Re: More ‘haggling’

More covertly-implied efforts on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis to 'haggle'.  If I'm reading it right [despite the invalidating nature of a counter-Divine Will basis, that is], it appears to be as follows:  'We'll continue on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis and continue encroaching, but we'll add an additional covert messaging system to teach everyone about Divine Will principles in return for your joining with us permanently, and adopting a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis yourself.'  This is evident in the 'news items' about a French police officer who "swapped his life for that of a hostage", and the Russian shopping plaza incident, as well as various other covert implications in the course of reporting on other 'news items'.

Is that a Divine Will-aligned basis?  No.

Is that a True Nature-aligned basis?  No.

It's a continued effort to invest in the rejection of both.  Then to partially mitigate the effects of their previous manifest efforts in rejection of both, in an effort to gain My acceptance of that.

It's as if someone is in the process of robbing a bank, gets caught at it, and then attempts to bargain with the law enforcement officers to put some of the money back in return for their freedom, which they plan to use to rob more banks.  Not only is that a non-standard practice that defies common sense, it's another criminal act in that it attempts to bribe the officers.

In Gnostic terms, it's an attempt to gain acceptance of the organization and its 'Left Handed' actions if only they'll start using their 'Right Hand' as well.  Somewhat.  And additionally, presumably use it to bolster the PR rating of 'their' organization which has manifestly done all this, because they'd be the ones presenting it to the People.  It's not unlike the 'Vatican's' numerous attempts to use edicts backed with force to obtain a monopoly on the ownership of Bibles, only owned by their clergy, only in Latin, and then present themselves as the ennobled providers of a Divine message to the People while implementing a strategy to subvert their understanding of it all along.

For an organization seeking to impose themselves as supposed 'gods incarnate' to the People, they manifestly do a lot of suppressing, conflicting with, and subverting an understanding of Divine Will.

When the 'Vatican' found suppression by force was ineffective, they manifestly reacted by attempting covert infiltration and subversion.  Now 'the other guys' apparently seek to prompt Me, rather than them, to approach the affirmation of Divine Will principles from a covert position rather than an overt position.  'Their' Jesuits attempted to establish a similar kind of social contract via the Freemasons decades ago, as evidenced by their "cowboys and Indians" symbolic motif back in the Fifties and their "headlights" symbol prior to that.  Getting supporters of Divine Will to do the 'hiding' rather than themselves is against Divine Will, counter-True Nature, and another instance of that 'light sources hidden under bushels' formula that's self-evidently "absurd".

So it's not only another investment that's essentially in conflict with Divine Will and their own True Nature, it's pretty much the same position the assemblage of telepaths and propheciers have manifestly been taking with Me.  They'd sought My support upholding and affirming Divine Will, I'd established a basis of doing so only on the condition that they'd remain in alignment with and affirmation of their True Nature and Divine Will, and they've manifestly defaulted on that.  And demonstrated an ongoing sequence of rights violations in the process.  But they'll educate Me in Divine Will principles in the meantime!  While manifestly behaving in conflict with them, rejecting them as a basis of our interaction, and rampantly violating them both directly and internationally through 'their' franchises.

Their own symbolism has it right: That's a position that's inherently in conflict with Divine Will and their own True Nature.  They know it.  I know it.  It's unacceptable.  And we both know they can and should do better; without that, they manifestly lack credibility and trustworthiness anyway.

As do these franchise quasi-organizations which I've already established are 'in default'.  Their manifest ongoing refusal to acknowledge that and behave accordingly is a rejection of Divine Will and their own True Nature, as is attempting to use it to 'their' advantage as quasi-organizations.

When I'd started to address the matter, I plainly established that the venue of law used for this would be Divine Will principles and American common law.  I've provided a resource to understanding both, including maxims of common law.  So that, 'No man ought to derive any benefit of his own wrong. [Commodum ex injuri su non habere debet.]' should be readily apparent.  And the attempt to do so is of course more wrongdoing.  It's a continued investment in an agenda to act in conflict with Divine Will and with their own True Nature.

Which I think I've already established is unacceptable.

Even investing in an effort to 'offer' that arrangement is unworthy of them.  Particularly when it's part of an ongoing misuse of resources that can and should already be used to uphold and affirm Divine Will principles and True Nature under Divine Will-aligned management, and their manifest refusal to acknowledge their manifest default and insolvency is the 'reason' it's not.

Not only 'the other guys' but the assemblage of telepaths and propheciers acting in direct conflict with Divine Will must find it a difficult matter to justify their manifest ongoing rejection of it, and the lapse of value of their manifestly-Chosen position is surely becoming self-evident to all involved.

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