Choices, and accountability

With the onset of the Russian spy news, 'the other guys' have manifestly been working another covertly-implied effort to forestall the requirement to uphold a standard of Divine Will and True Nature.  It remains unacceptable, and I had to scan it for a while to determine whether they were even serious.  It appears to be an attempt to get Me to accept personnel which self-identify as both aligning with My "house", and that of 'the other guys', and harmonize the symbolism.  A sort of '50 / 50' arrangement.

Which is just a duality which doesn't truly exist, a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position alongside a position which has manifestly rejected and lives in defiance of both.

As there is no valid basis for the latter position, I have neither a need for it nor a reason to deem it acceptable.  What's more, it's an inherently non-credible position which does not live up to My standards.

Were they acting in accordance with their True Nature, they would not seek to gain My acceptance of such a position.  While they are not, I can't see them gaining it.  There's certainly no reason for such a counter-agenda, with its inherent unworthiness, and all manifest reasons provided collapse upon scrutiny.

Speaking of which...

I've encountered someone who covertly group-identifies as a Babylonian Gnostic, working in media.  They manifestly continue to invest in agendas which usurp My Divinely-conferred rights and those of everyone else in the literal 'U.S.'.  They've made it clear that they're acting on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, refuse to acknowledge reason, deploy verbal abuse, zealotry and marginalization, and now continue to blithely invest in usurpation and subversion agendas of My rights.

Clearly this isn't their True Nature, and that core element is where the fault in their manifest position is.  I'd like to think of this as a one-off aberrant scenario, but I turn on the 'news' to find the entire quasi-group investing in the same effort.  Yes, there's been some occasional yielding here and there on the issue, and yes, there's been a negligible sense of impartiality.  But again, we find a bogus duality of absolute, Divinely-conferred rights, and a counter-position.  This is unacceptable, and will not be tolerated.  For the same reason a manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position will not be tolerated.

The individual has encouraged Me to say what I like in 'my own spaces', while they continue to invest in efforts to violate My rights on 'theirs'.  I quite intend to - the individual and quasi-group are about to get more publicity than they were likely expecting - but that isn't how rights Work.  I thought I should make that plain to the quasi-group as part of an effort to find a more harmonious resolution that's more in the interests of all concerned.  While they manifestly retain a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis - and while the telepaths and propheciers manifestly refuse to remit a valid sequence of events with rights upheld, etc. - it's unlikely that it's feasible, but it's only good courtesy for Me to make the effort regardless.  The inherent disharmony is in their manifest rejection of a valid, Divine Will- and True Nature- aligned basis.

I suppose it's vaguely possible that they're manifestly attempting to sell Me a sort of 'increasingly unacceptable behavior, leading to their own "downfall"' scenario.  Not only is that exactly the opposite of what I've been seeking, there isn't any valid basis for them to do any of it in the first place, let alone more of it.  So on the outside chance that that's been the agenda on which they've been acting, I should presumably make it clear that it too is "absurd" and unacceptable.  It would indicate - as their other investments of time and effort have - an ongoing manifest Choice to reject Divine Will and their own True Nature, and their own True Nature tells them that this is unacceptable.  The more they invest in such efforts, the natural result is the deterioration of the manifest state.  I hardly need to cite which of the basic elemental symbols that corresponds with in their symbolic lingo.  But that isn't a gift from them; it's a natural principle which pre-existed all of us.

In case it isn't clear, I want what's good for Me.  I want what's good for them.  I want what's good for everyone.  The disharmonious basis on which they've been manifestly behaving is precluding that, as well as limiting My options of how to manifestly restore this without them.  [Obviously with them, restoring this would be a breeze.  But that would require a Divine Will-and True Nature- affirming basis, which would mean there'd be no this to restore.]  It's already an undeserved onus on My part; this all should've been a non-issue from the start.

It's only fair and just that the disharmonies they've manifestly Chosen with regard to basic metaphysical principles should impact them rather than others.  Or at least, as fair and just as the scenario they've been Choosing and manifesting will allow.

"Exposure", both literally and as a metaphysical symbol, and common law are the most fair and just approaches available to Me, which uphold the rights of everyone involved.  But to achieve a manifest scenario more clement to themselves, I again greatly encourage them to Choose a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position.  It's "too late" for the quasi-organization, but their True Nature doesn't sincerely want that anyway.  It's still possible for the people self-identifying with that quasi-group and 'its' franchises to repent, dissociate from it, and atone.

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