Re: Democracy, additional and “pandas”

Goodness Me.

The corporate media certainly went all-out covertly hyping the "panda" agenda.  By this I mean the covert intimations that 'the other guys' are working to deploy subverted personnel from our Asian friends as a force to quell any sort of dissent against the 'NWO 2.0'.  The recent attempts to imply this concept appears to have started about a week ago, with a certain meme about a certain inedible corporate product applying the "yin yang" symbol and some moderately interesting color symbolism.  The covert intimations were recently followed up with things like this, this, this, and various things here and here.  All under the auspices of counter-Divine Will imagery or symbolism, of course.  I was reluctant to mention it, but the effort to express the concept certainly does appear deliberate.

The most accurate version of why they don't do this has everything to do with Divine Will principles; it's just not in their True Nature to genuinely desire.  The less accurate but likely more comprehensible version has to do with the PR repercussions that would result, not only from among 'their own' personnel but their principals, that is the manifestly errant assemblage of telepaths and propheciers.  Perhaps the most directly relevant response would be that it doesn't affect My intent if they did or if they did not deploy them.

Manifestly of course, this quasi-organization has done many, many things which aren't indicative of their own True Nature or Divine Will.  I don't suppose another instance would make much difference.  But just like these non-credible covert intimations, the intensity of the available evidence doesn't manage to convert the facts of the matter into untruths, or untruths into facts.  Their True Nature remains the same regardless of whether they manifestly act upon it; it was established and given to them by the Ultimate Authority.  The only distinction made by the Choice to act or not to act on that is the effect on the quality of our lives manifest as a result of their Choice: rights not upheld, political and economic systems thoroughly subverted, and so on.  The manifest results of a Choice to reject their own True Nature and Divine Will itself.  Nevertheless, their True Nature remains a constant.  Consider then My abject disappointment, given the manifest encroachments against My quality of life and that of everyone else, all as the manifest result of a Choice nobody ever had a valid reason to make.

And a media putting so much effort into hyping the latest bit of silliness when with a fraction of that effort it could, and should, be upholding Divine Will principles and manifesting an increasingly worthy quality of life for us all.

Sovereignty, as I'd mentioned, is something ultimately held only by our shared Creator.  Manifestly we have a sort of derivative sovereignty, accessible only through our alignment with Divine Will, and our own True Nature which is by definition a manifestation of Divine Will.  As such, manifest access to our sovereignty is curtailed to the extent that we Choose to reject Divine Will and our own True Nature.  'The other guys' have managed to demonstrate and implement this concept quite deftly, as their whole agenda of subversion is predicated on it.  I've often privately admired the elegance and subtlety with which that simple foundational notion has been expressed in the form of strategy.  Even as they seek to reject their own True Nature, the skill and deftness inherent to their True Nature shows through regardless and that has often given Me such encouragement.

On a more direct level, given that sovereignty has as its prerequisite the Choice to affirm True Nature and Divine Will, then what of any sort of democracy in which participants manifestly Choose to reject Divine Will and their own True Nature?  A sort of, er, democracy without sovereignty.  Not unlike the literal 'U.N.', in which representatives of member countries vote as they're told by multinationals.  Or the democracy of public opinion, as the ostensible Jesuits would seem manifestly to covertly organize it.  A system hyped as being predicated on free Choice in the sales brochure, when all meaningful Choice has long since evaporated.  Nobody, neither the functionaries voting as their told nor those in a 'superior' position doing the telling from a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis are making Choices as they genuinely, truly want.  Hardly seems much of a worthy activity to Me, all told.

'Good faith', that is, the reasonable expectation of sincerity, righteousness and benevolence from someone, is another benefit of their alignment with Divine Will and our own True Nature.  When they manifestly Choose to dissociate from those things, the results like 'good faith' are hardly present either.  An electoral system where 'good faith' has been jettisoned is hardly worth contemplating.

So when there's a greatly covertly-implied system of Choices which lacks both sovereignty and 'good faith' from anyone, it isn't easy to take it seriously.  Credibility just, er, gives up.  That's not entirely unanticipated; correlating this entire "absurd" manifest realm against Divine Will principles provokes a similar response.  But it's certainly doesn't seem feasible to first dismiss something as "absurd", unworthy and meaningless and then to enjoin it.  I'm not sure it's actually possible to enjoin something which ultimately does not and cannot exist.

At any rate, given the vigorous effort 'the other guys' have been manifestly investing into this latest hype rather than an agenda which affirms and upholds Divine Will and their own True Nature, I thought it a kindness to make known its ineffectiveness.  I should also make it clear that such efforts are wholly unworthy of them; such implied disrespect and so forth is never worthy of their True Nature regardless of how many symbolic inversions and hypotheticals accompany it.  If I'm somehow in error about that, if unworthy things are somehow components of their True Nature, I'm willing to be correct on that.  But somehow I can't think that any such arguments can be made without recourse to 'suckage' and a counter-Divine Will position, which of course would render the argument non-credible.

What a perfect system Divine Will affords us, and other men should.

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