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I've noticed that the ostensibly Jesuit media have been making quite an effort to imply to Me that the recent 'news' regarding London was actually spurious, and that as such there was no loss of literal life there, and thus the PR effect was negligible.  If it was anything like the scenarios in the overt States it was presumably a legitimate practice effort for something else, which the media then featured as though it were actually a manifested spontaneous event.

I'm not certain I understand how much better it is for PR to have an international pseudo-organization presenting a part of itself as a service which legitimately informs the public about current events, and yet systematically defrauds the public for the perceived geopolitical advantage of its pseudo-organization.  Nor how organizing covertly to manifest 'suckage' overtly does so.  I get that they're using counter-Divine Will imagery and symbolism as a sort of disclaimer to essentially disavow the accuracy of their content, but this sort of a disclaimer isn't something that everyone in the public is aware of.  So innocents, or at least what passes for innocents in modern society, would appear to be manifestly detrimented and manipulated by these pseudo-organizations systematically and routinely for the perceived benefit of these pseudo-organizations.  A quick perusal of social media would appear to confirm the widespread results of this.

As someone Choosing to retain an alignment with Divine Will, that disclaimer doesn't always come across effectively even with familiarity with the symbolism.  There's sometimes a legitimate need, usually prompted by duty, to address spontaneous manifest scenarios that contain within them some inherent counter-Divine Will symbolism that nobody intends or at least that I certainly don't.  And it doesn't seem much of a distinguishing characteristic to have counter-Divine Will symbolism and imagery used to negate credibility by pseudo-organizations which are themselves behaving on a counter-Divine Will basis, and even doing so routinely and systematically.

We'd encountered the same kind of phenomenon at My "house"; although we use "absurdity" to demonstrate that something is clearly risible and dysfunctional, that meaning is lost when the speaker is themselves acting upon a basis of "absurdity", of Willful disharmony and misalignment with Divine Will principles.  That is, it's not communicated effectively that something is senseless, dysfunctional and silly when the basis of the person speaking is founded on similar Choices.  So here, when a pseudo-organization uses counter-Divine Will symbolism and imagery to indicate negation or invalidation, and yet it also exists on the basis of a counter-Divine Will position and even regularly benefits from so doing, the implications for the nature and status of that pseudo-organization, and for any arrangements made by others with it, to be just as void, negated, invalid become rather self-evident.

The inherent notion of an absolute dualism, that is, 'Divine Will and [something else which is precluded by Divine Will]', is fundamentally erroneous.  So when you have anything, such as a pseudo-organization or an arrangement, that's founded upon what in an Absolute sense is nothing, despite perhaps having something manifestly there it's still... bogus.  Void.  Negated.  Invalidated quite inherently by Divine Will.  Attempts to apply a system of fairness to enforce such arrangements or to legitimatize such pseudo-organizations would require either misusing a working system, or exploiting a dysfunctional one.  Either way, it's not a righteous approach and would result in PR resultants.  Even if it didn't, it would still manifest inherent kharmic resultants.  It's the inevitable result of investing Will into something that's predicated on a counter-Divine Will basis.

It's been implied that the 'core group' within 'the other guys' intends to show up later, once the public has been thoroughly subverted, and lay claim to everything on a Divine Will basis.  It's not apparent how they intend to do this, because at that juncture they would have presumably have a position that was established through plenty of benefit from efforts by pseudo-organizations on a counter-Divine Will basis.  I understand that they consist of people used to doing all manner of similar restructuring in the corporate realm using 'shell corporations' and the like, but it's not feasible to exploit the metaphysical flaws in Divine Will principles because they're not only absolutes, they are quite perfect.  Manifestly, overt tax dodges exist.  Kharmic dodges do not.

Freedom involves receiving the manifest resultants of your own Choices, and some of those manifest resultants come in the form of kharmic accountability.  If they didn't, the system of receiving the manifestations of your own acts of Will would not be perfect.  To avoid that kind of accountability would mean that you'd be making Choices, and not encountering their manifestations.  Self-evidently, to desire that would be to desire an impotent Will.  It's not easy to consider, for example, Babylonian Gnostic occultists desiring that.  That would be the position of a literal 'minor' who is in need of someone to take custody of their Choices to provide stewardship for them.  Interestingly, that formula already appears to be understood by them; they've been employing it with the People with regard to their relationship with the overt state for quite some while now.  So-called 'corporate limited liability' for example, or 'the Nanny State', the idea that the state alone should take responsibility - and control - for so many aspects of their own lives.  So it's counter intuitive to fathom Babylonian Gnostics for example who put so much emphasis on manifesting the results of their own acts of Will, yet also seem reluctant to encounter some of those manifestations.

Divine Will principles are there to keep those acts of Will quite worthy, so that their manifestations can also be worthy, desirable and more than satisfactory.  To understand, indeed to accept!, that is to appreciate Divine Will and accept its basis into your lives.

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