Re: ‘Dialogue’, again

I haven't had much literal time to post recently, which is fine because despite 'the other guys'' recent attention-seeking behavior in the media their Choice hasn't significantly changed.  Neither has that of the telepaths and propheciers:

  • They're still manifestly rejecting Divine Will and their own True Nature
  • They're still encroaching upon My rights by invasion of privacy
  • They're still refusing to speak openly and plainly covertly, let alone overtly
  • They're still presenting as 'the other guys' [Babylon, Rome, etc.] as part of the ongoing Choice to reject their own True Nature
  • In their role as 'the other guys', continuing their ongoing globalization efforts generally... and preparing their various agendas - usually military or political - in specific regions.
  • And of late they've just been attempting to find relevancy by making their latest covertly-implied narrative on an anti-Divine Will basis more and more complex.

That last item would seem to include 'the other guys' presenting a spurious telepath and prophecier insurrection narrative, as well as a bogus role-swapping covert context, i.e. 'What if we were you and used your symbolism, and you were us and used ours?'

Efforts to make this covertly implied narrative increasingly complex and elaborate don't make up for the lack of substance there.  Nor does it make anything predicated on a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis any more valid.  All it does is manifestly increase their investment of Will into a counter-Divine Will basis, and likely cause some amount of PR blowback in response.

As such, all this if anything only makes what I'd recently presented in My Re: 'Dialogue' post even more relevant.  A response on My part is hardly necessary here, as not only have I already said it... I'd just said it, too.  That's a nice feature of absolute truths; they're not readily subject to gainsaying.

Not that it's anyones' True Nature to seek to gainsay Divine Will in the first place of course.  Their manifest Choice to act contrary to their own True Nature and Divine Will was and still is the basic issue here.

Their overt globalization efforts even continue, despite their admitted position of lacking superior authority here and despite My objecting and taking exception to those efforts on a number of occasions already.  These overt efforts include but aren't limited to: hyping the Catalonians into bogus 'democratic' elections that appear to be merely a "rerun" of efforts they'd had planned for literal Greece a few years back, evident preparations for literal military conflicts in Syria, with North Korea and in or around the South China sea, 'Brexit' and similar efforts to reduce nations to tinier and more ineffectual, less self-sufficient nation-states, encouraging the acceptance of droves of illegal immigrants ostensibly fleeing various scenarios that 'the other guys' themselves manifestly manufactured, making arguments for the supposed need of a 'reformed' United Nations of increasing authorities undermining national sovereignty under the People, and of course evidently seeking to collapse the literal U.S. economy via the so-called 'Federal Reserve'.  It's hardly good form for a pseudo-organization of admitted inferior authority and Divine Will alignment to nevertheless strive for globalization agendas against the Will of those with superior Divine Will alignment and resulting authority.

In case it wasn't sufficiently clear, when I referenced PR resultants of unsatisfactory behavior I'd hardly meant that it would result in less than honorable covert 'rebel' sneaking around.  I'd meant that it would diminish confidence and support in 'the other guys' and cause the People to increasingly reject and divest from their organization, not to mention presumably result in prosecution in overt courts of law.  The notion of covert 'sneaking around' of the malcontent so-called 'rebel' factions was of course inventions of 'the other guys' themselves, designed to distract the People from a response which was actually useful and effective.

Additionally, we've had the telepaths and propheciers continuing to attempt to 'cozy up' to Me and use certain well-established signalling which, nevertheless, is just as non-credible and unacceptable due to a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis.  We've also had them attempting to imply to Me, essentially, 'We wouldn't really do anything too drastic here.  You know that, don't you?  Because, you understand our True Nature, and know that we understand Divine Will principles.'  'Anything too drastic' by My reckoning includes most of the events of human history in this currently-manifested version of human history, and most definitely includes their manifest Choice to reject that Divine Will and their own True Nature in the first place.  There was of course never any sincere nor valid reason for that Choice, and past that it's all "absurd", unworthy and unacceptable.

In short, anything predicated on such a Choice never makes sense; despite often attempting to present itself as though it does.

About the only thing interesting that's manifestly happened recently is what amounts to an admission.  In the currently-implied scenario, 'the other guys' ostensibly attempted to present as 'themselves' and as a supposedly 'rebel' faction comprised of the telepaths and propheciers.  In doing this, they've been using signals and means of presenting information that were specific to the telepaths and propheciers.  For them to gain access to that information they would've had to be telepaths and propheciers themselves.  This confirms what I've suspected for years, but lacked the evidence to establish: that 'the other guys' were merely the telepaths and propheciers themselves, using a pseudo-organization [Babylonian Gnosticism, Rome, etc.] as a sort of puppet.

Which demonstrates that they'd always understood the Divine Will principles I've been making sure they had, and that the grace, patience and tolerance I'd been providing to make sure they were familiar with Divine Will principles was an unnecessary 'nice' that was only useful for showing the caliber of My own character and Choices to be righteous and fair.  Good, this will simplify things immensely.

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