Re: The ‘Double Negative’

Noticing that 'the other guys' are still using a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.  This is still unacceptable.

Within that premise, they appear to be using a sort of 'double negative' approach in their symbolism, like a sort of intensified version of the usual Babylonian Gnostic symbolism but with another 'isn't', 'doesn't', etc. added onto it.  This appears to be the symbolic pattern they were investing in when I noticed them earlier investing in a 'what if we were you?' symbolic premise; just another symbolic inversion added onto the usual symbolic inversion, all on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature premise which is of course itself invalid.  This also appears to be the nature of the investment in a symbolic pattern with Britain's Prime Minister's speech I'd described here recently; a double-inversion format predicated on a basis of 'suckage'.

I wouldn't be encountering all this varied rigmarole if they would just act on the basis of their own Divinely-given True Nature of course, and neither would they be investing in it.  And we wouldn't have a media continuing to invest so much in covert symbolic gyrations on a counter-Divine Will premise as a non-'sustainable' alternative to investing their effort and their attention in manifesting genuine Divine Will, their own True Nature, upholding Divinely-conferred rights, and manifesting a more worthwhile scenario for us all.

So it appears to be merely an ongoing investment in a Choice to reject Divine Will and their own True Nature, to manifest 'suckage', and to use the implied claim of holding a position of subordinate authority as a means of attempting to establish some acceptable venue in which to perpetuate a counter-Divine Will agenda.

Indeed, making such efforts to come up with all manner of alternatives to upholding Divine Will and their own True Nature is a Choice which is in direct conflict with both of those things.  There's no reason why they should be doing it, why I should be encountering it, and it certainly isn't a worthy thing for any involved.  Investing in efforts to manifest a duality [that is, Divine Will and counter-Divine Will] when such a thing does not truly exist in a spiritual nor metaphysical sense is just more investment in a pattern which is in conflict with the True State of Creation.

As My Will is to affirm Divine Will, our Divinely-conferred True Natures, rights, and quality of existence and the True State of Creation, such investments are in direct conflict with My Will as well.  I do trust I've been able to present that concept quite clearly; they manifestly appear to be making the same error in merely a variety of diverse forms, and I must again protest and take exception to that.  I've urged them on a number of occasions to 'get real', and to express "Light", indeed "a cool Light", and for as much as they imply that it's 'unity' they seek these people manifestly continue to reject even a basic standard of acceptability and compliance.  If there's genuine value to be found in 'manifesting' things into the life experience of the People, it can only be in 'manifesting' things which are genuinely worthy.  Doing so begins with affirming Divine Will and their own True Nature, of course.  Unless the basis is sound, the Work is not 'sustainable', nor is it anyone's True Will, a resultant of their True Nature, to desire it to manifest.

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