Dispelling more strategies using Divine Will principles

There manifestly appears to have been a somewhat more elaborate and subtle than usual investment by 'the other guys' into a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position which I'm probably required by duty to bring into the "Light". At present it's only a working theory, and I do not mean to wrongly impune anyone if I'm inaccurate in My assessment of it. Nevertheless, I should probably make known in 'good faith' the pattern I've been seeing here and bring Divine Will principles to bear on the situation in case it can help others avoid a lot of needless investments of Will into a counter-Divine Will agenda, with all the kharma and so on that would beget. It's a fairly complex pattern; let's start with the overt components.

About the end of October Jared Kushner visited Saudi Arabia, which the corporate 'news' media made very sure to report. Mr. Kushner appears to be a member of the 'Chabad-Lubavitch' faux-Jewish cult, itself a subverted franchise of the Babylonian Gnostics, which of course can only be a franchise of the manifestly errant telepaths and propheciers. On his visit, it seems Mr. Kushner had long conversations with a certain prince there. Alright, Mr. Kushner then returns to the States and not long afterwards said prince enacts a purge and rounds up and detains various other officials there, thus consolidating political control. This is by now familiar practice, what with the 'Knights of Malta' routing out those among 'their' personnel who were in less than complete agreement with their agendas, efforts and methods. Following up on the ostensibly Jesuit 'news' media, I encountered them doing a special report on these detained officials being confined to a luxurious Riyadh hotel where their every need was elegantly fulfilled but they were nevertheless unable to leave, while they perused various claims being made against them and decided leisurely how they were going to opt to answer them.

Meanwhile, on the covert symbolism level I've been encountering a new covert pattern from 'the other guys' in which their covert symbolism could be read as presenting a more or less legitimate basis if interpreted this way, but a particularly unfair and reprehensible basis if interpreted quite another way. Covert ambiguity, I suppose, mostly using counter-Divine Will imagery and symbolism to imply that something about the message was meant to be negated, but not specifying precisely what. As I've made clear, counter-Divine Will imagery and symbolism generally makes the position of the speaker themselves non-credible and therefore useless for communication, but among 'the other guys' who manifestly work on a basis of more lax standards they've at least greatly implied that they use it merely to negate a single particular aspect of the message rather than the message and speaker as a whole. So we'd appear to have them investing in a covert pattern forming of the 'this-or-that' variety. Which would seem to be more or less standard procedure in routing out less than loyal personnel; you divide them up, give them each a variant of covert symbolism to use and to differentiate themselves, and then you manipulate the covert scenario to put those who disagree with you at an increasing disadvantage until only the faction you favor remains.

These odds and ends occurred to Me recently because I've been encountering increasing incidences of covert responses from 'the other guys' which seemed increasingly or unnecessarily dubious and biased, and apparently not in My favor nor favorable to a Divine Will position in general. We also find this pattern reiterated just recently with the reaction to Trump's declaration regarding Palestine, by which I mean the Palestinian responses to the effect that the literal U.S. has abandoned its credibility as an impartial arbiter.

So there's evidence here of a pattern forming to greatly imply that those intent on upholding Divine Will principles are being routed out and marginalized, and that as this occurs 'the other guys' will increasingly respond in less and less fair and just ways. And that eventually all pretense at covert fairness and justice they will abandon entirely, once they've sufficiently consolidated control.

That's what their pattern of behavior appears to suggest. But despite the abundance of manifest evidence, much like this whole material existence, when correlated against greater experience, Divine Will principles and common sense 'the story doesn't check out'. I'll explain.

In My experiences with the telepaths and propheciers, I've often encountered them using a technique like this. Essentially, in various scenarios now known to be spurious, they'd make a formation of minor and in themselves credible alterations and adjustments to the covert scenario presented. The cumulative effect of all these little adjustments significantly altered and skewed the nature of the scenario in My complete disfavor, leaving Me with just a few no-option options. It would also seemingly account for, legitimatize, and explain away the increasingly 'sucky' covert and overt behavior I'd encounter from everyone with whom I'd interact. These scenarios would get more and more undesirable until eventually I either abandoned them or they lost all sense of credibility with Me. It's much in this way that they presented the lesson in Divine Will principles that per Divine Will, all 'suckage' has no validity.

While even their presentation of that lesson easily qualifies as 'suckage', I nevertheless noticed that the lesson itself was quite valid. It's not a lesson that I've forgotten easily and as I've recently described here, it remains with Me even now. It's this which I referenced very recently here, with regard to the 'suckage' indicating that the 'breaking strain' of their spurious manifest position was almost reached.

So it would be easy for Me to ascribe all the recent 'suckage' from 'the other guys' as part of a multilayered and sophisticated effort on the part of the telepaths and propheciers to prop up credibility for their 'Babylonian Gnostics and the NWO 2.0' scenario they've been putting quite a lot of investment into manifesting in this revision of the temporal event sequence. Or for Me to infer that, instead, it's merely their way of implementing a sort of 'litmus test' to determine whether or not I actually believed in the real existence of these 'Babylonian Gnostics' as a quasi-organization, and thus in the reality of 'suckage' despite it being precluded by Divine Will and our True Natures both. It would be a question that would make a certain amount of sense under the circumstances, what with Me going to efforts to help dispel the investments of Will people have been making in supporting that quasi-organization. As stated, I'm simply doing what I can to assist others and uphold Divine Will, not that it's much. That means assisting them in divesting of unworthy Choices and investments, and investing themselves in something that is worthy. That's quite a different position from believing that the quasi-organization is the 'real reason' for all the manifest 'suckage', because per Divine Will there couldn't possibly be any 'real reason' for it.

Which invalidates any explanation for why the telepaths and propheciers seem to be doing any of this; the apparent 'litmus test', the 'Babylonian Gnostics and the NWO 2.0' scenario, the manifest rejection of their True Nature and the Divine Will that gives it to them... all of it.

And knowing as I do that there's no genuine reason for any of this, I thought I'd take the literal time and state as much, clearly and distinctly. Making that apparent for people is a 'Loving' and forthright Choice that's consistent with My True Nature, and now that I'm back on an overt basis the ability to actually say it is quite a refreshing experience. "Light" is meant to be expressed, shared, and lived out.

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