Re: “A quieter voice”

I've noticed both the telepaths and propheciers manifestly continue to Choose "time", and a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position.  It's the same Choice.

In the literal U.S. they've been apparently investing Will into seeking to make sure PR effects rebound upon their whimsical 'deep state' narrative rather than themselves, all supposedly voided-out with counter-Divine Will symbolism and imagery.  Investments in such efforts merely reduce to investments in a counter-Divine Will position, whatever permutation of form they manifest in, and that's not a legitimate Choice.

The "pranks" Britain's Prime Minister recently encountered, and participated in, such as the 'Details of Employee Leaving Work' form and the "falling letters", which left a "rift" amidst the words, appear to be investment in yet another permutation of this.  The speech itself was about her attempts to hold a snap election to gain increased majority control when instead it manifestly diminished.  The investment appears to be in a pattern intended to depict a schism within the Babylonian Gnostics, very likely intended to reference the telepaths and propheciers, and thus imply an effort by 'the other guys' to 'route around' that schism.

This doesn't hold true for a moment, of course.  It's not a schism, it's 'higher-level' control.  The Babylonian Gnostics self-evidently behave as a puppet organization for the telepaths and propheciers, as I've proven before.  Any such 'counter-schism' efforts they appear to effect are at the behest of the telepaths and propheciers themselves.  Which may be indicated by all the 'suckage' demonstrated in the Prime Minister's address, not to mention in the recent U.S. news.

So we'd appear to have a rather intricate plot being depicted, and the depiction is the result of the ongoing refusal to plainly Choose in alignment with Divine Will and their own True Nature.  The permutations vary but are wholly irrelevant except perhaps as evidence of manifest wrongdoing.

Both the telepaths and propheciers, and the Babylonian Gnostics and 'their' franchises, manifestly hold non-credible positions whatever the case as a direct result to hold a counter-Divine Will position against their own True Nature.  'Any hokey narrative to avoid doing the right thing,' would appear to summarize their position, but even that trend itself is self-evidently not indicative of their True Nature.

So it's all very showy, but it doesn't impress because there's no actual substance there.  The actual substance, their presence as who they Truly are, in alignment with Divine Will, is manifestly still missing and it's missed very much indeed.

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