It's quite simple.  As any Babylonian Gnostic already knows, investing Will into a counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature basis is a Work to manifest exactly that basis.

Covertly implying any number of things on that basis still manifestly continues to be an investment of Will counter to My Will, counter to Divine Will, counter to their own True Nature, and is the Choice to continue investing into something with undesirable kharmic and PR repercussions.

It doesn't matter what specifically is implied on that basis, even by using counter-Divine Will symbolism and imagery to 'void it out'.  Where you put your Will, there's your investment.  [disrespect + counter-Divine Will symbolism and imagery] is not equal to [respect], it's a sort of double-negative and quite unsatisfactory.  It's certainly an ongoing rejection of their True Nature.

I've tried to be assistive, clarifying on the off chance that something needed better understanding.  I've done so, and now when they continue manifestly to behave and speak on that basis all they're doing is accumulating more evidence of their behaving and speaking on a counter-Divine Will basis, manifestly violating rights in the process with the results of their agendas.

Such as, for example, the involvement of the Rockefellers in "kneeling" before a symbol that was surreptitiously predicated on a counter-Divine Will symbol from its formation.  An act of worshipful reverence towards a counter-Divine Will basis is hardly an improvement.

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