Re: ‘Grace’, additional

I continue to find no relevant, new or worthwhile implication from ‘the other guys’ on a counter-Divine Will basis: nothing which would make a case which would mitigate accountability for their manifest Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis for reason of it being anything other than knowing, Willful, deliberate, avoidable and systematic.

The Koreas summit and the implied covert import there hadn’t escaped My notice, as intended. A manifest disappointment. A definite sense of good will being intentionally presented, undermined by a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis which renders it invalid. An acknowledgment of the metaphysical and spiritual ‘unity’ of all humanity, but used as an implied argument presented to rationalize and justify political ‘unity’ on a basis which jettisons the Divine Will of our shared Creator, and the True Nature of all involved, which is the basis for that ‘unity’ in its truer sense. And no small amount of implied and less-than-sincere sychophancy. It makes sense that it’s less than sincere, as it’s on a basis which rejects the True Nature which would imbue it with sincerity. And apparent efforts to use it as an opportunity for a sales pitch for something which I’ve already made quite clear is in opposition to everything I genuinely want, as well as anything that’s genuinely worthwhile, healthy, functional or lasting.

That ‘grace’ is now closed, with the exception of media sources which release their media only sporadically enough not to have yet had a chance to comment on this; those who release monthly, for example. That’s just out of a sense of fairness; it makes sense to ensure they have an opportunity to be heard out, and that their content can remain relevant despite their production schedule.

For their part, the telepaths and propheciers appear to have already sounded off on this. They have made an especial effort to reiterate yet again that everything manifestly on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis necessarily has no validity, and that no justification can excuse it. Just so. That’s certainly been My assessment, which accounts for much of My Will towards justice and truth on this matter particularly. It was only morally right, I think, to ensure that the manifest wrongdoing was done Willfully, knowingly, deliberately, and avoidably. Justice is made mild through the correct addition of grace; in this situation mercy appears inapplicable since the wrongdoing can [and should] be dispelled retroactively. Given the capabilities of the telepaths and propheciers, and the metaphysics of Divine Will principles, for it ever to have manifested at all is completely “absurd”. While the Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis manifestly remains, the Will for a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned manifestation of truth and justice remains and presumably will continue to remain. And proliferate, as well as I’m able to propagate it.

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