I notice the enthusiasm with which people are manifestly investing their effort and Will into yet another non-credible covert pattern, that of implied mutually-exclusive loyalty with a Divine Will-aligned position and with a counter-Divine Will position.

This along with the other manifestly usual public frauds, including the 'Deep State' narrative, the 'Brazil, Russia, India, China South Africa' 'alternative economic model', the 'positive military will save us' rhetoric, the 'extraterrestrial' fad waiting just off-set, the 'Chabad-Lubavitch' bogus prophetic fulfillment, etc..  All this as part of a quasi-organization which has manifestly positioned itself by a sequence of distinctly inhumane efforts over the course of, er, most of the duration of what we'll call civilization.

This of course has nothing to do either with Divine Will or their True Nature.  For every investment in agendas which are counter or irrelevant to those things, these people are effectively issuing 'I.O.U.'s' in place of genuine value to themselves and the rest of the world.  And despite appearances every Choice primarily affects the Chooser more than anyone else.

It's a manifest heap of debt notices unworthy of any of us, which I'm eager to level and displace.  Our lives could of course, and should, genuinely involve healthy, free Choices and a worthy caliber of quality of life.

Encouragingly, it must be increasingly evident to even the less educated personnel involved that a quasi-organization which moment by moment manifestly operates on a basis of debt to Divine Will is a wholly unworthy manifest thing.  Even with fiat control of the media they still manage to make the brunt of My case for Me.  Demonstrably acting on a basis of rejection of Divine Will and True Nature [that is, acting again and again on a non-credibly basis and setting Divine Will off to the side in favor of 'other priorities'] likely isn't doing much for the credibility or validity of 'their' quasi-organization.

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