Re: ‘Jesus’, and more clarification

As a courtesy I’m providing clarity on something the telepaths and propheciers already know quite well.

Rome and ‘its’’ franchises would seem to be offering a sort of internal restoration as a means of ingratiating Me to them. Evidence of this includes recent media hype regarding Chilean priests, and what appears to be investment in an effort in the newest season of ‘Archer’ to put God or Jesus references into every episode. I’m uncertain as to whether I’m interpreting this trend and effort correctly, as trying to trendspot early and address patterns means attempting to interpret them before large numbers of personnel start to catch on and repeat them, so the size of my data samples is comparatively small.

I’ve been studying Roman history as well recently, and the kind of relationship they’ve been manifestly investing in establishing seems to correspond to the sort of relationship they’d sought to establish with outside societies in outlying regions. That is, to provide a service and ingratiate themselves to those societies and expect in return a sort of loyalty to them on a basis they’d term ‘friends of Rome’. It appears to be a tradition which they’ve continued covertly into modern times but it’s good for many reasons to have a citable example from history books, especially when trying to provide clarity for the general public on the correlation between modern covert symbolism and the overt behavior of empires.

If I had to guess, this effort would seem to be the result of something of which I’d advised Rome of via overt messaging once I’d recognized that they were involved here. Namely, that the papacy should fulfill the function it overtly presents itself as existing to fulfill, specifically that of teaching and representing the message of Jesus, rather than getting involved in sociopolitical agendas either overt or covert and even frequently acting counter to the message, teachings and position of Jesus. That was simply advice and admonishment. It’s neither a service nor a disservice to Me, ultimately, whether they continue to manifestly invest in a pattern of behavior which figuratively erodes credibility from their manifest position. So given their apparent recent efforts, I’d probably be remiss not to ensure My stated and intended meaning was quite clear for them rather than have them invest in efforts to establish a relationship with Me by providing a service which isn’t actually a service at all. Fair is fair.

Next I’ll clarify the larger premise of the Roman effort or strategy to provide service in return for an expectation of making others ‘friends of Rome’. This will likely not be new information for anyone involved, but I’ll state it quite clearly regardless. Ideally, My preference would be to have friendly relations with absolutely everyone. Manifestly, the scenario is drastically less than ideal. Rome, indeed ‘the other guys’ including Babylon and the assemblage of telepaths and propheciers, have manifestly placed themselves in a position which is mutually-exclusive with that of Divine Will and their own True Nature. I’m unable to align Myself with those occupying such a position, as it would be a Choice on My own part to place Myself in the same kind of mutually-exclusive position. That is, they’ve been forcing a Choice between ‘friendship’ and every worthy thing in Creation: Divine Will, their True Nature, My True Nature, and so on, and nothing on such a basis is acceptable nor indeed ultimately ‘real’. They can and should expect a summary rejection of any offers on such a basis, and I’m aware of them having provided no offers on any other basis.

Now let’s ‘zoom out’ from that context to clarify things on a somewhat larger context. Babylon and Rome manifestly exist and have existed apparently as the result of the manifestly errant Choices by the telepaths and propheciers to adopt a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. We’ve established that there was never any true nor sincere motive for them to do so. Everything resulting from that Choice dispels when the Choice is retroactively corrected, and makes no sense until it has been. Thus we can see that the covert and even the overt behavior of the manifestly-errant assemblage of telepaths and propheciers has been what My “House” would symbolically refer to as “meaningless babble”, things which have been invested in and purport to have various forms of meaning and import but which are truly meaningless, lacking a context in alignment with everything true and genuine and worthy throughout Creation. The same would seem to apply to the manifest basis and position of Babylon and Rome on both an overt an covert basis. Not an easy thing to have to express to anyone, and I’ve phrased it in as neutral terms as I can.

Things on a counter-Divine Will basis have no inherent existence, at least in the forms they take on as a result of the Choice to exist in that basis. They only have manifest existence to the extent that there has been a Choice to invest in them on such a basis. The manifestations are ultimately unsatisfying, unworthy, and the Choice to invest in a counter-Divine Will basis is the Choice to jettison the ultimate reality of ones’ own existence; to reject it. This is hardly an ideal state of affairs; indeed, it ‘sucks’ and is ultimately an unreal predicament to be in, either for those manifestly so Choosing, or for those like Myself who must merely encounter the senseless Choices of others to invest in such positions on their part.

‘The other guys’ - that is, ultimately the manifestly rogue assemblage of telepaths and propheciers - neatly symbolized this point recently when they used a bevy of shill political shills to demonstrate a position of “standing with legs spread, feet apart”. It’s a position that hadn’t escaped My notice in media imagery over the last decade or so. The message, interpreted in their nomenclature, appears to reference the concept of ‘the more separate our manifest positionalities, the less real those positionalities are. In truth, we’re in alignment’, and I’ve seen them use this for example in the dissolution of various franchise organizations such as the ‘Knights of Malta’. That’s a spiritually valid concept in a context of Divine Will principles. In the absolute Truth that is Divine Will and our True Nature, we are united. In a manifest state in which that Divine Will and True Nature is conspicuous by its manifest absence, the manifest scenario lacks the resulting unity that its presence would have provided. That is certainly greatly disappointing to Me, but to attempt to compensate for this by acting as though manifest unity existed when manifest Truth and Divine Will are absent would be to accept a colossal metaphysical fallacy and position Myself and others on a very unstable error of metaphysical principles. Much of the manifest world is currently predicated on such an error, and as such it’s like a figurative or perhaps symbolic “house positioned halfway off a cliff”. That’s hardly a worthwhile position in which to live, and property values for such a house are likely overvalued in the extreme.

That “house”, we’ll recall, is neither specifically Babylon nor specifically Rome, but rather the position of anyone opting into the manifest Choice of the telepaths and propheciers for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis. Rome and Babylon are simply manifest derivative resultants of this, predicated on such a Choice, franchises of such a Choice if you like. The Choice itself is the “house positioned halfway off a cliff”.

My duty is not to make the “house” “fall”; the physics inherent in the situation will do that, and the “house” itself is manifestly not salvageable. The People within it of course are, and this would seem to require showing them their overvaluation of the property values by explaining things like physics and the architecture of the “house” to them. That is, Divine Will and the nature of the Choice including its derivative franchises, such as Babylon and Rome.

This is what I’d meant at the end of My last message, about the necessity for explaining to the People the *non*existence of the so-called ‘New World Order’. By clarifying Divine Will principles and the nature of the “house” for them, I can help to expose the manifest existence of these things and then demonstrate the ultimate *non*existence of such a position for reason that Divine Will is supreme and the Truth, and that nothing in conflict with it could or even would exist in the first place. For who would even build a “house positioned halfway off a cliff” in the first place? There’d be no inclination, the logistics would be unfeasible, not to mention getting the zoning permits.

When the People have a clear understanding of the situation, Divine Will principles included, divestment becomes the obvious public response. In truth of course, the telepaths already know all this and would’ve had no reason to implement their manifest Choice in the first place, but as I also have no reason to implement it I Work actively to displace it by affirming and clarifying Divine Will for the People.

That’s what I mean; as the “house”, the Choice, doesn’t truly exist then neither do derivatives of it such as Rome and Babylon [at least in the position they’ve manifestly occupied throughout this temporal event sequence]. When there’s no excuse for the Choice, there’s no excuse for the behavior of the resultants of that Choice either. And just as the telepaths and propheciers can’t say much of anything from an inherently non-credible basis, neither can the franchises. I do care about the People manifestly occupying such a “house” - the telepaths and propheciers, the officials within Babylon and Rome, and the general rank-and-file personnel - but metaphorically speaking I can’t hear them well from within its context.

Let me complete this message with a clarifying metaphor which I trust will make this situation, and our relative manifest positions, clearer for ‘the other guys’. I’ll present it in the context of the history of the Roman Empire which as I’ve mentioned I’ve been studying lately. Suppose that when the overt Roman Empire existed, a foreigner came and alerted the Empire to a situation which threatened the whole of the Empire, as well as every single citizen within it. Not only did this foreigner alert them and clarify the scenario for them, they showed the Romans how to overcome the situation. It was to officially disband it in its current form completely, and replace it with a name, authority structure and set of governing principles which were in alignment with Divine Will principles. It meant abandoning the acquisitions made using the counter-Divine Will basis, yet it saved the organization and the citizenry within it. In a sense, the Empire would no longer exist as it had, but in another it would have ultimately saved the organization and everyone within it. Overt Rome was rather good at this; it would certainly adapt and adopt foreign strategies when they were advantageous, and even covert Rome would “reshape” and “regenerate” itself in superficial ways to adapt and overcome. Could it not then reformulate itself in a more fundamental way to truly and genuinely acknowledge and uphold Divine Will principles and the True Nature of all involved? To truly repent, to truly realign itself with Divine Will, and in so doing correct the situation and save itself? True, it wouldn’t continue to exist as it manifestly had been, yet given the “house positioned halfway off a cliff” that was going to be the inevitable outcome regardless.

Which brings us back to the current events I’d mentioned. Continuing on a manifestly counter-Divine Will basis while making plenty of overt or covert references to ‘Jesus’ hardly suffices. But a genuine Divine Will-aligned basis, ah. There we’d have something. To divest of everything and commit to the Divine Will of our shared Creator, and True Nature as the supreme and sacrosanct authorities, with all lesser authorities deriving from that, then you’d have something viable. Given the inherent and impersonal metaphysics of the situation, the Choice not to do so would still inevitably result in the involuntary divestiture of everything, so the only Choice is whether or not to do the right thing.

I should probably reiterate, to make sure everyone's clear on it despite the new presentation of information, that My Choice of Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position remains constant.

Indeed, the mentality of thinking it would be otherwise indicates an apparent lack of understanding of how essential a Divine Will-aligned position is, something I trust I've been able to better provide in this message.

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