Displacing more “absurdities” with Divine Will principles

This should be pretty brief, actually.  I've noticed an investment by 'the other guys' recently in a new counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature covert pattern.  It appears to be yet another offer to contract with them on a counter-Divine Will basis.  The first blips I'd noticed a few days ago, with 'news' reports involving... hmm.  How to phrase this without referencing corporation-associated symbolism that's prevalently used as a counter-Divine Will symbol, and thus present Myself clearly to others.  With 'news' reports involving Rupert Murdoch selling off bits of 'his' company to another company.  The ostensibly Jesuit 'news' media followed this up with a piece on someone termed 'the King of Nothingwood', who made 'motion pictures' with next to no budget.  [People would apparently pay "money" to be the protagonist, but would receive a role as the antagonist characters for free.]  And now we have 'news' regarding a certain company rumored to make their old models perform more slowly to compel users to purchase their latest models, which the company recently confirmed.  Sort of.

This and a few other less prevalent samples of code suggest a sort of offer by 'the other guys' on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.  Namely, that of behaving even less acceptably in order, partly, to vilify themselves and supposedly increase public demand for alignment within My "House".  An offer which, if I accepted, would presumably then have Me opting into a counter-Divine Will position Myself.  And which would certainly have Me accepting spurious reasons for even more manifest 'suckage', just so long as it was in what I considered My own benefit.  [I don't, as it happens.]  And perhaps more interestingly, it would have Me accepting a scenario in which these people continued to act on a basis that's counter to their own True Nature.  Which isn't particularly useful of course; once someone has done that, the eventual result is that such a premise begets only untruths and disloyalty, etc., from 'their' personnel whom they've received on a basis which isn't representative of their True Nature.

To reiterate, even developing and proffering these kinds of counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature scenarios which are expressly and distinctly in conflict with My Will are sorts of behavior which are, again, totally disassociated from their actual True Natures.  It's seemingly endless 'what iffery' with absolutely no genuine motive for doing so.

Another pattern of their investment of their effort and time [and some of Mine as well in encountering it] appears to be showing up with regard to the 'news' items involving Trump, Palestine, and the literal U.N..  By stating the withholding of funds from countries voting to condemn his 'recognition' of Jerusalem, Trump does a few things.  He essentially imposes a microcosm of what the literal U.N. already does, within that literal U.N..  He also presents the public with a Choice between a couple of no-option options.  Consider: They can either approve of the reassertion of the literal U.S.' sovereignty as a nation, in which case they actively or tacitly condone collusion with a land-grabbing criminal syndicate in constant violation of 'international law' and the dictates of human conscience as well.  Or, they can instead reject the involvement with that syndicate, in which case they don't support the assertion of national sovereignty amidst the increasing usurpation by the literal U.N..  A presented context of a Choice, miscontextualized so that neither option is valid nor right.  I'm not certain how that actually helps the general public.

If it helps 'the other guys' [whom, let's recall, are actually My personnel and Divine Will-oriented personnel, but whom are currently manifestly in a rogue position as the result of an insincere Choice to adopt a counter-Divine Will basis that's not sincerely representative of their True Nature], I'll clarify My position on the matter.  Unlike, say, the Jesuits or the Babylonian Gnostics, I don't much need them to behave reprehensibly in order to 'make Me look good'.  In fact it's counterproductive; the objective here isn't to 'win', it's to have people Choose to align with and uphold their own True Nature and Divine Will, and to do that Myself.  This precludes, for example, rejecting it Myself ostensibly to help them Choose it, because we're supposed to be affirming it.  Were 'the other guys' upholding it from the start, and continuing to uphold it, they wouldn't manifestly be 'the other guys'.  And there wouldn't manifestly be a rejection on My part but instead active support.  They've manifestly been Choosing a counter-Divine Will position which in an absolute sense is something which does not truly exist, and manifestly is in abject conflict with everything which truly does exist.  All I'm doing is, to the best of My ability, Choosing what does truly exist.  It's the same thing they should have been doing all along, and something they had and continue to have every reason to Choose.  I have no reason to Choose a counter-Divine Will position and neither do they.  I have every reason to Choose a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position, and so do they.  In manifestly Choosing otherwise, they manifest a conflict or disharmony.  That Choice is theirs, inasmuch as an option between what metaphysically does exist and something which never metaphysically could can legitimately be termed 'a Choice'.

They know this, or at least the principals and many others do.  That's as reassuring as it is galling, and it makes the literal wait for them to express themselves honestly on that basis rather tedious indeed.  So I find something I can do in the interim to affirm My Choice to assist the general public.

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