My position remains the same: alignment with, and affirmation of, Divine Will and True Nature.

'The other guys' have manifestly been presenting a dualistic position, easing off on some areas of dispute but continuing to reject Divine Will- and True Nature-alignment.  While it has somewhat reduced areas of contention, it of course remains no substitute for a valid position.

I'm prompted to reaffirm this because it appears that they continue to make their efforts for globalism while still leaving the matter of Divine Will disparity unresolved:

UN Pleads For Truce In Syria ... '

...and similarly make efforts towards defrauding the People regarding the fulfillment of various major religious prophecies there and elsewhere.

Appearances may not be correct; they may just be putting 'their' personnel through maneuvers and intending to cancel their efforts as they have a number of others.  Regardless, it's important on My part to be clear and given the discrepancy in our manifest Divine Will alignment I'm aware of nothing that legitimately entitles the authority they've been alleging here while the Divine Will matter remains unresolved.  Were the personnel acting instead under My authority we'd instead have maneuvers which uphold, affirm, and educate in Divine Will and True Nature.

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