Re: Enforcement

Within a counter-Divine Will context, 'the other guys' have apparently been implying a forceful response in the event that I improperly transgress against them.

This of course is an instance of a demeaning and less-than-respectful position as a result of their manifest Choice to jettison their own True Nature.  Their True Nature is of course quite respectful of others, and of legitimate authority.  It's just that they manifestly haven't been acting on that basis.

That said, organizations usually have the legitimate ability and prerogative to counter encroachments against their legitimate interests.  That's only right and fair, and I acknowledge that.  What is right and fair doesn't exist solely in support of My own interests and agendas.  Righteousness and fairness [or in a more formal context, 'justice'] exists for us all.

Though it's surely not needed, I should probably reaffirm that My intent is to uphold Divine Will, True Nature, and the rights which derive from those things in only a righteous and just manner.  Not to do so would certainly be counter to My Will and cause.  In short, that just isn't something I want.

Let's do a quick review here.  The assembly of telepaths and propheciers had manifestly invested in a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature Choice and position.  The various franchise pseudo-organizations manifested as a result of such a Choice.  Divine Will and True Nature are the bases from which rights and legitimate interests derive.  Their manifestly aberrant Choice manifestly places them in an interesting position with regard to righteousness and fairness.  It would be expedient for Me to conclude that in manifestly rejecting the source of rights and fairness, these people have thus Chosen to forfeit them completely.  Expedience of course isn't always ideal nor even the primary consideration, particularly when matters of principle are at issue.  Here, such expedience on My part could theoretically induce Me to increasingly jettison principles in the effort to manifest righteousness and fairness, and such a formula could easily become counterproductive and inherently unfair on My part, whatever their Chosen position.  Another Inquisition in which Roman personnel for example were the victims rather than the aggressors would hardly be much of an improvement.  That would self-evidently manifest the very sort of thing to which I take exception.

Since late twenty-fourteen I've been addressing 'the other guys', making sure they have an understanding of Divine Will, Divine Will principles, and True Nature.  I'd had every reason to naturally presume that their manifest rejection of Divine Will and their own True Nature was unintentional, that they'd accept the information and make the requisite corrections, and that we could get the involved personnel to Choose a legitimate basis with a reasoned, amicable approach.  To this date they manifestly continue to act on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis to the best of My understanding.

This disappoints Me.  There's certainly no valid reason for them to do so, and as the People are given an understanding of the situation no reason for them to support anyone who does.  Nevertheless, the "absurd" Choice manifestly being made by 'the other guys' is theirs; it would be quite untoward to impose My Will upon their own and seek to make it for them.  Freedom requires the ability to make our own Choices, and to experience their resultants.  The latter of course includes the accompanying accountability for said Choices.

When aberrant Choices manifestly encroach against My rights and the rights of others, that puts them within My purview and bailiwick and I certainly have a legitimate interest in addressing that.  Babylon, etc. have manifestly expanded at the expense of what legitimately belongs to others, Myself included.  To the best of My understanding it has little or no legitimate interests; what it has manifestly usurped belongs to others, including innocents.  Years ago I'd established the venues in which to resolve this manifest dispute as the venues Divine Will principles and American common law.  I've made clear My case to them [what common law typically refers to as 'Notice and Demand'] politely, they've manifestly defaulted on that, and the pseudo-organization has been declared manifestly insolvent and forfeit.  The behavior, still manifestly in violation of rights, continues; much like a corporation whose corporate charter has been revoked, but whose employees continue to show up and work as usual.

Enforcement in alignment with Divine Will principles and American common law becomes the next recourse, their manifest continued Choice to reject Divine Will, their own True Nature, and violate rights precluding, per their manifest Choice, to preclude an amicable resolution to the matter.

Due to the currently manifest state of both the People and the overt court system as the result of their subversion efforts, an effort of overhauling both and the reinstillation of founding values will be required in order to effectively address and enforce the forfeiture.  In the meantime, I'm aware of no legitimate organizational interests retained by 'the other guys'.  I'm certainly willing to address their views on the matter, but they'd need to establish a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position in order to present any concerns there, for the purposes of credibility, sincerity, and 'good faith'.  Defecting personnel as 'messengers' could provide a means of accomplishing this; they would of course need to uphold Divine Will standards, and it would presumably be readily evident if they did not.  Even now, 'the other guys' are not left without legitimate recourse, despite their manifestly continuing to narrow their options.

Their options also include seeking a retroactive temporal correction from the telepaths and propheciers who'd started the pseudo-organization, which would alleviate this whole dispute.  An organization which had instead aligned with, affirmed and upheld True Nature and Divine Will throughout much of human history would have been a comparative boon; more accurately, it would have avoided being an absconder of Divinely-provided value.

I've tried to consider how My behavior might appear to someone who's manifestly led a different life, with 'the other guys' now-familiar context.  I've even regarded it in the context of their venue of law, as expressed in symbolism and 'fairytales'.  'Their' personnel and 'their' entire pseudo-organization has, throughout much of human history, desperately and eagerly sought Divinely-conferred material resources including rights, land, acknowledged truth, the People, and entire structures established by the People including governments, religious organizations, cultural norms, philosophies, moral codes, customs and traditions.  In their own context of symbolism, they appear to have "eaten the food" of our shared Creator in abundance; yet they manifestly refuse to integrate with Divine Will principles as a result.  So I've been unable to get their Choice to make sense even from their own apparent context, though perhaps that is only right.  From My context, Divine Will principles, the rejection of True Nature and Divine Will is a Choice which never can make sense.

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