Re: The telepaths and propheciers

Having addressed the personnel within the various quasi-organizations regarding the matter of Divine Will principles and True Nature with their manifest ongoing refusal, comes now the assemblage of telepaths and propheciers covertly replying in the midst of them.  Or at least implying a reply, manifestly predicating themselves on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.

'Relax,' they seem to say.  'It's just us!  Those quasi-organizations are just franchises; we're still in charge of it all.  It's silly to reject or take action on our manifest counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position, because we understand both Divine Will and our own True Nature perfectly well, you big silly!  And we care, we're out to help, and just because we're manifestly acting on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis doesn't invalidate that.  We know what we're doing here.'

Mmm-hmm.  It would be just as "absurd" to make the argument that just because someone knows the law, it exonerates them from behaving on a systematically criminal basis.  The formula here hasn't improved, it's merely 'shifted up a level' onto that of the assemblage of manifestly rogue telepaths and propheciers, rather than of the quasi-organizations they've been enacting as franchises.  The mere abilities of telepathy and advanced prognostication doesn't improve matters in and of themselves; it's much as if you've directed an accountant to some major and various serious irregularities in their accounting, and their response is to show you some novel personal skill they're quite good at.  It doesn't address the matter and as things are currently manifest, it hasn't resolved it either.

When I'd started addressing these quasi-organizations, it was precisely because these telepaths and propheciers manifestly had insisted upon retaining a position which had lapsed in upholding Divine Will principles and their own True Nature.  Since they'd approached Me and asked Me to Work with them, I made clear that a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned basis was the only basis on which I'd Work with them, and 'told' them not to continue with Me unless it was on the agreement of such a basis.  They'd appeared to agree, had started presenting Me with all manner of apparently worthwhile information, only to increasingly disappoint and demonstrate their position as inherently unreliable.  What's the use of an assemblage of telepaths and propheciers who aren't inherently reliable?  They manifestly began throwing Me increasingly disrespectful, grotesque, and unintegrous messages as well.  As both I and they understand Divine Will principles and their True Nature and the importance of upholding and manifesting same, I had no context into which to comprehend these manifest errors.  I gave them grace and tried to overlook them, because they must certainly have been inadvertent and not actually meant.

Their errors became manifestly more frequent and systematic, and I could make nothing of them.  There was certainly no reason for them.  It was only as I addressed the various layers of these quasi-organizations later that as the result of the efforts of these various franchises I'd become familiarized with the counter-Divine Will layer of covert symbolism that's manifestly become so apparently in vogue.  Of course a counter-Divine Will basis manifestly invalidates both the message and the position of the speaker, and so there truly is no such thing as 'a counter-Divine Will layer of covert symbolism', but that manifestly hasn't prevented the international community from acting on such a non-existent basis, with systematically unworthy results for all concerned.

So if the telepaths and propheciers have a point here, I'm not getting it.  I don't think they do.  There isn't much of a point one can make on a counter-Divine Will basis.  Currently manifest events and currently manifest literal history are aftereffects of the manifest Choice of the telepaths and propheciers to predicate themselves on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis, as are the various quasi-organizations which have been manifest as 'their' franchises.  It's all forfeit, of course.  Forfeit to Divine Will, and certainly to an as-yet-unmanifest event sequence in which the telepaths and propheciers, and humanity as a whole, Chose to align with and uphold Divine Will and their own True Nature.

To the best of My knowledge, every bit of manifest 'suckage' that's happened to anyone in all of history has been a manifestation of their manifestly errant Choice for a counter-Divine Will basis.  It's not easy to think of anyone who'd be in favor of such a scheme, not even themselves.  Consequently the whole scenario's an "absurd" landscape that's drastically unworthy and that is not and cannot become acceptable.

The obvious thing of course would be for the telepaths and propheciers to just do the obvious thing; to retroactively correct that fundamental Choice back into alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature.  Until they manifestly do so, none of the Choices or scenarios that they or the rank-and-file make are going to be worthwhile, regardless of what phenomenal abilities they have or use or continue to fritter away on less-than-worthwhile options.  And while they haven't, their manifest positions are going to be objectionable to those who continue to affirm and uphold Divine Will and their own True Nature to the best of their abilities... with the quasi-organizations as 'their' franchises manifestly caught up in the mix, much like assets which are forfeit for their use in committing a crime.

Being the subject of telepathic surveillance also violates the subject's right to privacy, and rights violations are of course counter-Divine Will manifestations since we're imbued with rights by our shared Maker... and since violation of those rights is a manifestation of injustice, which is a form of 'suckage'.  And so their coy covert messaging format of making private, shared allusions to My circumstances are hardly received as comforting anymore, but rather as more of a demonstration of their manifestly errant Choice for a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.  Particularly as that manifest Choice on their part has resulted in the lack of support which has made My own manifest circumstances so reduced.  Other agendas evidently needed the support and resources more in this event sequence; multinational NGOs, illustrious sham-temples filled with obscenely materially valuable decorations, and of course worldwide media that had to be used to perpetuate counter-Divine Will agendas rather than something actually worthy of anyone.  Priorities, I suppose.

Those manifest misprioritizations are only the result of a basis that isn't indicative of their True Nature of course, and they'll necessarily sort themselves out retroactively precisely because their True Nature is a constant, but currently "absurdly" unmanifest, thing.  And while that remains the manifest scenario, while they've reneged on their commitment to Choose, uphold and manifest Divine Will and their own True Nature, we have no basis for agreement because they manifestly haven't shown up yet.  Substituting anything less in place of their True Nature is what, for example, the 'Knights of Malta' would describe with the "theft" symbol.  It remains a more or less accurate approximation in this manifest context.  Their manifest Choice to reject Divine Will and their own True Nature has resulted in a manifest absence of value for themselves and others.

Divine Will and their True Nature are constants, so they'll remanifest eventually and presumably retroactively.  But the scenario in which we presently find ourselves - that in which it hasn't - can't be acceptable, can't be made acceptable with the equivalent of an 'I.O.U.' for it, and as I've said quite frequently had no valid reason to ever manifest in the first place.

So it's peculiar that they should raise the point, as if by making it they were managing to exonerate a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis of 'suckage'.  I and they understand quite well that that cannot be exonerated, only displaced by a legitimate, valid basis.  Presently, I'd appear to be the only manifest proponent of that basis.  And without Choosing that basis, none of the rest of this stuff [nations, cryptocracies, quasi-organizations] can last.

Our currently manifest situation is that of plenty of 'suckage' resulting from quasi-organizations which are the creations of telepaths and propheciers who have manifestly 'gone rogue' and reneged on both their True Nature and Divine Will.  Anyone who knowingly, Willingly agrees to such a position has self-evidently also Chosen to renege on those things, and that's the very opposite of a 'sustainable' position.  And just as plainly, a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position necessarily means rejecting and taking exception to manifestly counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature positions.  You care about the person, because their True Nature is a constant.  But that hardly legitimatizes a counter-Divine Will position; the manifest rejection of that True Nature has manifested a position of liability for them, by their own Choice.

It wouldn't be very respectful not to acknowledge the Choices of those we care about, or to suggest that those Choices lack resultants.

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