Re: Incalcitrance

Surely they have enough to be getting on with restoring the alignment of the people within 'their' quasi-organizations with Divine Will and their own True Nature to have the resources to invest in those sorts of efforts.

Priorities, I suppose.

As if to demonstrate My point for Me, 'the other guys' seem to have invested in yet another new counter-Divine Will effort to recontextualize our interaction as some kind of an argument.  They deftly parleyed their ongoing 'we haven't done anything technically wrong, however we're doing our best to start a conflict' strategy between the literal U.S. and North Korea into some kind of brinksmanship [as is evident here] and reiterated it throughout here and here.  The rank-and-file manifestly, blithingly enact the latest counter-Divine Will agenda, operating on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.

There are of course two sides, if not more, to every argument.  Divine Will and counter-Divine Will are not two sides, because the latter does not truly exist.  To suggest otherwise would demonstrate an applied ignorance of Divine Will principles.  Ignorance of course is the Willful refusal to assimilate information simply on the basis that it doesn't agree with ones' own Choices and position, at which point one is simply acting upon the basis of egotism, hypocrisy and zealotry.  Manifestly investing in such a spurious counter-Divine Will position, and thus attempting to manifest it, is the very definition of seeking 'to suggest otherwise', so we find their implied argument figuratively 'without a leg to stand on'.

When rights are routinely violated, when the 'news' is filled with all sorts of deplorable results of a manifestly ongoing effort to invest in counter-Divine Will agendas, you have manifest wrongdoing and the inevitable result of this of course is scandal.  Not the most assistive when your objective is to establish respectability and 'sustainability'.  Attempts to miscontextualize calling a scandal a scandal into some kind of a 'tit-for-tat' counter-Divine Will rancor will be insufficient to prevent Me from calling a scandal a scandal, and reprehensible behavior reprehensible.

'The other guys' have made similar efforts to suggest that those Choosing to remain Divine Will-aligned must therefore remain ineffectual.  For example, describing that Jesus arrived demonstrating grace and mercy and suggesting that Divine Will therefore must be incapable of justice and capable only of grace and mercy forever.  These people evidently never familiarized themselves with the core message of justice awaiting during the Second Coming.  Or [Luke 22:36-38] for that matter.  Babylonian Gnostic symbolism aside [as well it should be], these things referenced the Word and the willingness to assert and act on it and uphold it.  I have an understanding of Divine Will principles and the willingness to act upon and uphold them; if everyone had, this situation would never have manifested in the first place.

Contrition and repentance are still prerequisites for forgiveness, and each investment of Will into counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature efforts demonstrate their manifest and manifestly increasing dissociation from those things.  We can hardly take the miscontextualization of a supposed 'argument' between a Divine Will-aligned position and a position founded on ego and hypocrisy seriously, for the latter was never their True Nature and never can become so.

In the meantime, such apparent incalcitrance is certainly novel to encounter in a scenario in which something roughly analagous to their "photographs" symbol is so present.  A courageous Choice surely, which they'll presumably reassess at some juncture.  Before the People finish restoring the courts and the information is prevalently exposed would be advisable, but they've manifestly taken their own counsel.

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