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Based on some apparent, implied feedback via the ostensibly Jesuit media I may have identified a basis of apparent misunderstanding of concepts and how they're arranged which would account for some of the baffling covert quasi-responses I'd been noticing over the past few days or so.  Again, it's all covert and in addition invalidated by counter-Divine Will symbolism, and so because credibility is voided-out there I can only make a sort of 'best guess' inference; for all I know there was complete mutual understanding all along.  But duty to Divine Will and a sense of forthrightness prompt Me to clarify regardless, just so there's better mutual understanding here.

It seems to regard My reference to the "thief" symbol [Knight of Malta context], and their implication appears to have been more or less, 'Well, if you're demeaning and insulting us, and ascribing a position to us that you know isn't our True Nature, then you're doing no better than we are.'  That seems to be a fair summary approximation of their implied message.  So, I'll clarify.

When someone is Choosing and living in alignment with their own True Nature and the Divine Will that gives it to them, they're recognizing things like rights, duty, quality of life for themselves and those around them, and upholding and promoting same.  Often this means eschewing less worthy alternative options that would conflict with that priority, such as making a best effort to keep standards 'high', and striving to give those who encounter them a plain, accurate understanding by refraining from using counter-Divine Will symbolism and imagery; even if they're not particularly using covert symbolism, they make a best effort to avoid that sort of thing regardless so as to enable their Chosen position to be correctly recognized by those who may be.

When you have people investing in pseudo-organizations and agendas which are in conflict with Divine Will and their own True Nature, the manifest result is that this priority of duty isn't acted upon, and invariably those rights, duties, and quality of life are not upheld by them... and eventually, encroached against.  Usually indirectly or subtly at first, and then directly later.  The NWO 2.0 agenda is a good example of this, the NWO 1.0 agenda most certainly was, and in this currently manifest temporal event sequence the Holey Sea for example has actively participated in quite large a number of major 'historical' events which illustrate this concept extremely well.

This behavior is not a 'net benefit' to those it affects, and if it's examined very carefully not even for those Choosing it.  In [manifest] fact it's quite the opposite.  The lifespan of the overt U.S. for example, with its ongoing subversion of a system of governance established to uphold rights provided by Divine Will and our True Nature, and of societal mores that would ensure that the People would uphold those rights even if the government did not, have manifestly been the victims of this sort of agenda, which has been the very opposite of a 'benefit' to society.

It's not anyones' True Nature, let alone is it Divine Will, to be a "thief" [Knight of Malta context].  That's essentially the 'point'.  Their True Nature is valid, benevolent, righteous, and worthy, and so are the manifest results of their Choices.  When they invest in Choices on a lesser basis, such as the manifestly ongoing agendas of 'the other guys', the manifest resultants eventually indicate this with encroachments against rights, genuine education, quality of life, just systems of governance, and literal economics.  Despite their True Nature, they've manifestly invested in, and invested themselves into, the position of such a "thief" - with resulting liabilities towards other people, towards our shared Maker, and ultimately to themselves in the capacity of their own True Nature.  Never mind 'letting the side down', they manifestly let themselves down!

So far as I'm aware, that is the inevitable manifest result of a Choice to live in conflict with Divine Will and someones' own True Nature.  It manifestly has been inaccurately depicted, misrepresented, and even deliberately misstated and recontextualized at times, but regardless of how convincing it may or may not be to others the inherent liability manifestly remains.  It remains kharmically, as an inherent result of their manifest Choices.  In countries where just governance exists, it usually remains in overt law.  And where some inkling among the People of Divine Will principles, just overt law or even just standards of healthy behavior still exist, it remains in the form of the kind of PR resultants I've been describing.

Not because that kind of behavior and its accompanying results are demonstrative of their True Nature, but rather precisely because they are not.

The underlying error is not investing in this or that specific agenda, or even group affiliation with this or that covert pseudo-organization.  The underlying error is of course the investment of Will in Choices which are counter to their own True Nature and to Divine Will.

Which is why agendas contrary to either, whether they're individual, personal agendas or collective group efforts, invariably manifest unworthy, unsatisfying results.  Metaphysically, the effect is quite built-in due to the fixed structure of Creation.  To My knowledge all 'the other guys' have manifestly done or can do is temporarily defer those results.  'Buy now, pay later!'  'Buying the world on credit,' which hardly achieves the anticipated results.

Free Will is certainly respected here.  It's part of the learning process to make free Choices, and even if those with an understanding of Divine Will and Divine Will principles know that the Choices being manifestly made are for something which does not truly exist, in that they're precluded by Divine Will and the True Nature of even those who manifestly Choose them, they're free to make their own investments of Will regardless and we're free to try to show them the distinction.  While they remain acting in error it does preclude including them in our "houses", lest we condone such errors.  And when these manifest, errant Choices have developed enough they invariably encroach against the rights, duties, and quality of life of others around them - against the Will of those others, I should add - and the manifest result of that disharmony tends to be PR effects and court cases, but always kharmic repercussions.  The latter are just inherent in the Choice; the former are rather dependent on the manifest circumstances available.

So, I've been trying for years to show 'the other guys' Divine Will principles, ensure they understand the results of their manifest Choices, and encourage them to correct them by realigning with Divine Will and their own True Nature.  Thus far they appear to continue to Choose their various pseudo-organizations and the counter-Divine Will, counter-True Nature agendas and efforts associated with them.  There's no valid basis for this of course, and it's all 'voided out' symbolically through counter-Divine Will symbolism and imagery to indicate this and that they could snap their fingers and Choose tomorrow to realign themselves individually and collectively, but in the interim the unworthy manifest resultants of these errant Choices continue.  And this can be used to assert the rights and principles of those others affected by these Choices.

In summary, nobody's worthy, benevolent, sincere, assistive, righteous, fair, courteous and forthright True Nature is in dispute here.  It's simply that their manifest position is not indicative of this, which has more or less been My complaint.  That's been inherent in their manifest Choice not to live by Divine Will and that True Nature.  I believe I've been continually encouraging them to correct that, and particularly the telepaths and propheciers to do so retroactively, but here we manifestly are while they decline so to do.

Until either they do so or the 'creditors' arrive, I suppose.

But I'd thought it only fair and forthright to notify them that the People were hardly likely to put up with it in the meantime.  It's not their True Nature to do so either.

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