Re: ‘Dialogue’

I've been getting covertly implied intimations that 'the other guys' are seeking 'a dialogue'.  This is doubtless true, despite it being manifestly presented from a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature position on their part.

I also would like 'a dialogue' with them.  It's simply not feasible to have a dialogue with someone who rejects Divine Will and thus their own True Nature.  That is to say, with someone who refuses to show up.  'A dialogue' presupposes interacting with someone, rather than as an increasingly improbable someone they're not, with views, interests and agendas they don't actually hold.  The telepaths and propheciers have provided abundant case examples of this themselves, manifestly Choosing to speak from a position they're not actually in, and what derives from that is essentially spurious.

Thus, 'dialogue' is manifestly precluded not by My Choice but rather by theirs.  I didn't establish this principle; it's just part of the structure of Creation.  For Me to disregard it would be to err by not remembering or recognizing that.  Consequently I've been providing an educational 'monologue', seeking to clarify some of the Choices involved here so that 'the other guys' could adopt a valid position from which to 'dialogue'.  This they have manifestly so far refused to do.  Consequently, all that talk from such an invalid, rights-violating, counter-True Nature, counter-Divine Will position is good for is essentially as evidence of manifest wrongdoing.

All meaningful and worthwhile action has a Divine Will- and True Nature-aligned position as its prerequisite, and this applies to Myself just as it does to anything else in Creation.  Doing the right thing means that I must remember and must recognize this, or I'd soon find Myself in the same manifestly invalid position that the telepaths and propheciers, and the rest of 'the other guys' manifestly do.  It's occasionally tempting to Willfully overlook principles of Divine Will, but the results of doing that never beget truly satisfying resultants.

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