Dispelling more with Divine Will principles

It manifestly appears that rather than just align with Divine Will and their own True Nature, 'the other guys' have come up with yet another permutation to reject that.

The new pattern involves some hinky superimposition of "rebel" symbolism with Babylonian Gnostic symbolism, all on a counter-Divine Will basis as has become their custom, to generate the idea of a supposedly counter-Divine Will, yet counter-Babylonian, "rebel" internal faction within them.

It's a bit of an outlandish conceptual space.  Babylonian symbolism relies for example on 'not [this]', meaning in fact '[this]', because the Will doesn't recognize the concept of 'not' or 'anti-' but instead focuses on what the subject is that Will is being invested upon.  I actually drafted a carefully-worded explanation of this a while back.  And 'their' "rebel" franchise uses much the same approach, as do a few of their other franchises that I'll refrain from naming.

The concept appears to be that I'd accept a counter-Divine Will premise, vainly hoping to 'get the goodies' of covert political reform, and that would be that.  I think I've made My position of alignment with Divine Will and True Nature quite clear already.

Their offer is very much like a linguistic double-negative, and in error for much the same reason.  Babylonian Gnosticism is in essence a rebellion of Will against the True State of Creation, against actual Divine Will, and against our True Natures.  A rebellion against such a rebellion doesn't solve nor resolve anything, because it isn't an affirmation of Divine Will, the True State of Creation, nor of our True Natures.  It's just another degree of association away from the True State.  Another iteration of investment in Will away from that which we all intrinsically want.  And thus it's just another degree of rejection of what's worthy and desirable for us all, and of what actually Works.

I know, we're all supposed to keep so firmly in mind the object of our Will that we eventually bring it into manifestation, and this notion has frequently been misused by the telepaths and propheciers among others to suggest that we accept something manifest as being the object of our Will made manifest even when that isn't it.  If we're going to accept any old thing as being the manifestation of our Will, there's hardly much reason to bother in the first place.

But Divine Will isn't something new to be sought, obtained, achieved.  It manifests quite naturally when resistance to it has mercifully abated, because it's the underlying basis for all of Creation and the desire for it is inherent in all consciousness.  There's a reason the phrase was, 'Let there be Light' rather than, 'Make there be Light'.  It's a matter of affirmation rather than effort, and living in alignment with it (that is, Choosing it) enough to accept it.  And when all the Choices mutually-exclusive with it are "absurd", baseless or silly, Choosing the only thing that's left is quite easy and just plain common sense.

Everyone, whatever their native context or familiar 'culture', be they Asian, Babylonian, telepath and prophecier, or what-have-you, intrinsically wants Divine Will, which is worthy of them and Works.  Conflicting acts of Will are in error, and generating a system which has enabled those errors to seem plausible or desirable has taken a heck of a lot of effort - that is, a heck of a lot of investment of Will and more tangible resources - from 'the other guys'.

The Choice for Divine Will and our own True Nature comes from a more core part of our Will than the untrue Will, the unconsidered and unresolved ambitions that we're liable to think we hold dear.  Ultimately, our Will does indeed manifest.  When an individual holds conflicting, mutually-exclusive desires in both their conscious and subconscious, the results tend to be in the venue of the psychiatric.  Society as a whole appears to manifestly find itself in such a scenario while those conflicting desires remain unresolved.  And the state of this manifest realm is the demonstration of that inherent incongruity.

Here though I'm Working with people who know full well better, and who understand that there is truly no such duality.  The True State of Creation, Divine Will, and our True Natures are absolutes, and as such there's no basis nor motive for such erroneous investments of Will.  Even their symbolism demonstrates that they appreciate and understand this, as if My training by the telepaths and propheciers weren't enough to demonstrate that they do.

So given that it's mutually-understood that there's no motivation for a counter-Divine Will basis in the first place, even sillier then would be a counter-counter-Divine Will basis.  As the telepaths and propheciers once put it to Me, "Let gravity do the work."  They, and the rest of 'the other guys', are going to feel so much better once they stop resisting Divine Will and actually start Working with it.  It's comparatively effortless, and existence becomes so phenomenally comfortable that you only start to notice it when something manifests in opposition to it.

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