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It appears that 'the other guys' are manifestly retaining a counter-Divine Will position, but attempting while doing so to covertly educate the People regarding Divine Will principles.  I've refrained from immediate comment because I've been attempting to ascertain the nature of their apparent effort.

I say 'the other guys' rather than the telepaths and propheciers, because if it were the telepaths and propheciers acting in their actual capacity not only would it have been unnecessary for them to resort to covert teaching methods, they presumably could have done so retroactively as well.  That of course would have averted many scenarios both historically and currently which are much less than desirable.  So they appear to be doing this via 'their' pseudo-organizational franchises.

While these franchises would seem to lack the capability to do so retroactively, it doesn't explain the apparent need for them to resort to covert forms of tutelage, let alone for retaining a counter-Divine Will position.  It would be easy for Me to conclude that the latter was to distinguish themselves from an organization or authority which hasn't invalidated itself through benefiting from investments in a counter-Divine Will position already, but careful assessment through application of Divine Will principles finds that this conclusion would be inaccurate: we'd then find ourselves in a position of accepting a fallacious 'reason' for 'suckage', and this of course would be impermissible per Divine Will.  Divine Will directs us that there is never a truly valid reason for 'suckage', although occasionally people can be indemnified for reason of a manifest inability to have done better.  Through insurmountable duress for example, or due to manifest personal limitations such as lack of knowledge or other resources.

It's not immediately clear to Me whether 'the other guys' are now acting as best they can despite the manifest limits of 'their' pseudo-organizations.  This becomes important to assess because in order to uphold Divine Will Myself, I must uphold My own True Nature as well and My own True Nature, just as everyone else's, is fair and just.  And self-evidently, it wouldn't be particularly fair or just to condemn anyone for doing their utmost to uphold Divine Will within the best of their ability.

The vital issue here appears to be their continued Choice for a counter-Divine Will basis, presented clearly by their symbolism and imagery despite all the apparent efforts towards education and 'doing the right thing'.  It would be impermissible for Me to find or deem acceptable something on a counter-Divine Will basis simply because it 'looked good otherwise'; by definition a counter-Divine Will basis is not 'good', no matter how much it could appear so.

This scenario appears roughly analogous to a few others we've already encountered: the various bogus overt political 'revolutions' which are nevertheless predicated upon a counter-Divine Will position as evidenced by their imagery and symbolism, that 'certain other party' willing to act as a sort of covert communications medium if and only if their counter-Divine Will position was accepted, and of course the telepaths' and propheciers' supposed 'good work' of educating others regarding Divine Will principles but only so long as those others found their manifestly counter-Divine Will position acceptable.  Inherent in acceptance of a counter-Divine Will position is also acceptance of a counter-True Nature position, and the telepaths' and propheciers' effort has amply demonstrated what's wrong with accepting such an errant position: those who do can never find them acting sincerely, at their best nor in an honest capacity, and this neutralizes the effectiveness of any effort made on such a flawed basis.  When the basis is unsound, the Work is unsuccessful.

We find this concept referenced quite recently by 'the other guys', with regard to the referendum in Catalonia which was held in violation of their own national constitution, and if memory serves the ballots weren't counted reliably either.  Now that I think back, the elections were being held in schools and the agents of the state were kept at bay with less-than-honest statements about how they weren't holding any such elections there, no sirree.  Clearly, this illustrates how any entity [here, a state] formed on such a less-than-integrous basis in the first place will find itself unable to amount to much in the second, and how those who are goaded into accepting such a state of affairs will presumably find themselves consigned to whatever scenario results from that.  Divine Will by contrast affirms much better than that for us, as does our True Nature, but we do have to Choose them.  Brightly, any lesser Choice makes little sense by comparison.

It's clear that were the telepaths and propheciers performing at capacity nearly all of this and vastly more would have been retroactively unnecessary, and that were 'the other guys' acting at capacity a counter-Divine Will position would be unnecessary and they wouldn't be investing in a scenario that, bizarrely, seems to open up a newfound ambiguity regarding whether someone is genuinely Choosing righteously or not.  While perhaps expedient, that sort of ambiguity certainly wouldn't be assistive nor clear for the People in the literal long-term.  Those Choosing Divine Will can surely make that distinction clearly, and should.  I certainly do.  Those Choosing a counter-Divine Will basis can make that distinction clearly, and despite the scenario that's being presented that appears manifestly to be precisely what they've been doing: Choosing a counter-Divine Will scenario, and saying as much, despite their being absolutely no actual need for them to do so.  Of necessity, such a counter-Divine Will basis is of course also a 'tell' of a counter-True Nature basis, and this is an unacceptable Choice not to present themselves in their actual capacity.  Even from merely an organizational perspective such allegiance is worthless, because it's not even truly allegiance.

And of course when others aren't presenting themselves as they truly are, with all the integrity that comes with that, their feedback and responses are necessarily inherently non-integrous.  Clearly, any organization or authority which relies upon such a basis has a life expectancy that lasts only so long as the telepaths and propheciers Choose to continue to enable it to do so.  It's not altogether much different than the Holey Sea or the Babylonian Gnostics allowing a co-opted franchise organization to persist only so long as they deem it advantageous to continue doing so.  The dynamic is the same, only the mechanism for dispelling the franchise varies in that it tends to be more subtle and nuanced.

Which of course naturally begs some consideration as to why the telepaths and propheciers have allowed the Holey Sea and the Babylonian Gnostics, behaving on a counter-Divine Will basis, to last as long as they have.  But then we must remember that at least in this currently-manifested revision of history, the telepaths and propheciers have been acting on a counter-Divine Will basis themselves.  What they seem to want, they don't necessarily truly want.  Their apparent Will is not their True Will, just as their apparent nature is not indicative of their True Nature, and that's a very uncertain place for a franchise pseudo-organization to find itself in.

It all comes back to the originating Choice, to the manifest "absurdity" of the telepaths and propheciers Choosing a counter-Divine Will basis they never truly wanted and still don't.  And everything that results from that Choice, such as a NWO 2.0, is necessarily "absurd", in truth causeless, and generally indicative of a less-than-worthy scenario which violates Divinely-conferred rights and quality of life.  Understanding Divine Will principles as I do, I find Myself existing in an ongoing state of chronic incredulity with regard to most of our manifest state of existence in the first place.  It's certainly an odd mental mode in which to exist, but it does serve to provide some perspective on life.

So, there you have it.  I've examined the scenario and whatever the intentions motivating it, I've found it to be wanting, unacceptable, and hopefully I've illustrated how whatever resultants it produced would only inherit the same fundamental flaws.  I thought that explaining that clearly could equip others to correct the approach.  Incidentally, this is a scenario in which personally I would have preferred to provide grace for others potentially doing the best they could, but which evaluation through application of Divine Will principles plainly disagreed with My assessment, and made clear that it would have been tacit acceptance of a counter-Divine Will position.  That I'm unable to do, and where My own personal assessment is plainly countered by Divine Will principles I must cede the former to the latter.  It's invariably the superior Choice anyway.

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