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It seems 'the other guys' have manifestly not yet made the Choice to align with and uphold Divine Will and their own True Nature, and abandon a position - and symbolism indicating as much - that's mutually-exclusive with that.  It also appears that their 'offer' was simply to continue as they had been, only revise and upgrade their presentation of it.  I'm precluded by My own True Nature and alignment with Divine Will from accepting such a basis.  Manifestly, the telepaths and propheciers continue to default on the True Nature- and Divine Will-aligned basis that I'd established, and they'd opted into, as My basis for Working with them.

Is that an exemplification of their True Nature?  No.

Is it an exemplification of a manifest alignment with Divine Will on their part?  No.

So it appears that the manifest situation is the same in every basic aspect.  And that I have every reason to expect better from them, as do we all, despite the manifest overt activities of these quasi-organizations over the last several centuries.

I did hear a covert implication from them which seemed to suggest, 'Look, we just work here.  We didn't do all that stuff from centuries ago.  We're not affiliated with all that.  We're trying to do better.'

The quasi-organizations have manifestly acquired the positions they have in our era due to their activities previously.  ['No man ought to derive any benefit of his own wrong.', 'Commodum ex injuri su non habere debet.', and the same presumably applies to quasi-organizations as well.]  By associating themselves with the quasi-organizations, the individuals occupying quasi-authority positions manifestly affiliate themselves with their pattern of behavior.  And their manifest, continued insistence upon a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, and affiliation with quasi-organizations which have established themselves on that basis, makes the nature of their manifest Choice as plainly recognizable as it is "absurd".  So I'm unable to accept their implied reasoning.  I'd ask if there was something I've missed here, but responses on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis are inherently non-credible for reasons which are self-evident.

We all have every reason to quite naturally expect a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned response and set of Choices from 'the other guys', or at least the personnel who'd manifestly been affiliated with them.  That hasn't been forthcoming.  That is more manifest evidence of a Willful counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position.  Which as we all know is invalid.

Before I was familiarized with their use of counter-Divine Will symbolism, I quite by necessity lacked the understanding to recognize and refrain from using it.  I remember a manifest juncture in which, apparently because of this, I was misinterpreted as Choosing a counter-Divine Will position Myself.  I'd received a few instances of a covert symbol with which I'd been unfamiliar ["Plan █", where █ is a letter], and then the media and so on just started to ignore Myself, My "house" and My efforts on the covert level.

More experience with, and research of, 'the other guys' has provided Me with a better understanding of their symbolism and context since that incident.  [Or at least, the quasi-context of quasi-organizations which are merely the product of a manifest Choice by the telepaths and propheciers to reject their own True Nature.]

But it doesn't account for why they manifestly haven't acknowledged My Divine Will-aligned authority and disregarded 'the other guys' on more or less the same basis.

It makes no sense to Me and seems rather internally inconsistent.  But Divine Will principles tell us that all manifest things on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature are ultimately nonsensical and internally inconsistent.  They don't truly exist, in an Absolute sense.

The whole of humanity living out their lives in an unworthy manifest metaphysical paradox is something I'm sure we can improve upon.

All it requires is the Choice to live in alignment with Divine Will and our own True Nature.  Doing so means not 'inverting' that, as we find minor symbols are so often 'inverted'.  The Choice for something is the Choice to uphold and affirm it.

Not much of a Choice, really.  True Nature and Divine Will exist in an Absolute sense.  Positions in conflict with them do not.  When you manifestly have quasi-organizations predicated on a basis which does not exist, the "Light" abates their manifestation.

While I'm Working on that, I should probably add that I'm still keeping tabs on the manifest geopolitics regarding Syria, the South China Sea, etc.  Continued investment in scenarios intended to manifest a globalism it's neither in alignment with Divine Will nor their True Nature to genuinely want is not as encouraging as we might quite naturally expect.

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