“Order fulfillment” and ‘common ground’

Something good to report, and interesting too.

I've been dismayed at My inability, given the situation, to 'do a nice' for 'the other guys'.  I'm aligned with Divine Will and with My True Nature, necessarily have goodwill, but there's only so much I can do without colluding with those Choosing a counter-Divine Will agenda and thus sharing that "absurd" Choice for Myself.  There just didn't seem to be able to give these guys something they desired; the corollary to the fact that in offering Me all manner of things on an anti-Divine Will basis, their Chosen position has manifestly precluded offering Me anything which I value.

Consider for a moment that, in an absolute sense, a Divine Will principles sense, Divine Will confers the gift of Creation upon all of us.  Willfully Choosing and investing in an agenda which is counter-Divine Will is necessarily also the Choice to reject Creation and existence.  This is very basic and pretty much self-evident for those familiar with Divine Will principles.  Whatever may be currently manifest around us, Choices against Divine Will and our own True Nature are necessarily precluded by Divine Will and have no true existence; thus, all such manifestations will have to dispel retroactively and whatever happens to manifest around us currently does not alter that absolute fact of Creation.

We've already established that 'the other guys' are manifest franchises of the telepaths and propheciers, and that those principals are certainly aware of Divine Will principles.  So what gives, here?

And then it clicked.  Consider how many of 'the other guys'' symbols for their manifestly anti-Divine Will position contain, inherently within them, also the symbols for [REDACTED].

Hmm.  I'll try that again.  They also contain within them the symbols for [REDACTED].

Well that's clearly no good.  I don't seem to be able to knowingly invoke a concept that's counter to Divine Will and My own True Nature.  Let me try saying it another way.

Those counter-Divine Will symbols also contain within them symbols referencing the opposite of Creation, and the opposite of existence.

There's a certain primary color for example, so frequently used by them.  It's often associated with carnal immorality, or at least alleged immorality, but the original symbolism has more to do with estrangement from Divine Will and a diametric opposite to life and continued existence.

There's also a basic elemental symbol that isn't "earth", "air" or "water", which they've manifestly been using to indicate the investment in a Choice against Divine Will.  There's also a self-evident connotation there for that symbol to reference the opposite of life, safety, and continued existence.

A manifest, knowing, Willful Choice for a counter-Divine Will position is necessarily the Choice to relinquish or forfeit self-existence.  And we seem to see that evident in 'the other guys'' own symbolism.

This is certainly very reassuring.  I appear to have found something within their context that makes sense from a Divine Will principles context.

It also provides for some 'common ground'.  Manifestly, the "absurd" Choice to relinquish existence and their own Creation is their own.  As I've expressed so often, their manifest effort is against Divine Will principles and their own True Nature rather than against Myself.

Evaluating this more, we find the Christian depiction of our shared Creator wanting life, safety, good health, and quality of living for us all and imbuing that within us.  Typically, it's the rejection of Divine Will and the True Nature that has supplied which causes us to experience a manifest absence of those things.

The parallel here seems quite apt.  I do keep encouraging these metaphysically-aware principals to Choose to align with Divine Will and their own True Nature.  Nothing else would be satisfactory or even make sense.  And I want every due success for us all, 'the other guys' included.  That just... can't happen with a manifest rejection of both of those absolutes.

So we manifestly have a scenario in which the telepaths and propheciers are quite aware of how Divine Will principles act upon the situation, and the nature of the acts of Will involved.

The only thing that still doesn't add up is... well, the whole manifested situation.  <gestures around vaguely>  A scenario in which the principals are quite aware of Divine Will and their own True Nature, yet manifestly appear to Choose diametrically against it.

Organized religion presents the same faux-duality of Divine Will, and Choices for counter-Divine Will positions.  But again, that's already precluded by Divine Will and our own True Nature as I've kept on stating.

So we have a metaphysical paradox, or an "absurd" manifested scenario, whichever you'd prefer to call it.  Since the Divine Will absolutes remain constant, the manifest scenario is obviously the 'odd man out'.

And we'd manifestly appear to have the telepaths and propheciers, et. al, Choosing something which they know is mutually-exclusive with their own Creation and continued existence.  Clearly either of them has to dispel; the manifest Choice, or their own Creation.  In case you're unsure, the Divine Will-derived truth of their Creation is another of those absolutes of Divine Will principles.  So it's only the manifest counter-Divine Will Choice that can and must dispel.  That it manifestly hasn't yet is fundamentally incapable of resisting Divine Will.  Thus we can eagerly await a correction of the Choice on their part, and literal manifest delays on that indicate nothing in particular and couldn't possibly do so anyway.

It also illustrates that My Choices in the manifest-yet-impossible interim, inasmuch as they remain Divine Will-aligned, they have no objection to.  In this, I find an ongoing quiet personal curiosity greatly satisfied: to whit, how it is that with all their manifest influence I continue to remain incarnate.  I'd always inferred that it was something to do with their True Nature showing through, but it's nice to see that in such crisp and clear focus.  To be able to comprehend and describe the reasoning from start to finish.

I've mentioned their ability to diddle with the temporal sequence before, and this appears to be another instance of that.  Because within this faux-duality, we have them manifestly expressing a counter-Divine Will basis in My "house's" symbolic context, thousands of years before I'd developed it.  Namely, to cite a counter-Divine Will basis as inherently "absurd".

So we have in truth a common understanding, their manifest counter-Divine Will misbehavior notwithstanding.  And they're not only aware that I cannot in accordance with duty, True Nature, and Divine Will accept that... they make no objection when I do not, provided I Choose in alignment with Divine Will.  In that then, I think the application of law continues to be a most satisfactory Choice on My part.  I certainly wanted, and want, to be fair to all involved and to respect their Divinely-conferred rights inasmuch as I can, despite this manifest scenario in which they forfeit them themselves via outlawry in many senses of the concept.

This has been quite encouraging, at least to the limited extent possible in a scenario in which they manifestly continue not to Choose Divine Will principles and their own True Nature.

In a practical sense, it may also demonstrate sufficiently to the rank-and-file personnel within 'the other guys' that the principals pro tem within their organization not only understand but are in favor of Choosing in alignment with Divine Will principles.  Functionally, this may alleviate professional concerns about lower-level personnel and groups defying their principals.  Recall that a counter-Divine Will position invalidates the credibility of anything said on that basis.  Not only do the telepaths and propheciers truly want the rank-and-file to Choose to align with Divine Will, they've do seem to have made it quite clear what an absence of that Choice will manifest.

Having provided that clarity, this seems like a good opportunity for Me to once again briefly encourage 'the other guys' to Choose in alignment with Divine Will and with their own True Nature, and then to resume other independent efforts on My part, as previously described, to continue to do so.

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