve left it.

Then from another source - a source that wasn’t well-equipped to do it much sooner - it recurred again, with more ominous implied threats all presented on a counter-Divine Will basis. All well and good, since I hadn’t accepted such a basis. Except that the agenda was, again, investment in imagery and implication of disrespect and so forth. I certainly hadn’t done anything to deserve that, and it of course isn’t their True Nature to supply it. So, more deficit of value as a result of the manifest Choice of the telepaths and propheciers to invest in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature agenda. A small amount, mind you, but added to a fairly significant manifest heap of it.

But that isn’t the reason I mention it. I mention the whole thing primarily to address something they’d implied, so that there’s clarity on a matter of Divine Will principles.

I’d cite the original material of all this covertly-implied stuff, but the source is laden with so much counter-Divine Will symbolism that I find it important to avoid even seeming to invoke it Myself, because as usual My Choice is to retain a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position. But the gist of it appeared to be, ‘See? We could do all sorts of unsavory stuff to you, except that you Choose to retain a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position. See that you continue to do so. And then you’re fine, because actually we behave quite fairly, and thus we respect a Divine Will-aligned position ourselves.’

And it’s that kind of implied sophistry that needs to be confronted and dispelled directly, in order to uphold My duty to Divine Will.

Well, that and the bit which seemed to imply, ‘So everything said on a counter-Divine Will basis is to be ignored and disregarded by you, since you’re not on that basis.’ The overt equivalent would seem to be law enforcement overlooking evidence of, and even the commission of, crimes simply on the argument that it didn’t pertain to them since the law enforcement officials were themselves law-abiding. Which is just silly. Manifest investments in wrongdoing need to be addressed, lest we become passive enablers in it ourselves.

So let’s address the primary gist of their implication. You have an quasi-organization that represents a manifest collective of Will to systematically and fraudulently manipulate and subvert the People into Choosing a counter-Divine Will basis… and then it purportedly wails on them for doing so. ‘In Choosing a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis you’ve Chosen to reject your own Creation and existence, and thus your existence is forfeit. We can revoke it at any time; you’re expendable.’ Perhaps, but what isn’t apparent is how the same doesn’t apply to the quasi-organization that put them up to it; the principals at least as much as the unwitting agents. An overt parallel might be the crime of ‘entrapment’. As the principals initiating the public’s investment in the counter-Divine Will basis and actively inciting it, that’s much like the crime of ‘incitement to violence’. Whatever the manifest position of the quasi-group and those self-identifying with it, it hardly appears to correspond to their symbol of “white”. As their symbolism itself amply demonstrates, when you have an admixture of “white” with something else, the result certainly isn’t “white”. It’s a Willfully adulterated position with regard to Divine Will and True Nature, and that’s just a fancy way of saying that it’s the manifest Choice on their part to reject Divine Will and their own True Nature. Q.E.D..

We’ve got the telepaths and propheciers manifestly investing in a counter-Divine Will Choice, and on that basis implying all manner of silliness. Investing their resources - time, Will, attention, effort, etc. - into that basis is manifestly precluding them from a position of “Light”. Implying things about My position from such a basis is of course spurious. And investing in it as an alternative to investing in a Divine Will- and True Nature-affirming position is simply, manifestly, failing to do the right thing.

Were they acting in affirmation of Divine Will and their own True Nature, they’d either uphold it on their own or align with My Divine Will-aligned authority. They’ve been manifestly doing neither. Literal and symbolic time passes. They manifestly invest themselves into a position that’s fundamentally at odds with Divine Will. Their Choice has manifestly been to manifest something mutually-exclusive with Divine Will, and that’s manifestly not healthy for them nor fair to anyone else.

Though there’s no valid basis for such a Choice on their part, they’ve been manifestly acting on an invalid basis which attempts to disregard that plain and basic fact. It will likely continue until either they Choose to act on a valid basis - which won’t be valid unless retroactive - or some agency on a valid basis acts upon them. Myself, the People, our shared Creator, something else, the metaphysical resultants of their own acts of Will, or some combination thereof.

Meanwhile, they seem to be directing ‘their’ [My] personnel to implement the same kind of overt scenario at the Trump-Putin conference that they’d made a big thing of organizing for the Trump-Un conference but hit Pause on. When they’ve emplaced ‘their’ shills into positions of overt political authority, that’s a problem. What happens to those isn’t of major concern to Me; if ‘the other guys’ were to take out all of ‘their own’ personnel, that would certainly simplify matters. [My preference of course would have been that those personnel retained their Choice for "life" and with it, their right to literal life.  For the Choice to reject Divine Will is the Choice to reject the source of all rights.  On what basis then could someone on a manifestly, Willfully, and avoidably counter-Divine Will basis claim any 'rights' whatsoever?]  It is however inappropriate for them to behave as though ‘their’ quasi-organization retained a legitimate sense of agency given that they’ve manifestly defaulted on the Divine Will-aligned position which would provide that legitimacy of agency. [And that applies to the manifestly rogue assemblage of telepaths and propheciers too while we’re at it. Legitimacy manifestly left that figurative building when Divine Will did.] Additionally, bogus prophetic fulfillments of the sort they’re apparently planning would be a kind of public fraud in the area of religion, and a direct act of encroachment against Divine Will and against the People generally. Collateral resultants to civilians within the affected area would also presumably have a detrimental effect upon their PR, and ‘the other guys’ might like to consider whether major prior manifest effects of their agendas onto, for example, certain areas of Japan and its citizenry is something they would want to bring to the collective mindset of the general public at this juncture. Those overt incidents in literal Japan were the result of ‘the other guys’ enacting their various agendas, and the resulting effect on the lives of so many more or less innocent civilians wouldn’t provide much benefit for the PR of ‘the other guys’, just as it didn’t do much to improve the lives of those civilians. The major distinction between the manifest scenario now and then is that now a significant proportion of the general public have metriculated through ‘the other guys’ ranks sufficiently to comprehend the quasi-groups responsible for it, and that necessarily produces PR resultants. Though the general public might prevalently no longer understand things like common law and unalienable rights, the moral concept of the right to human life is still pretty firmly built into their self-concept.  Even if so many of them have manifestly abandoned their actual claim to it.

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