A followup

It appears that the non-credible nature of ‘the other guys’ effort, evident from its counter-Divine Will basis, is confirmed. That is to say, that the implied effort to allege less than integrous efforts on My part were themselves less than sincere. The implied rationale from them now seems to be, in essence, ‘Well, we were doing it on a counter-Divine Will basis, so of course it was insincere. You should’ve known that we wouldn’t actually go through with it. What, you doubt Divine Will?’ The telepaths and propheciers have manifestly used that argument as well, and the People probably deserve some correction of that sophistry. I’ll cite some examples to illustrate and try to keep it brief.

Manifestly prior to Rome temporarily ceding its overt influence, it took the life of the literal Jesus and nearly all of His disciples. It later manifestly took the lives of Tyndale, Wycliffe, Cranmer, and so many others who were merely seeking to uphold, affirm and better manifest Divine Will. These acts on Rome’s part were of course manifestly done on a counter-Divine Will basis, yet that it was done on such a basis didn’t help the victims any. It didn’t manifestly keep Rome from taking their lives, nor the lives taken from victims of the Crusade, the Inquisition, and so many other events. Consequently, it’s self-evident that an effort being organized on a counter-Divine Will basis manifestly hasn’t precluded it from taking place, and the onus for these investments of effort neutralize the legitimacy of the organizations which have committed them. This means that Rome, Babylon, and the assemblage of telepaths and propheciers manifestly bear the onus for them until they sincerely repent [which would presumably involve a retroactive restoration of the even sequence], and the passage of literal time and marginalization of those who still acknowledge the onus doesn’t restore legitimacy or credibility to these quasi-organizations. Even were they to suddenly conform to an ostensibly Divine Will-aligned basis tomorrow, that wouldn’t legitimatize them from here on out; the manifest basis of these quasi-organizations is that of a counter-Divine Will basis. They’ve acquired the positions they manifestly have as a result of their actions on a counter-Divine Will basis, so while these quasi-organizations remain, in this version of the temporal event sequence, they remain on that basis. They’ve manifestly incorporated the benefits of a counter-Divine Will basis into themselves, and are now as quasi-organizations stuck with a non-credible, illegitimate basis - a concept which should be readily appreciable to the Babylonians given their format of symbolism. The overt equivalent might be ‘a pariah state’, or ‘a rogue state’. The People evidently aren’t yet aware of this, but that’s easily remediable. We’ve overtly seen what happens to illegitimate states; junta after junta after junta, until they’re replaced by a system with a stable basis. I’ve been trying to offer the personnel self-identifying with these quasi-organizations a sort of ‘Redemption’, a means by which they can opt out. After all, alignment with something on a counter-Divine Will basis is only as legitimate, credible and valid as that counter-Divine Will basis itself; that is to say, not at all. You’d think they would be thrilled with such an opportunity; that they haven’t speaks only of a manifest counter-True Nature position, and such a basis can only endure so much counterforce until it inevitably breaks. There was never any real reason for it in the first place.

Other less than overt efforts on a counter-Divine Will basis have of course manifestly been put into effect as well. The less than integrous efforts by nonovert Jesuits ‘Hort and Westcott’ to diddle with the Bible to reinterpret it in subtle ways, and subsequent efforts to remove entire verses from it. I was greatly interested in this when I encountered it, because as a patriot I’ve been studying the subversion of overt ‘United States’ laws from common law degrading into Roman civil law and for decades couldn’t find the culprit; the strategy of subversion in both religion and law has been the same.  The non-overt symbolism depicts subversion organized by the Freemasons, and since we can readily establish that Freemasonry was devised by the Jesuits we'd appear to have sufficient evidence for a court of law as soon as we can re-establish some.


And we find it again in the ‘current events’ category, as they continue to organize the covert implementation of fraudulent fulfillment of the prophecies of the major religions in order to co-opt them for their own gains. Or at least, for what would appear to be their own gains. As the Babylonians and the telepaths and propheciers know, there’s no evading the results of ones’ own investment into acts of Will, and those who are primarily affected by them are those investing in the Willworking themselves. That’s just basic [meta]physics. Various “name changes”, collapsing franchises, and so on could prove very convincing to the mindset of the People - the results of that aren’t in quite yet - but the nature of the Willworking still carries lingering resultants.

As such, investments into counter-Divine Will positions are invariably ‘unsustainable’. They’re ultimately precluded by Divine Will, and even our True Nature causes us not to genuinely want them in the first place.

The same clearly applies to all counter-Divine Will positions regardless of form or permutation, and of course to rejecting Divine Will-aligned authority such as My own.  That can't be an easy thing to keep attempting to legitimatize.  In the meanwhile I can educate and recruit from among the People themselves, and assemble those Willing to uphold and maintain Divine Will standards.  With billions of people currently on the planet, there's nothing constraining Me to attempting to seek personnel currently implying self-identification with 'the other guys' [albeit on a noncredible basis], particularly when they've been manifestly investing in efforts to undermine Divine Will standards in return for their less than sincere cooperation.  There's certainly no valid reason for that, nor are such manifest investments valid or healthy for them to make.  That's simply a metaphysical, and perhaps legal, advisory.

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