Re: True Will

I've been seeing covert references by 'the other guys' which suggest they seek to reestablish a position "above the ken" of the People.  Yet their current Choices suggest that they want this 'elevated' position while still manifestly rejecting Divine Will.

Such an effort would of course contravene their True Nature.

Since it would be a rejection of their True Nature, it cannot possibly represent their True Will.

Metaphysically, it would continue to demonstrate a manifest rejection of Divine Will.  Things which are in contravention of the laws of Creation -that is, Divine Will principles - cannot truly exist, let alone remain 'elevated' above things which do truly exist and as such have vastly greater priority.  The People, for example.

As a piece of friendly advice, if there's any lack of clarity about this on their part they're encouraged to consult the telepaths and propheciers which 'oversee' them about this matter.

When any of us invest in Choices which are in conflict with Divine Will and with our True Nature, they're also investments which are in conflict with our True Will.  The result of this is that whatever it is we're Willing to manifest, there is an unnoticed greater act of Will to dispel it.  And this greater act of Will invariably manifests sooner or later; the more the conflict and the greater the investment, the more and sooner it manifests.  Rome surely noticed this when it re-formed from its more forceful presentation to its present approach.  But although the form was varied, the underlying nature of the Choice had not.  Result: Centuries of investment into an effort to 'sneak around' both Divine Will and their own True Will.  Such an effort surely could not bring genuine fulfillment even if it could ultimately succeed.

There is of course another manner of interpreting their recent covert message, translating roughly to 'the middle position' between a duality which in a metaphysical sense actually does not exist.  But that of course wouldn't seem to make sense either, reducing as it does to an "absurd" position which doesn't exist in an absolute sense either.

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