I prefer not to get unnecessarily political here but there are times when it's directly relevant to Divine Will principles and clarification helps. The geopolitical situation demonstrates that 'the other guys' are continuing their globalization agenda while still behaving in direct conflict with Divine Will. North Korea and Myanmar have been the items 'the other guys' media have been going on about recently, and it would appear that both have been designed with the long-term objective of getting the People to accept a supposed need of a U.N. with increased clout. 'If only the U.N. had more clout,' the reasoning is supposed to go, 'we wouldn't have countries putting at risk the safety of the rest of the other countries in the case of North Korea, and there would be so much humanitarian good for refugees.' Of course, it was 'the other guys' who caused both of those scenarios quite strategically. Yet we have the Jesuit media "absurdly" hyping the plight of the refugees and the unsafe scenario presented by North Korea, with all the accompanying counter-Divine Will imagery and symbolism that entails. Forgive Me, but it does occasionally sound like they're bragging about their handiwork when they do this.

I say 'the Jesuit media', like the state-run 'news' organization based in London for example, but they're not actually Jesuit of course. As demonstrated earlier they're the telepaths and propheciers Choosing against Divine Will and in so doing contriving any number of pseudo-organizations as alternatives to actually living by Divine Will. While these pseudo-organizations manifestly affect our existence - and the evidence for this is certainly abundant - they certainly know better and their True Nature remains a constant. It's only that their behavior is not in alignment with it. The result manifests 'suckage' of course, and from principals who know full well better than to do so and that per Divine Will it cannot be justified.

In the instance of North Korea for example, there's evidence that part of the social engineering effort may involve the disruption of the technological capabilities across the continental U.S.. It's probably My duty to remind some that there are many 'lives' which continue to depend on that infrastructure. People on literal 'life support' equipment for example, and those whose subsistence depends upon 'food stamps' working properly. It would appear that these peoples' literal lives will be made unsafe as a result of this agenda, for the benefit of pseudo-organizations which only exist as seemingly-plausible alternatives to actually Choosing in alignment with Divine Will.

If the information that I've received about these things is accurate, the ongoing refusal to Choose in alignment with Divine Will has now directly become a matter of 'life' and the absence of it for a great many people. I should probably add that such efforts do not ultimately present themselves as arguments for a U.N. with increased clout, or for pseudo-organizations with increased clout. Instead, they would make arguments for the divestment of personnel and resources from those pseudo-organizations in favor of the Choice for Divine Will, which actually Works.

I've often encouraged and promoted such a reallocation of personnel and resources, and in fact the Choice for Divine Will in general. But as part of the duty to keep My own Chosen position clear, it's only proper that I reaffirm that Divine Will and our True Nature can and should be Chosen on the basis of its intrinsic value and worthwhile qualities instead. For the People to Choose the right thing for the wrong reasons instead would of course be insufficient. And since I hardly seek to promote the Choice for Divine Will via methods which are vastly less-than-righteous, it makes complete sense that I should openly and publicly distinguish Myself from that sort of Choice and behavior. For the record, I should also object to those sort of less-than-worthy approaches and, yet again, encourage 'the other guys' to rethink what appear to be their current efforts in favor of, once again, Divine Will principles and their own True Natures.

Meanwhile and as I've protested before, it seems quite improper to have these pseudo-organizations continuing to enact these globalization agendas in the absence of Divine Will alignment... and in the presence of, and against the Will of, an authority such as Myself who still retains it.  That does rather tend to manifest a position which considers Divine Will completely irrelevant, and this does tend to affect the PR of pseudo-organizations.  I share this in the spirit of a benevolent advisory to 'the other guys', and also, again, to distinguish Myself from seeking to gain personal or professional advantage through such manifestations of counter-Divine Will agendas.

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