Re: Irrelevancy

I started openly addressing 'the other guys' in the second half of 2014.  I presented Divine Will principles and addressed the issue of their apparent manifest lapse of Divine Will alignment.  Since then, they've been investing in various covertly-implied agendas and strategies attempting to obtain My buy-in to an agenda which lacks Divine Will alignment, and remain unsuccessful.

It's now 2018, and they retain apparent control over the commercial media while now appearing to refuse to address their manifest lapse in Divine Will alignment.  This morning's edition of Newshour, for example, promotes 'suckage' they've cause in Yemen and Syria, environmental scenarios resulting from their mismanagement, and various globalist propaganda agendas, but I've been unable to find anything relevant to their manifest lack of Divine Will alignment.  Perhaps we're left to infer that their overt claims of Divine Will alignment are now abandoned, and that when they're shown a disparity there the response is just to set it off to the side and continue enacting a globalist agenda regardless.  They appear to have defaulted on their own claim, while not yet relinquishing their holdings ostensibly founded on that claim.

Additionally, there appears to be quite an investment in an effort to covertly imply, on a non-credible counter-Divine Will basis, that they've obtained My buy-in.  This is found in the edition's feature regarding a commercial 'music' manufacturer who appears to have been affiliated with the 'Knights of Malta'.  The feature is presented with intensely Rome- and Babylonian-affiliated symbolism and no small amount of 'suckage'.

I trust 'the other guys'' attempt to resolve the Divine Will matter isn't simply to insinuate publicly and incorrectly that there is no disparity and that the matter has been resolved.  That wouldn't be 'good form' by any means.  Presenting such an image regarding My affiliations and position, regardless of supposedly invalidating counter-Divine Will symbolism and inversion used, is something against which I must object and protest clearly and distinctly.

For the moment I'll assume that it's merely inadvertent and attempt to avoid taking personal and professional offense at it.  Rather, I thought it should be addressed.

Additionally, there appears to be yet another round of "reruns" in the form of efforts to, as near as I can distinguish them, covertly propagate an understanding of Divine Will principles while continuing to Willfully refuse to apply them.  That remains unacceptable, as it has always been, and not only is it ineffective it's inherently unreliable as well.  I don't know how someone can expect to trust a teacher who is acting on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis; they've manifestly jettisoned 'good faith', sincerity and benevolence as I've described earlier, and in the case of teaching Divine Will principles they presumably also haven't absorbed the curriculum they seek to teach to others.

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